A Meeting with My Soul, a Meeting with God

Living with the Master

Saturday 8th of November 2019, NSW Australia.

All the Retreatants sat peacefully, soaking in the divinity of Sri Avinash’s healing energies. In this space of perfect calm, Sri Avinash said something I never expected. 

“Now, I’m going to take you on a journey to meet your soul….”

I could feel the surprise and excitement in the room. Some people shifted in their seats, getting ready for what was to come. But who knew what was to come? Who knew what it would be like to meet your own soul? 

Sri Avinash continued to focus as the energy of the room began to change. 

Within moments I became aware of the inner world inside me. Thoughts started to drop away. As my vibration became lighter and lighter, I felt that even the weight of one single thought was simply too heavy to bear. So it simply fell away, discarded. 

In this thoughtlessness, the true lightness of my spirit shone through and I felt in me a sense of brilliance at the core of my being. More than that, I came to experience myself as brilliant, like a star, glistening with sweetness and purity. 

As I was enjoying this reconnection with my soul, I heard Sri Avinash’s voice gently say, “And now, I am going to merge your soul with the universal consciousness….”

Like a handful of salt in warm water, the sense of being in a body began to dissolve into the space around me. Very soon it didn’t even register that I had a body. 

And then I sensed it… the fullness of my being. 

My being had no beginning and no end. No here nor there. I experienced myself as infinite. Endless. As everything and no-thing. 

As vast as the entire universe. At one with the entire universe. I was the entire universe. 

That state was timeless, endless, nameless. A wordless expanse of oneness. 

In that state I experienced myself as, would you believe itas God infinite.

And oh, how healing that was. 

How did he do that? How did he carry all of us to that most sacred of places? That experience created a remembrance in me that has lingered still and continues to transform me, uplift me and heal me. 

It continues to bring me closer to God. 

Devika Visintin

© Sri Avinash Do Mission Inc.