LWTM Article: Rediscover your magnificence
LWTM Article: Rediscover your magnificence

Rediscover Your Magnificence

Living with the Master

It is amazing to live with a human being that has such a love to bring out the greatness in you. Someone who truly believes in you and never looks at you as anything less than the perfect divine being that you are.

To live with someone who has such immense and infinite love to bring out all your hidden gifts and the greatness within you is nothing short of indescribable. With that type of pure love the Master ignites faith in me that I never dared to have before. He inspires me to dream the dream and reach for heights that I could not have imagined. What is also so beautiful about it is that he allows the space and freedom for me to explore my divine being and rediscover that magnificence again.

Now, how can I ever express my gratitude for such a gift but dedicating my life in service to the Master and humanity? It is such a debt that I owe him. The funny thing is he never sees it as a debt because he gives so happily and freely without a single thought of anything in return. It is his joy to see us shine like the stars we are and he rejoices in the light we bring. Each step we take on the journey home towards our true selves is a celebration for him. Can you imagine living with someone who has that level of unconditional love? It’s beyond words.

I often reflect on what a sacrifice he is making to come down to our level of awareness and work with all of our problems and struggles. How strange and ill-fitting it must feel for a spirit who has soared to the highest heights of peace and bliss to leave those states and come back down in the mud of our misery to drag us out and clean us up! Oh and you should see the patience that he has for his disciples that still like to take a little longer to play in the dirt. That type of divine patience is not something you see every day in the world.

How I wish you could see all of this for yourselves because I am sure it would melt your heart and awaken something deep inside of you that would transform your life in such a beautiful and magnificent way. I hope that in sharing this little journey of mine that you are able to feel the immense love of the Master in your hearts, spurring you on to greater heights too.

Devika Visintin