An Abundance of Joy

Living with the Master

Sunday 4th of August 2019, NSW Australia.

Being trained by a Master is probably not what you think. For example, if you imagine that we meditate all day, this is not so. By the same token if you imagine that we are kept to a rigid schedule of extreme discipline like some martial arts movies, this is not so either. Being trained by Sri Avinash is like dancing your way home with a friend who clears stones from your path and makes you laugh at every opportunity.

You could almost be forgiven for not even knowing that you are being trained when you are being trained by him, he is so gentle, happy and sweet. He is extraordinarily selfless. He loves to joke and is constantly playful, never taking things too seriously. Little by little that seeps into our being and we too transform into happier, sweeter, more gentle people, light-hearted and generous in spirit.

His joy is infectious. I estimate that he makes about 50 jokes a day minimum. That kind of joy and playfulness is a beautiful energy to be around. Let me share with you an example of his playfulness and humour. 

I once asked him about abundance, wanting to understand if a person were to wish for abundance do they get an abundance of only good things, or an abundance of all things good and bad. He answered with clarity and wisdom, then asked me, “Do you want to know how to get abundance in your life?”

 “Yes I’d love to know!” I replied eagerly. 

“First you go to the bakery,” he said, “then you get a bun and…” 

All of a sudden he broke into a funny dance in the living room, cracking up laughing about A-Bun-Dance. We all laughed and laughed! 

He is so funny and always surprises us with his childlike sense of humour and good clean fun at moments we would never expect. It reminds us to be light-hearted and not take life seriously, and to have fun and be playful. See how easy it is to forget that you’re under training? 

He is the example that it is possible to be lightness and joy, strength and compassion, in all of life’s circumstances. By living with him, eating with him and working with him, we become more and more like him in nature—which is really bringing us home to who we really are—the embodiment of love.

Devika Visintin

© Sri Avinash Do Mission Inc.