Wellbeing Article: Free Sleep Meditation | Guided Meditation for Sleep
Wellbeing Article: Free Sleep Meditation | Guided Meditation for Sleep

Free Sleep Meditation Videos, Audios + More

Healing Guided Meditations for Sleep

Use these healing guided meditations for sleep so you can experience the ease of falling to sleep naturally once again. In this post:

  • Master Healer Sri Avinash explains with profound simplicity why so many of us can’t sleep.

  • Learn how to change that in your own life, using our top 5 transformational sleep meditation tools.

  • Use these guided sleep meditations to actually benefit every aspect of your life, because it’s all connected.

Why you can’t sleep

Our guided sleep meditations are all free for you to use below. But it’s also helpful to understand how these healing guided meditations will help you sleep. And to answer that, we need to look at why you aren’t able to sleep.

When you can’t sleep properly it’s because either:

  1. Your body is in physical pain; or
  2. You are awake from too much adrenaline in your body.

If your body is in physical pain, you will benefit from the healing sleep meditation below, but you will also benefit from our healing guided meditations for different conditions. This is an ongoing series of self-healing meditations where Master Healer Sri Avinash uses his phenomenal energy healing gift to help those who are suffering in the world. The divine energies used in these healing meditations are incredibly powerful and life-transforming. They will boost your physical wellbeing and your calmness, so you can sleep better.

When you are not in physical pain but you can’t sleep, then that means there is too much nervous energy in your being. You can’t switch that energy off because you don’t know how to, or you’re not practiced at doing that, and then you are unable to sleep.

Sleeping is natural when we let go of our burdens

The first thing to know is that sleeping is a natural process. Nobody needs to learn how to sleep. When we are a baby we know how to sleep, but as we get older we start to absorb negative ideas and these stay with us as negative energies.

As we get older, we start to live by expectations about what we need to achieve in life, what we need to do to succeed, how rich we need to be, how we should look, how prestigious our job is etc.

All these self-judgements and expectations are really just rules we have learned about how we should be. And they clog up our system. All through the day these kinds of thoughts are going on. We might not notice it when we are busy during our day, but when we lie down to sleep that inner talk is just continuing.

These thoughts about our past and thoughts of our future are actually stored as negative energy in our system. It’s like a nervous, heavy energy in our mind, in our organs, in our body.

So, to sleep well, we’ve got to clear that heavy energy from our system. And we’ve also got to stop building up more of that.

How to cleanse your system for sleep

The two main ways you can cleanse the heavy or nervous energy from your system are:

  1. Meditation practice; and
  2. Living with love and kindness.

So that’s what you need to do, daily.

It’s like emptying the household garbage bin regularly. When you don’t do that, the rubbish builds up and starts to stink. But when you clean out all the rubbish you’ve been storing, then you only have a small bin to clear out each day. So you do that through meditation and living with love and kindness.

When you want to sleep

Meditating and living with love and kindness in your daily life is a proactive approach. But in the moment when you’re trying to sleep, you have to ‘block your nose’. In other words, you have to block the thinking in that moment. And you do that by meditating, by being calm and peaceful, by focusing.

And that’s exactly what our guided sleep meditation is for. These sleep meditations will also help you to keep your overall system clear and light, so sleeping issues fall away.

The top 5 sleep meditation tools

Here are our top 5 transformational resources to ensure you can sleep naturally again.

1. Healing guided meditation for sleep and insomnia – 17 minutes

This guided sleep meditation uses healing energies to cleanse your body and mind.

Master Healer Sri Avinash cleanses nervousness and other burdens, to guide you to a state of calmness and wellbeing. His soothing voice is full of love and care as he walks you through the process, gently bringing your focus to the peaceful feelings of the healing energies.

Feel the release of burdens that agitate your body and mind, and enjoy powerful infusions of divine peace and love for total relaxation.

You can use this guided healing meditation for sleep when you are going to bed, or if you wake in the night and can’t fall back to sleep.

It can also be used any time during your day or evening—it will bring the same calming effect to your system, clearing out any stored negativities and infusing peace. In this way, using it at any time will lead you towards a good night’s sleep.

Healing Guided Meditation for Sleep & Insomnia | Play the Video

2. Third eye opening guided meditation – 38 minutes

This is truly the ultimate third eye opening meditation to activate your third eye chakra and awaken the ancient wisdom, peace and clarity that naturally resides within your being.

In this remarkable video, spiritual Master and healer Sri Avinash takes you on a powerfully transformative healing journey deep into the meditation state to awaken your third eye chakra, cleansing and clearing away all negativities and leaving you feeling a true sense of your magnificent self.*

The benefits of opening and balancing the third eye chakra are so good for us on all levels of the mind, body and spirit.

This meditation is deeply soothing and transforming and Master Sri Avinash sends energy healing throughout, to nourish and support you.

Use it to help you on your self-healing journey towards many nights of deep, restful sleep.

Guided Sleep Meditation - Third Eye Opening

3. Healing meditation for anxiety – 27 minutes

Use this healing meditation to calm anxiety so you can sleep better.

Master Healer Sri Avinash uses energy healing to clear negative and agitated energies from the head and brain area as well as the nervous system. The beautiful healing energies leave you feeling calm and free from the burdens you once carried.*

The healing is designed so that you can feel relaxed and calm, enjoying a sense of freedom and spaciousness within you once more.

Sri Avinash guides you on a beautiful healing meditation as he sends divine healing energies. Feel lighter, happier and more serene with the beautiful infusions of peace, joy and bliss. Use the video as often as you like, so you can feel calm, strong and able get on with your daily life. After some time, you will notice the transformation in every aspect of your life.

Healing Guided Sleep Meditation - Healing Meditation for Anxiety | Play the Video

4. Free guided meditation audio download – 30 minutes

This free guided meditation audio download is designed so you can feel peace of mind and strengthen your meditation skills. It is equally beneficial for beginners and for advanced meditators.

Enjoy the calming and expert guidance of a great meditation Master in this 30-minute audio.

The meditation begins with a short flute introduction, and this calming music helps to prepare you for the guided meditation. Master Sri Avinash then takes you on a meditation journey through breath focus, inner focus, outer focus and compassion for others.

5. Other meditation resources to help you sleep

In addition to these free meditations for sleep, we  have a multitude of resources for you that are all about meditation in general. These resources have all you need to know to meditate well, feel well and therefore sleep well.

Learn how to meditate properly, using breath meditation as the focus. This meditation is a great technique to use if you are wanting to calm yourself down for sleep, but it can be used any time in your daily life.

Receive a powerful self-healing mantra and learn how to use it perfectly. This is another great meditation technique to stop your mind racing at any time, including when you want to sleep.

Dive into the other articles and videos that will help you in every aspect of your life. Watch videos of profound wisdom on topics like how to stop negative thoughts, how to protect yourself from negative energies, how to control anger and how to let go of the past. And if you think you just can’t meditate, there’s an article on that too!

Guided Sleep Meditation - All Meditation Resources


When you are proactive and use these guided sleep meditations and other tools, over time you will find you only have a small amount of stress and worry to empty from your system each day. You will find it easier and easier to stop negative patterns of thinking, because your burden will be so much lighter. Overall you’ll become more calm and you’ll sleep better.*

You may have a few days of worry here and there, but you will see an overall ongoing improvement. You’ll be on the upward curve.

All sleeping difficulties can be improved in this way. And on top of that, using these free meditations for sleep will improve every aspect of your life, because it’s all related.

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* Disclaimer

We do not claim to cure any condition of mind, body or spirit, and individual results may vary. Sri Avinash’s energy healing in these videos is intended as a complementary therapy, or as an aid to personal relaxation and stress reduction. It is not meant to replace one-to-one professional healthcare from a licenced practitioner. Receiving Sri Avinash’s energy healing in these videos should not alter or replace the service, treatment, medication or advice provided by a licenced healthcare practitioner. Please see full disclaimer details here >