Healing Videos | Energy Healing | Master Healer Sri Avinash
Healing Videos | Energy Healing | Master Healer Sri Avinash


In this powerful series of healing videos*, Master Healer Sri Avinash uses his energy healing gift to help those who are suffering in the world, with conditions such as anxiety, back pain, insomnia, headaches, cancer and many more.

Use these self-healing videos as a guided meditation, by focusing on the feeling of receiving the energy healing.

The divine energies used in these healing transmissions are truly life-transforming. We invite you to watch these videos as often as you like, for your benefit.

We also encourage you to share these videos with others for their benefit.

Healing for Back Pain and Neck Pain - Master Healer Sri Avinash

Healing for back pain and neck pain [32 minutes]

Feel the difference as Sri Avinash cleanses and clears negative energies from the spine. He gently re-aligns it to its natural position and transmits healing energies to soothe and repair. Intended to relieve all kinds of back and neck problems such as slipped disc, pinched nerves or any other issues.*

Healing For Insomnia - Fall Asleep Fast! Master Healer Sri Avinash

Overcome insomnia – fall asleep fast! [18 minutes]

Sri Avinash uses healing energy to clear away negative energies that agitate the body and mind. He transmits powerful energies to help you to sleep better, allowing the body to naturally restore mental and physical wellbeing.*

Healing for Anxiety Relief - Master Healer Sri Avinash

Powerful healing for anxiety relief [27 minutes]

Sri Avinash’s powerful healing for anxiety relief clears negative and agitated energies from the head and brain area. The clearing also relieves the nervous system. With these energies cleared, you can feel relaxed, calm and enjoying that sense of spaciousness within you once more, free from the burdens you once carried.*

Healing for Migraine and Headache Relief - Master Healer Sri Avinash

Healing for migraine and headache relief [15 minutes]

This healing can benefit you whether you are experiencing a tension headache, migraine or any other form of headache. Sri Avinash clears the tension and stagnant energies from the head and brain area, restoring energy flow, peace and comfort once more.*