The Way to Know God or Your True Self

Satsang with Sri Avinash.

Below are some excerpts from this Satsang.

“The more you know your true Self, the more you know God. The more you love your true Self, the more you love God. The more you hate your true Self, the more you hate God. The more you distrust your true Self, the more you distrust God. And what is God? God is everything. That means the more you distrust your true Self, the more you distrust everything and everybody.”

“When you attain enlightenment you know that you know nothing. Everything becomes a true mystery.”

“The mind can never know God. Because the mind is historical. It’s like a book, it’s already written and published and a best seller already. It’s historical. But God is not yet published. God is right here, right now.”

“To know your true Self, don’t use your mind. That means don’t try to understand. Don’t analyse. Don’t think about ‘how I find my true Self.’ Don’t think about it. The more you think, the further away you are to your true Self.”

“This is a journey of not collecting more data, it’s a journey of letting go. It’s a journey of surrender.”

“If you surrender to someone who is their true self or very beautiful, then you come close to your true Self.”

“How to realize your true Self? How to realize God? Surrender. It’s so beautiful.”

“When your house is empty, you realize that you are not searching for God, God is searching for you. It’s more accurate to say God is with you. And you start to realize God has been with you all along. From the first step you took, God is with you.”

– Sri Avinash Do

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