Best of 2020 - Most popular videos of the year
Best of 2020: Most popular videos of the year

Best of 2020: Our 5 most popular videos of the year

Here are the five most popular videos we have released in 2020. These videos in particular have brought peace, healing, hope, wisdom and insight to people all across the globe during this difficult coronavirus year. We really hope you enjoy watching and re-watching them, absorbing the timeless peace and wisdom they hold.

One World Healing Webinar Replay, Episode 7

[Viewing time: 50 minutes + 20 minutes]

Receive free online healing in this One World Healing Webinar with Master Healer Sri Avinash to heal yourself [viewing time: 50 minutes] and then heal the world [viewing time: 20 minutes].

In this One World Healing, Sri Avinash transmits the healing energies of divine love, light, peace and universal chi, for your overall wellbeing and for the benefit of humanity. Sri Avinash’s healing focuses on physical and mental conditions, and your spiritual wellbeing. He works on raising your vibration, balancing and cleansing your main energy centres (chakras), and clearing fear and negativities from your overall system.

The final 20 minutes of the One World Healing is dedicated towards healing our planet. Together, we will all heal the planet with the power of our united healing energy. Sri Avinash guides you through this beautiful process.

This One World Healing is tremendously beneficial for every individual, for our planet and for all of humanity.

“I am stunned by the results of this healing session, via a YouTube transmission, from the very first play. I could not believe it! So I played it twice more, on the same day. It’s now been 3 to 4 days, and my doubt has had me play this video a few times more, to be sure. But the effect is consistent: no neuropathy, no numbness, no sciatica pain, no sharp pains during sleep, nor keeping me from sleeping. I am grateful beyond words.” – Suzette

Video: The secret to accessing divine power within

[Viewing time: 33 minutes]

When we know how to access the divine power within us, we can understand how to manifest in every aspect of our life. In this remarkable talk, Master Sri Avinash shares the secret to accessing divine power and how to use it to manifest abundance, health, happiness and goodness in our lives and in the world.

Master Sri Avinash explains that by our very nature we are connected to the Source, the Creator, and so we have that same creative power within us. In this video he covers the essential aspects of how to manifest, including how to overcome the obstacle of doubt and how to invoke Divine support.

He says, “It takes effort, but when you honestly, humbly do that, you get better at it and before you know it you have faith! You have faith, and with that faith you can manifest anything… Why shouldn’t we do that? This is our connection with the Source, our divine connection. This is natural in us. It’s been given to us, so why shouldn’t we use it? This method is so much more powerful than just mental manifestation. It’s a thousand times faster and a thousand times more powerful.”

Watch the video now to understand how to use our hidden power to transform our lives for the better.

“I am keeping this talk on continuous feed as it’s so purely simple and profoundly inspirational to me… Your clarity is like a powerful crystal. Thank you.” – Meredith

Video: How to become an energy healer

[Viewing time: 6 minutes]

What does it take to become a truly great healer?

Energy healing is something that we all have the power to do, and it is a powerful and beautiful gift to use on oneself, a loved one or for the benefit of humanity.

In this video, Master Healer Sri Avinash shares how the love of healing, and the spirit of surrendering to the Source, are the most important pre-requisites to be a great healer. When you have a strong wish in your heart for that, then the Source will guide you to everything you need to learn along the way.

“Excellent. Wonderfully explained. Very useful tips for those who want to devote their life as a healer. Thank you.” – NJK

Video: A message of hope | for the future of humanity

[Viewing time: 38 minutes]

With such a powerfully positive and realistically optimistic insight into how we can change the direction of the planet from disharmony and sickness to health and happiness, Master Sri Avinash shares this incredible Message of Hope for the future of humanity.

“When you see what I see, then you will feel so good. You will start to see a future in humanity and a future in each one of us. As simple as that might sound, that changes our lives totally because from an individual perspective we start to have HOPE.” – Sri Avinash

“A spirit with hope is very different to a person who has no hope or who is pessimistic. When you know there is a future, immediately your energy is different…” – Sri Avinash

This inspiring talk encourages us all to greater heights of love and compassion, peace and happiness and details what the milestones on the road to peace on Earth will look like so we can observe the progress and help it to flourish. Listening to this might well change the entire way we view the world and our role in it for the better.

“We are a bit speechless to hear such good news. So beautiful and inspiring and loving and cannot help but believe you.” – Jacadz