Article: Nature's Whisper - Living with the Master
Article: Nature's Whisper - Living with the Master

Nature’s Whisper

Living with the Master

Meditating one morning on a rugged rocky outcrop overlooking the Blue Mountains, I smiled as the wind gently caressed my face. I could feel that I was grounding into the mountain I sat on, and relished the warmth of the sun lighting up my body and being

How dearly I love nature, I thought.

Sharing this sentiment with Sri Avinash, he told me how much all of nature loves us in return. 

“The wind has a spirit,” he went on to tell me, “it can feel you. It knows when you are aware of it and will be communicating with you.”

Suddenly it felt like there was magic in the air. I love this feeling, the feeling that comes when he shares the secrets of nature and the universe. It feels like all the flowers are listening, like all the trees lean in to hear what he is going to say next.

“And not just the wind. The mountains, the rain, the plants and the animals—they all have a spirit that loves to communicate with us at every chance.” Sri Avinash went on to share that all aspects of nature are wishing to communicate with us all the time and how much joy it brings them when they find a willing listener to hear their often silent songs.

“Imagine how happy the spirit of the wind feels when it finds someone who is right there with it, feeling its freedom, its joy—it makes its spirit so happy!” He said. “The flowers can feel your adoration, the sun can feel how you love its warmth. Their spirit lights up so bright when they find even one person who truly appreciates them.” 

“Master,” I inquired, “how can we know that nature is communicating with us?” 

“You first have to assume that it is,” Sri Avinash began, “because our logical mind can say otherwise so we have to start by assuming so.”

“And how can we hear what nature is trying to tell us?” I wondered further.

“Nature speaks directly to your soul using the language of feelings.” He answered. 

I reflected on how I felt when the sun was on my back like a warm loving embrace. And I recalled that sweet freedom feeling the wind gave me on that mountain top. 

“So that joy that I felt when the wind was caressing my face was actually the spirit of the wind communicating with me?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, smiling a knowing smile. 

“Amazing,” I thought. All this time I have actually been in two-way communication with nature, its spirit ever reaching out to mine in an ancient conversation. As life continues to open up by the side of the Master and reveal its magic and spirit, life becomes ever more beautiful, rich and sacred. With this new understanding, no walk outside will ever be the same again.

Devika Visintin