Pure Love

Living with the Master

Sunday 1st of December 2019, NSW Australia.

Between you and me, I think that selflessness is one of Sri Avinash’s most highly regarded qualities in a person. 

When he sees selflessness, it just melts his heart. When he hears of selfless actions, his face takes a quality that I can only liken to when a mother looks at her baby, the kind of look that you know is full of love, that you just know is full of prayers, blessings and best wishes that are being lavished on the person he is hearing about. 

When living with the Master, Sri Avinash keeps selflessness at the forefront of our minds, day in day out, by his own example and by taking the time to guide us, firmly but gently, out of the drudgery of selfish thoughts, words and actions. 

All great teachings of the Masters expound the importance of putting others before oneself, but only through witnessing Sri Avinash live this quality, and then slowly absorbing his teachings myself through his tender guidance have I come to take the next leap in understanding selflessness deeply. 

I cannot tell you the lengths I have seen him go to in order to help others. They are of such an extraordinary and personal nature that I cannot share, but trust me, any ordinary person would have given up in the face of the challenges I have seen him face. 

It is quite natural to understand that a loving parent would sacrifice sleep, nourishment and comfort should their child’s needs require. But I have seen him do all such things, and much more, for literally thousands of people now. It’s hard for us to really believe, but Sri Avinash literally never thinks about himself for a second, never puts himself first. 

Because he lives like that, it is no wonder he has come to know himself as pure love. No wonder, as his every thought, word and deed is an expression of his love and care for others.

One day, I hope to know myself as a being of pure love just like him.

Devika Visintin

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