A Never-Ending Expanse of Inspiration and Wonderment

Living with the Master

Sunday 30th of June 2019, Doon Doon NSW, Australia.


am pretty sure that if a person were to experience in a whole lifetime what I experience in just one day of living with the Master, they would consider their life absolutely extraordinary. Inspiration has become a daily thing with Sri Avinash.

He only thinks about one thing, he only talks about one thing; “How can I heal the whole world?” When you live with someone like that it doesn’t take much to be inspired. How many people can you name that have this quality, this mindset and this passion? A rare and precious jewel it is indeed to find someone like that.

As his disciple, my heartfelt wish is to help him achieve this dream. I happily take upon myself any tasks to make his life easier, so that he is as free as possible to guide and heal all the wonderful beings of this planet – wonderful beings just like you.

It is such a pleasure, let me tell you, it is such an honour to play this small part because the outcome is just so beautiful. The world becomes a more beautiful place for all of us.

One of the roles I played recently was assisting him with Private Healing Sessions. If only you could have seen the faces of the people who walked through the door for private healing with him. Words won’t do justice to how moving it was to witness the transformation after they spent just one hour with Sri Avinash, to witness, in some sense, miracles. How can I even begin to describe?

I’ve seen people who were crying in anguish and pain from heartbreak walk out with a spring in their step, looking forward to life again. I’ve watched a lady with Alzheimer’s become more and more aware, to the point where she is so present that she can crack witty jokes much to everyone’s surprise and delight. I’ve seen heart murmurs vanish after being filled with peace, ulcers disappear and multiple sclerosis symptoms dissipate.

Most amazingly, I’ve seen a cancer patient getting healthy once more, with colour and life in her cheeks, and even a person with a body that was in shut-down mode come back from the brink again. Their body, though young, was like a dried up old leaf and it now has the glow of youth returning.

Sometimes, when people walk out of the healing room door without the cage of anxiety or cloud of depression hanging over them, they silently come and look me deeply in the eyes. I can see that they are just not the same person as before, pure and simple. It’s like looking at a totally different human being.

We don’t utter a single word to each other, but in their tearful eyes I see oceans of relief and immense gratitude, gratitude so deep and pure that it brings tears to my eyes too. No words could describe the soulful communication of those silent exchanges.

How can I help but be totally inspired and totally devoted to my Master and his extraordinary mission when I witness such things? How can I help but pray that everybody with a wish for a better life crosses paths with him and is touched by his endless compassion? Their lives will be changed forever. 

As for me, how marvelously fortunate that, by the grace of living with Sri Avinash, every day of my life has become a never-ending expanse of inspiration and wonderment, a truly meaningful life.

Devika Visintin

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