“I absolutely feel I can heal others now. I say that with utter conviction, and I would never have said that before this weekend.”

– Kat

Graduate Reviews Part 1

A compilation of testimonials and reviews from graduates of Master Sri Avinash’s life-changing course.

Graduate Reviews Part 2

Watch as graduates share their own unique experience of awakening the ancient healer within themselves.

Graduate Reviews Part 3

These compilations are a real eye-opener with truly heartfelt sentiments.

Kat’s Testimonial

Kat, Marketing Executive

“The Masterclass was incredible, phenomenal. … To come in and just learn how to receive the beautiful healing from Sri Avinash and then develop that ability to be able to give that to others, and pass that on to others – that’s just been an absolutely beautiful, enriching, enlightening, wonderful, wonderful experience.

I absolutely feel I can heal others now. I say that with utter conviction, and I would never have said that before this weekend. I would have said I want to heal others, and that I have the desire to heal others, but to come to an event like this and to be guided, powerfully but gently, into having the conviction that you can do it, that we can all do this… It’s been an incredible experience.

The whole day has been incredible, but particularly the session when Sri Avinash used [a student] to demonstrate his healing. You could literally watch her transform – I’m getting goosebumps! You could literally watch her transform in front of your eyes. And that hasn’t stopped, it’s just kept going for her throughout the day.

And then when we practiced the exercises together, it just continued to build on that, and I felt we really were able to facilitate and give that to each other. It was very special.

I am just so grateful for this opportunity. I’m so grateful for Sri Avinash, because the world needs healing and what I love about this is that it’s not hard. We can all help and heal each other, we just need some Masters to guide us all to know where our true home is, and where to access the greater divine part of ourselves.

I feel so full of hope and faith and love and trust, and my heart’s bursting with joy! It’s been a beautiful experience, I’m very grateful and very humbled to have been part of it.”

Sabina’s Testimonial

Sabina, Accountant

“I found the healer training very simple and easy to implement. Within my journey I’ve done a lot of practice of meditation and chanting and things like that, so it makes it easy for me to just come back to focus again with the healing. But the healer mantra was quite something. And also the simplicity of just transmitting—it was very simple the way Sri Avinash explained. He made it very simple to understand.

Working with my practice partners showed that it’s easily done, and anybody can do this, as long as you tune in to it. It’s the gift within, and I definitely received beautiful healing from the students. And at the same time, I was able to give easily as well, because it’s not hard, it’s there. The intention has to be pure, and that’s how it works. And we saw that also with Sri Avinash’s demonstrations—his intention was to make the person transform, and it happened in front of our eyes.

So I put the same kind of logic, and same formula when I was practicing, and I could see the changes in people as well. Some people said, “Wow, that’s really strong,” and it was nice to get that feedback straight away.

When Sri Avinash sent healing to us—oh my gosh, that’s direct love, so much love, like you can’t even explain. It’s absolute joy. The heart just expands. And whatever he does he gets directly to the heart, and you just feel so much love. And then just light, lots of love and light—you feel elevated. It’s like a feather kind of experience, I just feel lighter than I was before. 

You can’t put words, or any context around his healing gift, because he does it so unconditionally and he just comes purely from his heart. Just in his presence, I feel that beautiful love and joy and harmony. I guess the vibration is very strong, and he has obviously mastered the gift of what humanity can be, and he’s leading as an example, being that.

So that is our end goal—to become that person, which he has mastered, and he’s showing people, “Hey, if I can do it, anybody can do it.” And then, it’s not that hard. You just put your mind to it and heart and soul to it—anybody can achieve this.