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Experience the Enlightened State

The Satori Transmission™ is a rare opportunity in the world today, whereby the enlightened state is transmitted by the Master.

It doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from, or what our goals are in life—deep down we are all searching for this Satori state, whether we know it or not. It’s a state of bliss, lightness, tranquillity, strength and freedom. We spend our whole lifetime looking for this indirectly in our own ways—through success, fame, fortune, relationships, travel, sports, meditation and other achievements. In this sense, it is the ultimate state to experience in our human existence.

It is Master Sri Avinash’s deep wish for everybody to have a direct experience of this state through his Satori Transmission™, to remind them of the ultimate goal of the spiritual path and human life. The experience of this state is truly a rare blessing that many years of searching and meditation may not necessarily bring. When we are able to experience this state, a deep peace will overflow from within us and we will glow in bliss, joy and contentment—a feeling of meeting our own ancient soul, a sense of coming home again.

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Satori with Master Sri Avinash – What People Say

People from all walks of life share about Satori Transmission™ with Master Sri Avinash, describing their experiences of bliss, peace, strength and freedom.

Satori, a taste of the enlightened state - An Interview with Sri Avinash

Satori Transmission™ Retreat – An Interview with Master Sri Avinash

Master Sri Avinash talks about all the programs at the retreat – what they involve and how they serve to completely transform attendees in unimaginable ways.


“I wasn’t sure what it would actually be, but it was amazing just to feel that Transmission and that lightness. It was an incredible feeling.”


“If you paid a million dollars, or more—you can’t put a price on that! It’s just priceless, it’s priceless.”


“I was so still that everything else seemed to be moving except me—I just felt that calm.”


“You feel the energy instantly—the calmness and the peace. That’s just a beautiful feeling.”


“It’s a gift that I hope every human being has the opportunity to experience.”


“It was just like my heart was bursting with fullness and love.”


“I highly recommend it. It’s definitely an eye-opener, and it’s been a journey that’s changed my life for the better.”


“I have never felt that centred and grounded before.”


“It is a phenomenal state. Just even a taste of it is absolutely amazing.”


“What really seemed to happen for me was a centering and a sense of being in my own power.”


“It’s almost like we can connect to the source of the universe through him.”


What is the Satori Transmission™?

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening or enlightenment. For thousands of years, the Satori state has been transmitted by enlightened Masters to their disciples, in private and sacred settings. The transmission gives the disciple a temporary taste of enlightenment, which accelerates them towards the spiritual goal.

The Satori Transmission™ from Master Sri Avinash is a very profound and rare blessing. Due to the need of the current times, Master Sri Avinash feels that it is vitally important that all spiritual seekers be able to experience satori. Once a person tastes this state, they will have an unforgettable personal reference of what enlightenment is, which then becomes a benchmark for their spiritual practice. In addition, their soul awakens to the remembrance of its true nature, pulling the seeker unstoppably towards the goal of enlightenment.

Master Sri Avinash’s purpose for the Satori Transmission™ is twofold. One is to help spiritual seekers accelerate towards the goal, and the other is to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

Master Sri Avinash transmits the Satori state to the group on retreat, and for a small number of people whose names are pulled from a hat on the day, there is an opportunity to have a one-on-one Satori Transmission™ within the group setting.

Satori Retreat Program

Opening Wisdom Talk and Universal Healing Transmission

After the opening talk, Master Sri Avinash will use his power to infuse the divine energies of love, light, peace, universal chi and joy to you, clearing fear and emotional blockages, so that the life-force can flow freely through your being.

This session prepares your body, mind and spirit in a way that will maximise the benefits of this Satori Transmission™ Retreat.

Satori Transmission™ Workshops 1 and 2

During these workshops Master Sri Avinash will transmit the temporary enlightened state, known as Satori, to the group. He will raise your vibration and cleanse your energy field, to facilitate the merging of your consciousness with the universal consciousness.

The whole of these Satori Transmission™ Workshops will be in a group format, where Master Sri Avinash transmits the satori state to the whole audience. There will also be a small number of one-on-one transmissions taking place, in front of the group. Everyone will be present in the room and receiving the Master’s transmission throughout the whole workshop, directly through the group transmission and indirectly through the one-on-one transmissions.

Wisdom Talk and Q&A

Master Sri Avinash will give a talk to share insights about how to incorporate the Satori state into your daily life. There will be an opportunity to ask questions also.

Satori Transmission™ Workshop 3

During this workshop Master Sri Avinash will transmit Satori to the group. He will raise your vibration and cleanse your energy field, to facilitate the merging of your consciousness with the universal consciousness.

This Workshop will be in a group Satori Transmission™ format.

Power Infusion – A Meeting with the Divine

During this session Master Sri Avinash will infuse Divine essence into your being, allowing you to have a meeting with the Source, the universal consciousness. In this process you will also come to meet your Soul. This beautiful and rare infusion will accelerate your spiritual progress and contribute greatly to your overall awakening.

Power Infusion – Blessings of Awakening

In the opening session of day 2, Master Sri Avinash will invoke grace and blessings from all the great Masters of the past and present, to help you to succeed on the path and fulfil your heartfelt wishes.

Invoking the support and blessings of great Masters is truly the fastest way to bring perfect peace and happiness into your life, and to attain the ultimate state.

Cultivating the Satori State – Understanding & Practice

i. Receiving the Mantra of Awakening

You will be given the Mantra of Awakening from Master Sri Avinash. He will infuse into the Mantra to bring it to life, providing an extremely powerful tool to facilitate your awakening process. When used regularly, this mantra will not only give you spiritual strength, but will also bring tremendous peace and joy to your life.

ii. Mastering Meditation – Perfect Practice and Insight.

Master Sri Avinash will teach you how to practice this mantra in the right way, to