A Message of Hope

For the future of humanity

[Viewing time: 38 Minutes]

With such a powerfully positive and realistically optimistic insight into how we can change the direction of the planet from disharmony and sickness to health and happiness, Master Sri Avinash shares this incredible Message of Hope for the future of humanity.

“When you see what I see, then you will feel so good. You will start to see a future in humanity and a future in each one of us. As simple as that might sound, that changes our lives totally because from an individual perspective we start to have HOPE.” – Sri Avinash

“A spirit with hope is very different to a person who has no hope or who is pessimistic. When you know there is a future, immediately your energy is different….” – Sri Avinash

This inspiring talk encourages us all to greater heights of love and compassion, peace and happiness and details what the milestones on the road to peace on Earth will look like so we can observe the progress and help it to flourish. Listening to this might well change the entire way we view the world and our role in it for the better.

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