“You’re a real life superhero, giving so much wisdom and healing, helping the whole planet come back to their natural state.”

– Michelle D


Mark suffered intense neck pain and headaches for decades, until he attended an Awakening Love and Joy Retreat with Sri Avinash.


Watch Sri Avinash in action healing Gus’ back pain, and listen to Gus describe his experience the following day.


In one hour, among an entire hall full of people, Carrol’s acute back pain completely disappeared.


Liberty suffered excruciating heart pain for over a decade, and found immediate relief with Sri Avinash’s healing.

The Healer

Enjoy these accounts from people who have benefited from receiving Sri Avinash’s intensive healing.


Sri Avinash removes Angelina’s long-standing back pain in this live healing demonstration. It is a fascinating insight.


Louise experienced transformation both emotionally and physically when attending an Intensive Healing Retreat.


Nurdan shares her healing journey with us and how connecting with Sri Avinash has transformed her life.


Susan describes her experience at an intensive healing evening event with Sri Avinash.


Pushpa’s pain of many years completely disappeared within a couple of days at an Intensive Healing Retreat.


Michael has overcome the stress of managing 4 businesses, after receiving healing from Sri Avinash.


Karen describes her experience at an intensive healing evening event with Sri Avinash.


After 30 minutes of healing from Sri Avinash, Jessica’s pain from multiple sclerosis was cleared.


Aurora describes her experience of attending a group healing with Sri Avinash.

“Out of this world healing.”

– Zamira M

Lai Keen Tee

Amazingly, by just lying down with my eyes closed, healing happened to my whole body. I feel so much love and light. The nerve pain in my right hand and the back of my neck I have been experiencing for over a month have disappeared! This session was so powerful that I cannot express in words how happy I am today! Thank you so much Master Sri Avinash. You’re a gift from heaven! 

Suzette M Santos

My 3 outer toes on the left foot have been numb since December 2004. In fact, I was admitted into a neurosurgery ward for emergency observation, and was due for spinal surgery within less than 24 hours – which I refused. It’s a long story, but from the moment I first played this session, 3 days ago, I immediately noticed that the historical numbness had gone.

I must add that I have practiced specific osteopathic exercises, various yoga and chi gong modalities, tuina, as well as other healing systems in this interim. Being a reiki practitioner long before the diagnosis, I also received pranic and gaia healing, during long, consistent periods, through the years since the diagnosis. This gave some extraordinary relief at times, but the bulging discs and nerve root compression remained, thus causing the outer lower left leg, and 3 toes to remain numb, as well as points of weakness and susceptibility to falls, one of which caused severe damage to my right eye.

I am stunned by the results of this healing session, via a YouTube transmission, from the very first play. I could not believe it! So I played it twice more, on the same day. It’s now been 3-4 days, and my doubt has had me play this video a few times more, to be sure. But the effect is consistent: no neuropathy, no numbness, no sciatica pain, no sharp pains during sleep, nor keeping me from sleeping.

Thank you, Sri Avinash.  I am grateful beyond words.

White Lotus

Wow this was so powerful! Thank you so much Sri Avinash for all your generous healing transmissions. I have been suffering from post COVID back pain for almost a year now. This is the first time my spine feels normal and healthy again and not achy! Can’t thank you enough.

Michelle Duggan

Thank you so much, I felt so close to God and divine love. You’re a real life superhero, giving so much wisdom and healing, helping the whole planet come back to their natural state. Thank you too – you gave me a live healing and I’m totally healed, I am eternally thankful.

I am going to do your weekend course the Art of Happiness, and online virtual Healer Masterclass. I am already doing your online Masterclass, it’s transforming my life, and the wisdom you provide is outstanding.

With the live healing you gave me, I have never experienced peace like that in my life before. You are a true man of God with a divine gift, God bless you for everything you do. All the love and support, and God bless your team.

Paul Wayland

Master Sri Avinash – powerful instant healing, thank you. Hope you are all feeling wonderful with all these amazing teachings and healings of Guruji Sri Avinash, he has been a true healing light in my life. Healed my asthma in one meditation. Thank you so much for introducing him to me. God bless you and God bless Sri Avinash.

Graham Clarke​

Absolutely amazing and brilliant thank you, thank you, thank you.

Matthew Williamson

Thank you so much, I had been struggling with a swollen lymph node in my neck and thought I would give this a go and now I only have one swollen node instead of two. The pain has decreased 98% and when you said to feel the tingling sensation, I had already felt it as a beautiful shiver from my spine to my head about 5 seconds before you said it. I then experienced this shiver about 5 more times which felt blissful. Thank you so much for your beautiful and powerful healing, love your authentic down to earth vibes. I look forward to meeting you in person when all aligns. So much peace, love and gratitude for everything you are doing.

Lynn Trafford

Wow, thank you. I was hurting all over my head, even down to the base of my skull quite badly. Your soothing words and your directions and guidance within your words have taken my pains away. I even got a good night’s sleep.

Graciela Valdez Vera

I have a trigemino condition – a hard pain, like electroshock that sometimes doesn’t allow me to sleep, eat or drink. Really bad, and your healing freed me from a lot of pain, and warmed my heart. And it made me aware of what produces it or intensifies it. I had been looking with so many people who helped a little, but your lovely focus is more powerful than anything else. God bless you.

“Words can’t describe the changes that have happened. I’m still surprised when I happen to look in the mirror and I jump back, thinking, “Oh, who is that?” I haven’t seen me like this forever!”

– Geoffrey


Dear Master, at the end of this online session, I wrote on the chat: ‘I feel that I am almost healed’.  Then, as the hours go by, I feel I am completely healed! I feel so much energy, and so much peace. Joy lives in my heart. Dear Master, your transmissions are so powerful, and the Love that emanates from you fills the Universe.

Bec Furraway

I attended Sri Avinash’s Healing Retreat in Sydney. I went there a broken person. Depressed, full of anxiety and crippled with emotional pain I’d been carrying since childhood. I can’t even write this without tears of gratitude pouring from my eyes. I don’t know how what Sri Avinash does is even possible. He has completely removed from my consciousness a lifetime of pain and trauma. I feel nothing but peace. I wake up in the morning and nothing from the past exists. Just a beautiful, peaceful feeling and a joy that I have never experienced before.

Not only did he free me from the past but he gave me a beautiful present. Life is just flowing in each moment, amazing things have been happening, people have been interacting with me differently, but most importantly I am interacting with myself differently.

He is truly a Great Master and I can’t fathom how I was so fortunate to be in his presence and him take all of my pain away. I also had bone degeneration however all signs of this are now gone and I no longer feel any crippling, although for me the physical pain was irrelevant compared to the emotional turmoil I was constantly in from experiencing a traumatic childhood.

If you have an opportunity to be with him, there is nothing more important you could do for yourself. He has given me my life back. God Bless You Sri Avinash, I am eternally grateful.

Stelica Petru Giuraniuc

The most powerful Master Healer of the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


This man is a gift from the Divine. He has a beautiful childlike quality and I instantly felt I was in the presence of a Master. I feel blessed to have attended his group meditations and se