“Words can’t describe the changes that have happened. I’m still surprised when I happen to look in the mirror and I jump back, thinking, “Oh, who is that?” I haven’t seen me like this forever!”

– Geoffrey

“Words can’t describe the changes that have happened. I’m still surprised when I happen to look in the mirror and I jump back, thinking, “Oh, who is that?” I haven’t seen me like this forever!”

– Geoffrey

Geoffrey’s Testimonial

Geoffrey, Retreat & Conference Centre Manager

The Intensive Healing Retreat was unbelievable – beyond the wildest dreams. It was a real privilege to participate, being immersed… Words can’t describe the changes that have happened. There are so many visual changes, you could just see it in every participant. I’m still surprised when I happen to look in the mirror and I jump back, thinking, “Oh, who is that?” I haven’t seen me like this for… forever! For a long time.

I’m completely mellow, completely happy, completely not worried about things… I literally am just not even worrying about so many things, I’m just trying to be here and now, and enjoying here and now, and not thinking about what I have to do tomorrow or the next day. And for me, that just takes pressure off my shoulders, so I can relax and just enjoy.

During the healings, I was actually able to feel the energy. Sometimes I didn’t quite pick up the subtle transmissions, but I knew they were happening. But in the specific healing sessions I could actually feel the energy getting into me. I have a hernia, and in one session it really felt like there was something happening there, and afterwards Sri Avinash said he was sending energy to participants with hernias. It was just amazing, my hernia has changed, it’s a lot more closed up.

After one day, my lower back was different. There was no pain, and I was standing more upright. And it progressively improved further. My shoulders are back, and it’s much more comfortable to sit in the chair upright with the back straight.

There was so much more clarity in everyone over the course of the retreat – their faces, their interactions, their confidence and their general demeanour just went up and up. It really was just purely noticeable. After healing sessions I would look around the room and notice so much difference physically in people’s faces. And I obviously don’t know their physical ailments, but I’m sure it was similar to my experience, where things just started changing straight away.

It didn’t surprise me when people spoke about their own improvements, because I could feel it in me and I could see that it was happening everywhere. Being in a group and seeing those changes and seeing how happy people were, and the noticeable difference, just made my own grin bigger.

I don’t know how to describe Sri Avinash’s healing gift… It’s just so unique. His passion and determination and desire to help everybody is just overwhelming, it’s brilliant.

I was really looking for something I could do so I could continue healing after the retreat. It’s great to turn up at retreats, and everyone has a lovely time, but once it finishes, what happens? And so the techniques that Sri Avinash taught are really simple. Not simplistic, but simple, and you just have to do them. Anyone can do his techniques, it’s a matter of actually doing them, and because they’re so simple and so easy to practice, then I know I have to develop those techniques so it becomes a habit. Then I can improve daily, so I can try to maintain this state of joy and happiness. The walking meditation, the breath meditation, the self-healing with Divine love – it’s all fantastic.”

Bec’s Testimonial

Bec, Australia

“I attended Sri Avinash’s Healing Retreat in Sydney. I went there a broken person. Depressed, full of anxiety and crippled with emotional pain I’d been carrying since childhood. I can’t even write this without tears of gratitude pouring from my eyes. I don’t know how what Sri Avinash does is even possible. He has completely removed from my consciousness a lifetime of pain and trauma. I feel nothing but peace. I wake up in the morning and nothing from the past exists. Just a beautiful, peaceful feeling and a joy that I have never experienced before.

Not only did he free me from the past but he gave me a beautiful present. Life is just flowing in each moment, amazing things have been happening, people have been interacting with me differently, but most importantly I am interacting with myself differently.

He is truly a Great Master and I can’t fathom how I was so fortunate to be in his presence and him take all of my pain away. I also had bone degeneration however all signs of this are now gone and I no longer feel any crippling, although for me the physical pain was irrelevant compared to the emotional turmoil I was constantly in from experiencing a traumatic childhood.

If you have an opportunity to be with him, there is nothing more important you could do for yourself. He has given me my life back. God Bless You Sri Avinash, I am eternally grateful.”

Silke’s Testimonial

Silke, Germany and Australia

“I signed my two children, my husband and myself up for distant healing almost 12 months ago. Having experienced Sri Avinash’s healing transmissions on a one on one basis (both in person and via Skype) and in group form by attending a free public group healing session, a workshop and a retreat, and also via the One World Healing webinars, I can say with certainty that the power and effectiveness of the healing transmission is the same irrespective of the form used. In all forms the strength of the energy can be felt the same and the benefits received are as equally effective.

However, some great advantages of the distance healing is that you can be anywhere to receive it and that you receive the healing transmission on a daily basis as you simply go about your daily life. You don’t have to do anything at all at your end, including not even needing to set aside time to receive the healing. I feel a blanket of deep calmness and peace, love and lightness engulfing me every day and a deep sense of divine support like as though angels/God/the Source are walking beside me. Although our family was reasonably happy before, our connections with each other, levels of joy, contentment, peacefulness and fearlessness have deepened further than what they ever were before. We are in greater sync with each other and there is so much more hugging and love. We’re able to make decisions and find solutions to life’s problems with minimal or no stress. Our levels of intuition have been and continue to be further heightened, which in itself is invaluable. Physically we have all been greatly energized. The following are some examples of specific, physical conditions that have been healed:

Dermatologists were unable to achieve any improvement in my daughter’s moderate face acne. Since starting the distant healing her acne has reduced by at least 90% and is barely noticeable anymore.

My husband was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea a few years ago as a result of which he snored very loudly (like a freight train). The medical opinion at the time was that there is no cure. Yet, he now sleeps quietly on most days.

I recently a bad break to my right ankle and also sprained the ligaments on both sides of my foot which initially caused very severe swelling and bruising all over my foot. I was barely able to move my toes. The medical opinion I received at the time was that the nature of the injury is such that I will now experience problems with my foot for life. When I went to my first physiotherapy appointment less than 2 weeks later the Physiotherapist was astounded at how little swelling and bruising was left and about how much movement I had in my foot and toes without any pain- so much so that he had to look very closely to identify where the actual swelling was. He could not believe how quickly and how much my foot had healed in such a short time period. My entire  skin also has such a healthy glow and youthful appearance to it that even just for that reason alone people are often commenting on it, telling me that I’m glowing and asking me what I have been doing to achieve that.  I tell them that the healing is also like a fountain of youth. I can see and feel and my hairdresser also keeps telling me how healthy and even thicker my hair is.

My son started at a new high school this year and the ease and fearlessness at which he was able to jump into this major change despite it being a much larger school, co-ed (his former school was single gender) and without any other friends attending the same school, had family and friends amazed.

I sincerely believe that no matter who you are, no matter your religion, no matter how far or how early along you are on your spiritual journey, or even whether you yourself are an energy healer, receiving the distant healing on a daily basis also pushes you further and faster upwards, deepens your levels of spiritual wisdom and understanding so much further and also increases your own ability to help others. Even if you feel that your family is already very happy, you will be very pleasantly surprised at how much happier they can become. I will be signing my family up again because if we can benefit so quickly and so much after just 12 months, the only way forward is to continue to go onwards and upwards and if any health issues were to arise we will be as best as possible equipped to heal from them. It does not mean that life stops presenting us with challenges (after all they are part of life), however our ability to deal with these challenges automatically also makes them seem so much less confronting. Sri Avinash truly is a purified vessel through which Divine energy can flow through completely unencumbered and therefore extremely powerfully. To receive this energy on a daily basis is physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually very positively and noticeably life transforming, yet there is zero inconvenience to you.”

Merco’s Testimonial

Merco, Construction Business Manager

“I came to the Intensive Healing Retreat because I needed some healing, and now I just feel ridiculously light, I feel like there’s a lot of clarity. I feel just very light, and I feel very connected to everything.

The healing was next level… It’s very hard to describe, but I just feel ridiculously happy—it’s like I’m gliding in the clouds, in a way. Now life feels just fun, instead of being this drain that I have to put a lot of effort into. It’s very hard to describe—you have to try it out, you have to try it out for yourself.

How would I describe Sri Avinash? There’s just this presence, unlimited love. It’s almost like we can connect to the source of the universe through him, and he allows me to see something deeper that I’ve been looking for most of my life. So it’s just unbelievable, it really is. I was crying—I rarely cry, I haven’t cried like that in public ever. So that’s pretty amazing.

Conrad’s Testimonial