“I absolutely feel I can heal others now. I say that with utter conviction, and I would never have said that before this weekend.”

– Kat

Graduate Reviews Part 1

A compilation of testimonials and reviews from graduates of Master Sri Avinash’s life-changing course.

Graduate Reviews Part 2

Watch as graduates share their own unique experience of awakening the ancient healer within themselves.

Graduate Reviews Part 3

These compilations are a real eye-opener with truly heartfelt sentiments.

Kat’s Testimonial

Kat, Marketing Executive

“The Masterclass was incredible, phenomenal. … To come in and just learn how to receive the beautiful healing from Sri Avinash and then develop that ability to be able to give that to others, and pass that on to others – that’s just been an absolutely beautiful, enriching, enlightening, wonderful, wonderful experience.

I absolutely feel I can heal others now. I say that with utter conviction, and I would never have said that before this weekend. I would have said I want to heal others, and that I have the desire to heal others, but to come to an event like this and to be guided, powerfully but gently, into having the conviction that you can do it, that we can all do this… It’s been an incredible experience.

The whole day has been incredible, but particularly the session when Sri Avinash used [a student] to demonstrate his healing. You could literally watch her transform – I’m getting goosebumps! You could literally watch her transform in front of your eyes. And that hasn’t stopped, it’s just kept going for her throughout the day.

And then when we practiced the exercises together, it just continued to build on that, and I felt we really were able to facilitate and give that to each other. It was very special.

I am just so grateful for this opportunity. I’m so grateful for Sri Avinash, because the world needs healing and what I love about this is that it’s not hard. We can all help and heal each other, we just need some Masters to guide us all to know where our true home is, and where to access the greater divine part of ourselves.

I feel so full of hope and faith and love and trust, and my heart’s bursting with joy! It’s been a beautiful experience, I’m very grateful and very humbled to have been part of it.”

Sabina’s Testimonial

Sabina, Accountant

“I found the healer training very simple and easy to implement. Within my journey I’ve done a lot of practice of meditation and chanting and things like that, so it makes it easy for me to just come back to focus again with the healing. But the healer mantra was quite something. And also the simplicity of just transmitting—it was very simple the way Sri Avinash explained. He made it very simple to understand.

Working with my practice partners showed that it’s easily done, and anybody can do this, as long as you tune in to it. It’s the gift within, and I definitely received beautiful healing from the students. And at the same time, I was able to give easily as well, because it’s not hard, it’s there. The intention has to be pure, and that’s how it works. And we saw that also with Sri Avinash’s demonstrations—his intention was to make the person transform, and it happened in front of our eyes.

So I put the same kind of logic, and same formula when I was practicing, and I could see the changes in people as well. Some people said, “Wow, that’s really strong,” and it was nice to get that feedback straight away.

When Sri Avinash sent healing to us—oh my gosh, that’s direct love, so much love, like you can’t even explain. It’s absolute joy. The heart just expands. And whatever he does he gets directly to the heart, and you just feel so much love. And then just light, lots of love and light—you feel elevated. It’s like a feather kind of experience, I just feel lighter than I was before. 

You can’t put words, or any context around his healing gift, because he does it so unconditionally and he just comes purely from his heart. Just in his presence, I feel that beautiful love and joy and harmony. I guess the vibration is very strong, and he has obviously mastered the gift of what humanity can be, and he’s leading as an example, being that.

So that is our end goal—to become that person, which he has mastered, and he’s showing people, “Hey, if I can do it, anybody can do it.” And then, it’s not that hard. You just put your mind to it and heart and soul to it—anybody can achieve this. It’s doable, everything is possible.

The Masterclass really taught me that everything is possible—anybody can do this.

Sri Avinash is absolutely hilarious. He has his moments of being a joker, then he comes back to being a wise teacher. He shares himself—what you see is what you get, and he speaks your language. He’s very practically driven—not a theory based teacher with books and books of content. His vision and his way of teaching is, “I give you practical stuff and if you practice, you’ll get results. Because I did that and I’m giving you the same recipe.” So he’s very practical.

We are all ultimately looking for peace and love and harmony for ourselves. And people out there can definitely find that love, peace and harmony if they come to one of Sri Avinash’s programs. Come and experience that, and see if it’s for you, because he speaks such a beautiful, simple language and anybody can relate to that. And when the time is right you will find that answer, and he can guide you at whatever level you’re at. But what I like about him is that he is not talking philosophy—he brings it back to the practical sense, back to now. He shows the road map for people, and that’s what I found to be quite profound.”

Alan’s Testimonial

Alan, Real Estate Agent

“I felt a lot of energy from Sri Avinash when I went to his free event, and I wanted to learn more about healing myself and other people.

The Masterclass was very practical because we got to see Sri Avinash doing things in different ways, live.

And I think what was more valuable for me over other similar things I’ve done was that he showed us how to channel different energies rather than just one, so we were taught different modalities. And what was also valuable was the reactions of people as they were receiving those different types of energies. I did the practice sessions, and could see the response in the other people. I asked them what they felt, and they felt what I was actually doing. So for example, the different areas that I was working on, that’s what they described. So that’s sort of proof that anyone can learn how to do it.

Sri Avinash is down to earth in how he relates things, he’s quite funny, and he relates things to everyday life. It’s hard to describe what he’s like—it’s more like a feeling that you get when you’re around him and the healing. 

Today, we weren’t just being taught, we had a lot of healing given to us, and through that you definitely feel a lot of things come up and pass through.

He’s got a lot of wisdom to share. If somebody is starting out and wanting to become a healer, or even if someone’s done it for a while and wants to have a different perspective or learn some new techniques, I definitely recommend it. But also I recommend it for people who just want to learn more about themselves and heal themselves.”

“It was fantastic to observe the live demonstrations… It gave me hope and confidence.”

– Christian


Watch Sri Avinash in action healing Gus’ back pain, and listen to Gus describe his experience the following day.


Michael walked into the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass with no expectations and walked away with the confidence to heal.


Vicki shares what it was like to witness out-of-this-world healing and to learn from a Master Healer over one life-changing weekend.

Christian’s Testimonial

Christian, Operating Theatre Nurse

“It was a very different approach that I would have never thought of, because of his different ways of bringing healing to the body – spiritual, physical, emotional. To experience that intensity was very fascinating for me, and I felt very much relaxed afterwards. 

My wife wasn’t very well, so I thought that’s a great opportunity to practice, which I have done, and also with a friend. They found it was great, so that was very inspiring, I got some very positive feedback trying out the techniques.

Sri Avinash’s teaching is very easy, it makes so much sense. I’ve been on what we call the spiritual path for quite a few years, but in many ways there was always a little bit of dogma attached. But with Sri Avinash there’s no dogma, it’s just pure common sense, and simplicity, absolute.

When practicing with the other students in the Masterclass, the reports I got from them were fascinating – they actually described feeling the things that I had been sending out to them. Like the Divine light and love, and when I was working on different chakras. So I thought that was fascinating.

It was fantastic to observe the live demonstrations. One woman had been suffering pain level 6 out of 10 a lot of the time, she had a prolapsed disc from an accident 3 years prior to that, and has been struggling continuously since then. Sri Avinash was working on her and describing what energies he was using and he was asking her in between how she was feeling. And it was all done within 15 minutes. She was completely pain free and she was walking comfortably. We were all happy for her, it was a really wonderful experience to have. 

To witness that, it gave me hope and confidence that there’s really no limit to healing. I think if you can do something like that I can’t imagine why there should be any limitation.

Sri Avinash’s healing gift is a divine gift and we’re all very blessed to be in his presence and to know about him. I’m sure there will be many, many, many people finding out about him.

The Masterclass definitely enabled me to become a better healer and a better person. I think the purity that Sri Avinash has is really required, in the end, to be able to achieve that immensity and depth of healing. I can only recommend that others make the effort to attend a Masterclass.”

Carissa’s Testimonial

Carissa, Acupuncturist

“I loved attending the Masterclass. It was a beautiful space, a beautiful group of souls coming together for a common goal. I love the group picture taken at the end – when I look at it, we are all glowing. I felt so zenned out when I left and I look forward to attending more seminars in the future. Thank you for everything.”

Alicia’s Testimonial

Alicia, Educator

He taught us the way to infuse love and peace and chi and light, and so as soon as the course finished I connected with another person that I met there and we would practice the healing method, and the feedback from the healing has been amazing. Just feeling the energy going through my hand, I thought, ‘This is really easy and straightforward.’

Such an amazing experience, confirming that we are all healers. Sri Avinash Do in his humble way is inspiring to listen to and learn from. Practicing the mantra and then performing this new healing technique has invoked many different responses from those receiving this divine love. I truly believe Sri Avinash Do is bringing love and peace to Australia one person at a time. This is what people are seeking – a healing of their hearts.

The Masterclass just confirmed the fact that I’m just a vessel, just using God’s power through me.”

“I feel I have the tools that I need. One word that comes to mind is profound. I knew it would be amazing, but it’s when you see the change that you believe.”

– Otto


Sri Avinash removes Angelina’s long-standing back pain in this live healing demonstration. It is a fascinating insight.


Zeyad shares the journey he went on with Sri Avinash that enabled him to tune into the ancient healer within himself.


Experienced in Reiki and other forms of energy healing, Nurdan took her healing skills to another level with the Masterclass.

Otto’s Testimonial

Otto, Personal Trainer & Digital Marketing Specialist

“I’ve been trying to meditate for years, learning different methods, different ways to perform a perfect meditation, but I just couldn’t quite grasp the concept. I found that I was always distracted. I would focus for a minute or two and then the thoughts would just go off again. But my experience was different at the Heal Yourself, Heal the World Convention. I felt like my mind was finally centred and, being in that group, I felt the energy and the connection between every single one of us, and I felt like that gave me the support to stay in focus so that my mind wouldn’t wander off like it usually does. Just being in that environment helped me to not only receive Sri Avinash’s healing, but it sort of awakened my consciousness even deeper, and that’s why I came to the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass.

During the practical sessions today, as I was performing the healing on another student, something happened and she started to get emotional. I could see on her face that she was starting to get emotional and I didn’t know if it was tears of joy or sadness, but as I held my hand facing her and channelling the healing energy, I felt like I was locked onto something great, because I could see the physical effect. I just knew to stay there and just focus more, and just send her more love. I just went with it, I didn’t question it.

My logical mind kicked in and said, “Oh it’s nothing.” But my intuition knew, this is it, this is the signal. It’s like the signal on a mobile phone with full bars, it was locked in and then I just closed my eyes and fully focused and channelled all my healing, all the love energy. And immediately I could feel her relief and her surrender, because her shoulders were raised and then they dropped. That made me smile, and I sent even more energy healing towards her. She had watery eyes when she gave me feedback and she said, “Oh my God, that was amazing, have you done this before?” I told her it was my first time and she said, “Really? That was amazing.”

So, I definitely felt there was a shift and I felt like I was doing what I was meant to be doing. It was total alignment and a sense of peace.

After this one day, I feel I have the tools that I need. One word that comes to mind is profound. I knew it would be amazing, but it’s when you see the change that you believe. And from what I saw today, I thought, “This is it, this is amazing, this is awesome.” When I saw the change that happened from me sending the energy, that’s the moment when I truly believed what my capabilities are in terms of the healing. Seeing is believing.

Performing the energy healing on someone else, a complete stranger too, is profound. I could feel the energy exchange. I could feel it working, and it’s even weird me saying these words, but I know what I felt, and I know it was real. Because when I was performing the energy healing and then I opened my eyes, what I had been feeling was in alignment with what I could see. It matched.

Sri Avinash has made me see energy healing for what it truly is. Which is – we all have the ability to heal each other. And today he helped me activate that within myself.

Sri Avinash is very cool. He just has this natural ability to be cool, calm and collected, but also very powerful. His methodology in teaching is simple and easy to understand. I love his metaphors, because he uses visuals and I’m a visual person so it makes learning so much easier. And then you’re just more relaxed and even more open to receiving and downloading the wisdom.

I would absolutely recommend this Masterclass to others. I would highly recommend it. Simply because there is a lot of information out there, and I found that Sri Avinash has simplified something that can sound beyond our IQ.

I’m just truly grateful for Sri Avinash because I really, really feel like I’ve learnt what would take a long time to learn. I feel like the Masterclass fast-tracks it, so it doesn’t have to take that amount of time. I feel like I’ve learnt so much over an extended period of time, but it’s only taken one day.

I feel like my consciousness has expanded for the better. It’s like when you get that feeling of certainty and you just know you are where you’re meant to be. And I feel like I’ll remember more as the days go by, as I remember the power of the knowledge and the wisdom that’s been transferred, and what it means, but more importantly to put it into action, into practice. Because I’ve always felt like I just love helping people, whether it be through fitness, health or with their business. I just want to help people become their best version. I say it’s living life from your highest potential instead of your lowest standard.”

Lalita’s Testimonial

Lalita, Foreign Exchange Consultant

“The Masterclass was a heartwarming experience. I felt thoroughly cleansed after the group healing by Sri Avinash at the very beginning of the program – I did not expect the opening itself to be so powerful! He really did invoke the healer in us.

I feel that the daily practice of Mantra (infused by Sri Avinash) is naturally transforming me into a healer. It is really taking me out of my chattering mind and I see things more clearer than ever.

Now when I encounter a person who’s very angry, frustrated, irritated, etc with me (which I normally do because of the nature of my job), I do not judge them. How wonderful is that! Instead, I feel that the person is really in need of healing. Even the slightest intention of healing and helping others brings warmth in my heart and calms me down, and I convey the same energy to the other person. I can go on and on about the amount of love I’ve been getting from my family, friends, colleagues and even strangers since I started using the tools given by Sri Avinash. It is so true that whatever you give reflects back to you.”

Sandy’s Testimonial

Sandy, Australia

“I had the best time ever at the Seminar. One has to experience it to understand because it still amazes me after all this time! Also the mantra Master Sri Avinash gave us is so powerful. My heart started warming up but now the whole of my chest gets hot. It also brings tears to my eyes as my heart awakens to the healer within and the hope for those in need of healing.”

“Sri Avinash has an amazing gift (one of many) to awaken your potential, to awaken the limitless One inside each of us, waiting to be re-discovered.”

– Michaela


Russell had no idea he could become a healer, but his experience at Sri Avinash’s Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass changed that.


One month after attending the Masterclass with Sri Avinash, Michael shares that he is using the tools to heal himself and others.


Nellie traveled across the globe to attend the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass. She shares why it was more than worth it.

Michaela’s Testimonial

Michaela, Photographer and Business Owner

“It has been one month since I attended the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass under Sri Avinash’s loving guidance.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sri Avinash for this wonderful opportunity! I feel privileged, learning from the Master Healer himself.

The course was healing itself for all who attended that day. Sri Avinash has an amazing gift (one of many) to awaken your potential, to awaken the limitless One inside each of us, waiting to be re-discovered.

I believe all of us who attended the seminar re-discovered or remembered our capability to heal ourselves and others. I guess you could call that a miracle. It was beautiful!

I use my healing skills almost every day; healing myself, friends and family, plants, animals, or just sending the unconditional love and light to Mother Earth and the Universe. I am in love with the new limitless being I am slowly becoming under the guidance of true Master Healer Sri Avinash.”

Lea’s Testimonial

Lea, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

“The seminar was a truly wonderful day and I met some lovely people. It brought deeper healing to my being which I hope will help me in my work as a Yoga and Meditation teacher.

I am truly happy and blessed to have met with Sri Avinash on four occasions now. His healing abilities are so gentle and beautiful and I am grateful to have been given the tools to infuse Divine Love and Light, Peace and Chi to help others on their healing journey.”

Sarah’s Testimonial

Sarah, Craniosacral Therapist & Reiki Master

“I’ve learned some new techniques, have been re-enlightened about healing myself, and also about bringing more power into my healing.

It was really powerful for me to understand the importance of focus a lot more. So, a lot more direction on the focus, which can bring in the power, that can bring in the healing for all humans. Which is ultimately why we do this.

I’ve been practicing Reiki for about 5 years, but to be honest I think I’ve always been a healer. I’m still refining my gifts, I’m still leaning into them with confidence too. And that’s something else I think I’ve taken from the Masterclass, is the knowledge that was already in me—and he just shines some light on it to help me be a lot more confident.

I really liked his discussion about not taking on others’ energies. I think that is extremely important when we’re on this journey as healers, in our human form, because that’s what gets affected, is our human form. So ultimately we’re never broken as far as I’m concerned—we are light beings and we will always be whole, but our human body does get affected by this work, so that was excellent to learn. I believe that everybody should have a Master, and have some work done on themselves, because you can definitely take on people’s energy, their hurt, their pain. We can j