The ultimate third-eye opening meditation

Activate Your Third Eye with Master Healer Sri Avinash

Viewing time — 38:06 minutes

In this video, spiritual Master and healer Sri Avinash takes you on a transformational journey deep into the meditation state to activate your third eye chakra.

In doing so, he cleanses negativities and blockages from the third eye area with the powerful energy of divine light. Divine light is a beautiful energy that is very effective for the third eye chakra to awaken the ancient wisdom, clarity and power that naturally reside within your being.*

This is truly the ultimate third eye opening meditation, leaving you with a profound new sense of peace in your being as you move through your life.

This video is part of a life-changing Self-Healing Video series created by world-renowned healer, Master Sri Avinash. Through these videos, it is now possible for everybody around the globe to heal themselves in the comfort of their own home or indeed anywhere at any time and all for free.

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* Disclaimer

We do not claim to cure any condition of mind, body or spirit, and individual results may vary. Sri Avinash’s energy healing in these videos is intended as a complementary therapy, or as an aid to personal relaxation and stress reduction. It is not meant to replace one-to-one professional healthcare from a licenced practitioner. Receiving Sri Avinash’s energy healing in these videos should not alter or replace the service, treatment, medication or advice provided by a licenced healthcare practitioner. Please see full disclaimer details here >

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