The Butterfly of Oneness

Letter from Sri Avinash on the 28th of January 2014, Doon Doon, Australia.

My greetings to all of you.

In this letter I would like to share a few words on our true state of oneness, the benefits and how to achieve it.

When we take a closer look at all our problems and suffering, at a personal level or at the worldwide level, we will see that the fundamental cause is our living in a state of separation. It is the us versus them mentality, me versus the world mentality which kills the feeling of oneness in our heart.

Butterfly of Oneness - Baliram overlooking Wollumbin / Mt Warning

When we act out thoughts and ideas of separation in our everyday lives, we begin to experience loneliness, friction with others, hatred and fear, to name a few. The opposite of this is when we experience feelings of warmth and love in our heart and radiate this out towards our fellow human beings and nature, resulting in a life of beauty and harmony.

A separation mentality creates emotional suffering and feelings of being unloved. Acting out this separation mentality, we move more and more away from community type living in the name of seeking our own space and independence, to find our self absolutely lonely, emotionally and physically. The drought of connection and feelings of oneness has continued so long that in nearly every street, house, or mansion around the world people are silently screaming out a heart-cry of, “I need love, I need to connect” and chanting out mantras of “where are all the people that love me?”

The experience of separation makes us feel like a fish out of water, as if we don’t fit in anywhere. Instead of shining and glowing like a newborn child, we begin to look and feel like a cracked dry leaf, lifeless and emptied of vitality.

So I say, now is the time to begin living not separately, feeling not separate and experiencing the not-separateness of oneness.

Butterfly of oneness - Baliram with his paw over Bhakti as they sleep peacefully


Oneness is one of those things that only writing about, talking about and singing about will fall short of experiencing and tasting it. It is only through living and expressing it that one can taste and radiate her magnificence. One may ask, so how do I taste this oneness? Like anything great, we must first understand the benefit of it, then go deep down to the well of our heart for the fuel of life and let the love of oneness rocketfuel us towards it. Then we will use every ounce of energy we’ve got to love others as we love ourselves in kind thoughts, words of peace, and actions of selflessness.  Hence we begin to live as if we are separate from nothing and nobody.

When we live like this day in and day out, before long the caterpillar of separateness will transform into the oneness of a butterfly.

I have heard that a butterfly’s life is very short, just a matter of days, but the joy it brings to our eyes and our hearts when life is kind enough to let us see one, is indeed not short of magic. So let the butterfly of oneness bring joy for ourselves and all that we cross paths with over our many years journey.

With much love,

Sri Avinash

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