Happiness is in the Little Things

Letter from Sri Avinash on the 2nd of November 2012, Sydney, Australia.

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all been good and well. In this letter I’d like to share a little secret to experience a life of happiness.

Throughout our life, starting from a young age, we were taught that happiness lies in the big things in life. So we innocently trust this and begin to internalise and live this understanding. We begin to imagine and dream of big achievements and great success. We strive towards becoming something special and well known and aim to own big things such as great mansions to speak of our amazing success in the name of happiness. In this way, we continue to become like slaves of our own imagining. I remember reading a quote hanging on the wall at my Master’s ashram, “Increase your desire and live like a beggar, reduce your desire and live like a king”.

We all strive with great effort from the word go, to advance forward and climb great mountains of achievements, competing ruthlessly but always ending up knocking on the doors of sadness and discontentment. In failure we fall into the river of sadness, and in success we drown in the ocean of never ending worries and expectations. And day by day, year by year, happiness just seems out of our reach. This has always been so, because happiness is never in the big things but always in the little things.

Little things such as helping an elderly person cross the busy road, vacating your seat for a pregnant lady standing in the train, noticing the giggle of new born baby in a pram, connecting with a stranger, laughing with a friend, noticing the fragrance of a rose in a neighbours garden, listening to the orchestra of insects while camping in the tent, wishing a traveller well. Learning to notice and appreciate these beautiful little happy moments in life is why we were born. To develop the awareness to see and enjoy these little things in our life is the true challenge for every human being.

The ability to enjoy the beauty of these little things in life is the true flowering of a human being.

This is what spirituality is all about – it’s about being happy in being human. Not super human but simply human. We all strive with every breath to be superhuman, to be something special, but very few are striving to just be human.

What I am saying is if we wish to be happy, start looking for little things and not big things in life, because it is in the little things that happiness lies. We should all take a look at little children: they see little things that we adults will miss, and that’s why young children are so happy and full of vitality.

So I say learn from the book of the little ones, they don’t know big things, just little things, and they know happiness.

Like the song… from little things, big things grow… from little things, big things grow…

My best wishes and see you all soon.
Love and blessings,
Sri Avinash

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