“Words can’t describe the changes that have happened. I’m still surprised when I happen to look in the mirror and I jump back, thinking, “Oh, who is that?” I haven’t seen me like this forever!”

– Geoffrey

“Words can’t describe the changes that have happened. I’m still surprised when I happen to look in the mirror and I jump back, thinking, “Oh, who is that?” I haven’t seen me like this forever!”

– Geoffrey

Josh’s Testimonial

Josh, Photographer

What I thought of as the worst thing to ever happen turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen!

My partner after almost 10 years decided to move on. I was devastated by this news. After searching everywhere for some understanding and help, I stumbled upon Master Sri Avinash’s “How to deal with a breakup” video. I instantly took to him and must have watched that video a few hundred times. It came to a point when I would just have it running all the time in the background, eating dinner, cleaning my apartment, even on my phone going for walks!

Eventually I explored the online resources and decided to sign up for the distance healing. I remember feeling it was impossible to wait the few days for my healing to begin, convinced it would help. The day the healing was to begin, I felt as if inside my heart something was being written. Like I was being etched with a new program. It was amazing. I instantly felt more at peace, and the harsh sadness of the breakup seemed to just disappear. It was such a radical shift from where I had been earlier that I couldn’t believe it!

I originally signed up for the 6 month healing program. I have since signed up again for myself, my son, and even my new partner.

All I want/wanted was to have more of that feeling of love. I purchased several crystals and jewelry pieces and have them throughout my home. This has also made a huge huge difference in my life. I can literally feel them in my home when I come home. I sleep with them by my bed and pick a favorite to hold when I go to sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and peaceful.

When I think about where I was a year ago, I can hardly believe I am the same person. My new way of being is one of patience, love, peace and kindness. My default position now is one of love and care for others regardless of anything else.

I watch Master Sri Avinash’s videos daily and always do the healing meditation videos, and even watch them with my 5 year old son. I have noticed a difference in my son as well since the healing began. He is more grounded, centered, and calm.

I am so truly thankful and blessed to have found Master Sri Avinash! I hope to meet him someday soon and thank him in person for all of the amazing blessings I have received.

Kat’s Testimonial

Kat, Therapist

I am in my 50s and I came to Sri Avinash in 2017 at the end of my tether after a tumultuous relationship break-up and a major car accident from 2 yrs earlier, still in rehabilitation.

I was “unhinged” (mind, body, spirit) and fragile from both of these unexpected, difficult and painful life experiences.

My first introduction to Master Sri Avinash was via his website where I listened to, watched and read as much as I could, daily, from Sri Avinash’s teachings. His words and loving energy soothed my pains (mind, body, spirit), he gave me hope through his words and the free guided meditation.

I kept this up for several months before I attended my first Inner Peace for World Peace conference on the Gold Coast. Since then, I have attended retreats, the healer masterclass, practiced the self healing mantra, and I wear infused and blessed jewellery daily.

Since meeting Sri Avinash, every aspect of my life and well-being has improved. My chronic, physical injury pain has diminished by 70%, and emotionally and psychologically I am calmer, finding more peace and acceptance daily.

Reduction in Physical pain from the motor vehicle accident (21 breaks with organ damage) and the PTSD healed over the first year.

My sleeping has improved.

I stopped drinking alcohol on a daily basis.

I stopped smoking cigarettes daily.

I began to smile again and enjoy life.

The deep grief I had been living with my whole life has eased by at least 70%.

I was able to return to study and complete a Diploma and a Certificate 3 over the past 3 yrs with Sri Avinash’s healing transmissions.

Sri Avinash is a gift from the “Gods” Divine Source-Spirit.

I am eternally grateful and deeply touched by his generosity, sharing of knowledge, unconditional love and healings.”

Geoffrey’s Testimonial

Geoffrey, Retreat & Conference Centre Manager

The Intensive Healing Retreat was unbelievable – beyond the wildest dreams. It was a real privilege to participate, being immersed… Words can’t describe the changes that have happened. There are so many visual changes, you could just see it in every participant. I’m still surprised when I happen to look in the mirror and I jump back, thinking, “Oh, who is that?” I haven’t seen me like this for… forever! For a long time.

I’m completely mellow, completely happy, completely not worried about things… I literally am just not even worrying about so many things, I’m just trying to be here and now, and enjoying here and now, and not thinking about what I have to do tomorrow or the next day. And for me, that just takes pressure off my shoulders, so I can relax and just enjoy.

During the healings, I was actually able to feel the energy. Sometimes I didn’t quite pick up the subtle transmissions, but I knew they were happening. But in the specific healing sessions I could actually feel the energy getting into me. I have a hernia, and in one session it really felt like there was something happening there, and afterwards Sri Avinash said he was sending energy to participants with hernias. It was just amazing, my hernia has changed, it’s a lot more closed up.

After one day, my lower back was different. There was no pain, and I was standing more upright. And it progressively improved further. My shoulders are back, and it’s much more comfortable to sit in the chair upright with the back straight.

There was so much more clarity in everyone over the course of the retreat – their faces, their interactions, their confidence and their general demeanour just went up and up. It really was just purely noticeable. After healing sessions I would look around the room and notice so much difference physically in people’s faces. And I obviously don’t know their physical ailments, but I’m sure it was similar to my experience, where things just started changing straight away.

It didn’t surprise me when people spoke about their own improvements, because I could feel it in me and I could see that it was happening everywhere. Being in a group and seeing those changes and seeing how happy people were, and the noticeable difference, just made my own grin bigger.

I don’t know how to describe Sri Avinash’s healing gift… It’s just so unique. His passion and determination and desire to help everybody is just overwhelming, it’s brilliant.

I was really looking for something I could do so I could continue healing after the retreat. It’s great to turn up at retreats, and everyone has a lovely time, but once it finishes, what happens? And so the techniques that Sri Avinash taught are really simple. Not simplistic, but simple, and you just have to do them. Anyone can do his techniques, it’s a matter of actually doing them, and because they’re so simple and so easy to practice, then I know I have to develop those techniques so it becomes a habit. Then I can improve daily, so I can try to maintain this state of joy and happiness. The walking meditation, the breath meditation, the self-healing with Divine love – it’s all fantastic.”

Bec’s Testimonial