This disclaimer applies to Sri Avinash’s healing videos

Sri Avinash’s energy healing in this video (“Energy Healing”) is not a substitute for professional Healthcare* that an individual may be receiving. While we have observed the benefits of the Energy Healing, we do not claim to diagnose or cure any condition of mind, body or spirit. We do not give medical advice, perform medical treatment, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a Healthcare professional.

Energy Healing can support wellbeing for mind, body and spirit in a way that is needed, and it is safe to receive alongside any professional Healthcare. The healing is intended as a complementary therapy, or as an aid to personal relaxation or stress reduction, and is not meant to replace one-to-one professional Healthcare.

Receiving Energy Healing should not under any circumstances be used as a justification to alter or replace the service, treatment, medication or advice provided by a Healthcare professional. Please consult a Healthcare professional for any severe physical or psychological ailment that you may be suffering from, and in any situations where your symptoms persist.

The benefits of the Energy Healing may not be perceivable to all recipients and individual results may vary. There are many factors that influence an individual’s experience, including personal beliefs, sensitivity to energy, openness to new concepts and the ability to practice relaxation.

*“Healthcare” means care from a practitioner holding a recognised license or registration to practice medical/physical, psychiatric, psychological or veterinary treatment or therapy, and includes, but is not limited to, Western/orthodox modalities of care.