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Sri Avinash Free Webinars
Sri Avinash Free Webinars

“I had pain along the back of my neck and shoulder the whole week. It has disappeared! It’s amazing.”

— Laikeentee, Sydney Australia

“I had pain along the back of my neck and shoulder the whole week. It has disappeared! It’s amazing.”

— Laikeentee, Sydney Australia

One World Healing Testimonials

One World Healing Testimonials

​”​Thank you very much! I feel so calm and relaxed, and my chronic right shoulder pain almost gone! Thank you!”

Olga Stavroullakis, Toronto, Canada

“This session was Amazing!! I felt it deeply!! Going over these sessions again and again makes it even more powerful – so blessed!!”

Emma Smith, Australia

“This is my fifth healing webinar and was a very powerful one. I felt the tensions easing as it went along. Thank you Sri Avinash for helping me to heal myself and the world.”

Kevin Roe, United Kingdom

“Amazing! Wonderful! Really – everything that was addressed is much lighter now. The brain, the nerves, the neck and the heart area have released a lot of old stress and trauma which was energetically stuck there. ​Thank you, very powerful indeed.”

Sandy Schipper​, The Netherlands

“Beautiful and powerful energy – I could feel it. Very grateful for the healing. Gratitude and love from India.”

S. Singh, India

“We did both webinars this week as well as last Saturday night. One person has only had one drink and not desired any alcohol since the first webinars we attended, which is major for him as he has been a nightly drinker for 5 decades!! And his nightmares are reducing in their intensity. We have all noticed reduced tension, and aches like arthritis are gone as well as noticing unwanted emotional/mental baggage & memories missing too. Thank you!”

Deb, Gold Coast Australia

“You healed my sciatica by replay. My light is very much switched on, much learning to do but my journey is beginning.”

Vanessa Carden, United Kingdom

“​Truly amazing and very powerful healing. I felt Sri Avinash healing my body mind and spirit, I felt the intense beautiful pure healing immediately and feel great… So talented. Thank you so much.

Nicole Chester, Australia​

“I’m feeling full of light and warmth.”

Marco, Italy

“Never have I felt the tension leave my body as literally as this!”

Cliff Angol, United Kingdom

“Thank you so much for the amazing energy, I had tears streaming down my face the whole time!”

Clementina, Vienna Austria

​”My experience is not a lot of drama and sensation but I always feel more at peace after the session. I feel relaxed, I feel clear and completely stress free – thank you.”

Paul Suska, Gladstone Australia

“Thank you for such a powerful experience and for your wisdom and insight. I feel so much gratitude.

Vicki Pamela, Australia​

“Powerful, beautiful, peaceful, enriched & blessed for Master Sri Avinash to allow us to connect.”

Kimry, Connecticut USA

“Thank you Sri Avinash, I received the healing from you the first time, I have several small issues mostly due to stress levels. Now I am feeling much lighter.”

Joe Dang, United Kingdom

“Headache gone and great energy!!! Thanks a million from New Caledonia.”

Dominique, New Caledonia

“Thank you so much Master Sri Avinash for this amazing experience. I can feel your great energy.”

Leony, Jakarta Indonesia

“Thank you, very powerful, especially the chakra healing.”

Annika, Sweden

“I ​have less pain in my body now. I’m feeling lighter. Thank you for letting me help heal our world.”

Laila Larson, Denmark

“I feel so much lighter – thank you, I needed this healing. ​I love your manner – you bring so much joy and upliftment through your words.”

Lucy Price, Essex UK

“Thank you Sri Avinash, I feel a change in my mind – more awake and more calm, and I feel happy and satisfied in my heart.”

Mario Matjasec, Sweden

“I had pain along the back of my neck and shoulder the whole week. It has disappeared! It’s amazing, I’m feeling so light now, thank you.”

Laikeentee, Sydney Australia

“​I feel so grateful and I feel love. It’s like fresh air in my body.”

Tine Lindhardt, Denmark

“I feel light, pain free, peaceful and blessed. Thank you.”

Susanne Becker, London

“​I feel much much better, all the pain from my heart just disappeared, I feel myself more balanced and focused. All the sadness just vanished. Thank you Sri Avinash.


“​Here in Holland I feel so light, peaceful and happy, and I hope to be a small help to heal the world.”

Ria de Vries, The Netherlands

“My back and neck pain is gone. Thank you.”

Taina Henriksson, The Netherlands

“I have a trigeminal condition, with pain that sometimes doesn’t allow me to sleep, eat, drink. Your healing freed me from a lot of pain, and warmed my heart. And made me aware of what produces it or intensifies it. I have seen so many people who helped a little, but your lovely focus is more powerful than anything else. God bless you.”

Graciela Valdez Vera, Germany

“​I’m feeling fantastic – much better, thank you very much.

Robert Tomaszewski, United Kingdom

“I felt the energy all through my body. I am grateful for the healing, thanks Sri Avinash.”

Persio, Mexico City Mexico

“I felt enormous peace and full of love. Thank you so much.”

Sigrid, Costa Rica

“Felt the flow of each energy streaming through me. I’m so moved and grateful! Thank you from Germany.”

Barbara, Hamburg Germany

“​I feel deep peace. Wonderful, thank you.

Stephen Thomas, Australia​

“Thank you heaps and heaps. I really felt the energy shift. Every part of me is feeling so much better and also really felt the energy of mother earth shifting and the plants and animals and people shifting. It was amazing. Thank you for your selfless giving to us all.”

Sandy, SA Australia

“I felt the energy right from the beginning. I feel my spine cleared and strong. Thank you for sharing your gift – beautiful, powerful. Thank you so much Sri Avinash for you heartfelt kindness. Much gratitude.”

Susanne Chakan, USA

“Thank you so very much. That was very lovely. I felt negative emotions leaving my chest area.”

Britta Becker-Thomas, Canary Islands

“I have had my three outer toes, on the left foot, numb since December 2004. It’s a long story, but from the moment I first played this session three days ago I immediately noticed that the historical numbness had gone. I am stunned by the results of this healing session, via a YouTube transmission, from the very first play. I could not believe it! So I played it twice more, on the same day. It’s now been 3-4 days, and my doubt has had me play this video a few times more, to be sure. But the effect is consistent: no neropathy, no numbness, no sciatica pain, no sharp pains during sleep, nor keeping me from sleeping. Thank you, Sri Avinash. I am grateful beyond words.”

Suzette Santos, United Kingdom

“Feeling deep peace and much gratitude. Such a blessing – wonderful to participate!”

Carolyn, Montreal Canada

“Thank you so much, Sri Avinash, it’s been a great blessing!”

Simona, Romania

“After the third week I feel I am really benefiting from the webinars. What I find incredible is the overall uplift that I am experiencing, I am happier and positive and I am opening more to the ‘everyday miracles’ of life. I am more ‘tuned’, maybe. This becomes clearer and clearer to me with each webinar and I smile more and more. My energies are lighter and lighter.”

Elena, Berlin Germany

“I ​always feel better, physically & mentally, after the healing. Thank you so very much.”

Lisa, Sunshine Coast Australia

“I don’t have words to describe how incredibly calm, peaceful and amazing I feel after 3 years of PTSD, anxiety and depression… Just beautiful… I feel so light, so fresh. I could feel the energy flowing through me. His abilities are astonishing! Thank you so so much.”

Rowena, New Zealand

​”That was phenomenal. ​Fantastic healing, thank you very much.”

Depa Patel, United Kingdom

“Thank you Sri Avinash!!  Beautiful and impactful.”

Joakim, Australia

“I am so thankful to have found you Sri Avinash. You showed up on my life path at the perfect time. Your teachings and healings have helped me tremendously. You have helped me find peace at a deeper level, I have developed as a healer and I feel deeply connected with you. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you live one day. Thank you so much for the work you are doing! Love, light and blessings.”

Karin Bergdahl, Sweden

“WOW that was very powerful. Thank you so much! I’m so grateful to join with everyone in sending the Divine Love healing energy around our beautiful Mother Earth”

Sarah Hopkins, Australia

​”Beautiful calm and light feeling, and I felt energy moving throughout. Headache gone. Thank you so much.”

Susanna, United Kingdom

​”My right eye feels very different and it looks that my face is symmetric again. Thank you so much.”

Michael Hasenfratz, Germany

“Phenomenal. ​The energy was amazing…  ​I feel lightness and life in my heart. Thank you so much”

Roya Shams​, Melbourne Australia

“Thank you from London. Very powerful healing – the energy was received in what felt like waves!”

Ella, London UK

“Powerful healing energy, so peaceful, a total bliss, thank you Sri Avinash and all others.”

Pirjo, Sydney Australia

“I am so grateful for this healing. I felt so much clearing in my chakras and in my body.”

Diane, New York USA

“I could feel the energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ​Amazing.”

Karin Sewell, United Kingdom

“This is amazing. I felt your presence right in front of me.”

Sabina, NSW Australia

​”Feeling great, I could have stayed for one more hour in that state.”


“Love from Germany. I feel great after that. Thank you so much.”

Bettina, Germany

“I always get benefit from this – I’m truly grateful.”

Mick Whitfield, Sydney Australia