The Passion of Jesus Christ

Q & A with Sri Avinash, Self-Realization Ashram, Australia.

Sri Avinash, what do you love about Jesus Christ?

He had a passion that was immeasurable. Or you can call it a big heart—such a big heart to help others realize their godliness. His passion was like 1,000 suns burning. If that was your wish—to realize your godliness—he’d do anything for you. That’s the type of passion he had.

He never thought of anything for himself. He was just so loving, he didn’t have one gram of selfishness in him.

And another thing that made Jesus so beautiful was he was such an ordinary person. He was born in a manger, no glitter thrown around and no balloon popping. Just such an ordinary person—on the outside. But on the inside, he had a heart that you couldn’t find in a billion people. Such passion.

He is opposite to the world we live in. The world we live in is just plagued with selfishness, but he didn’t have even one gram of selfishness in him. He’d climb mountains, he’d cross deserts, he’d do anything to help someone realize their greatness, realize the God in them.

He was so true to himself and so charismatic—because charisma comes not from a skill, but from oozing confidence of the divine Self within.

He was so charismatic and he was so ordinary. He wasn’t afraid to let people know his greatness so that they could see their own greatness. He wasn’t shy in that respect. His philosophy was—‘I will use anything that benefits the person and helps them remember their greatness.’

He would say things like, “I am the life and the way. If you doubt there is a God or you find it difficult to connect with that formless God, then come through me, live with me and around me, and then you will see God, you will realize God.” Come through me—that’s what he was saying. And he wasn’t boasting, he just said that like a Vietnamese person eats rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner—it’s just normal.

He was such a great friend. He was strict in some sense but in another sense he was so easy-going. Let’s put it this way—you’d feel very comfortable in his company, you wouldn’t feel pressured. He’d give you space to do whatever you like.

He was very light. He would tell jokes and he wouldn’t allow his disciples to take things so seriously. He’d always bring them back to simplicity.

He was so loyal—someone that it’s impossible not to trust. And it used to pain him when people didn’t trust him. He’d feel, “Why? Why don’t you trust? Why don’t you have faith in me? Don’t you understand how much more happy your life will be if you trust me—how great your life will be, if you have faith in me?”

Such a great Master he was. He had such a big heart—you can’t have a bigger heart than Jesus. There have been Masters who have an equally big heart, but none bigger than Jesus.

A lot of his teachings were shared just through spending time with him. Most of the disciples would just hang around him a lot, and they’d help the poor and needy. He had a soft spot for the poor and needy.

He wasn’t a Master for only the poor—he was a Master for everyone, and he loved everyone. But he had a soft spot for the poor and needy, because the poor and needy tend to have this kind of innocence together with struggle. So he would want to make them happy.

I have so much reverence for Jesus. He is my dear friend. Amongst Masters, he’s one of the Masters I feel closest to. He helped me on my path tremendously. When I was living in the world and I had no Master, he was my Master. I used to have the book called God Calling, and in my times of need I would open the book and I’d read it. I read it a lot, and every time I read it, it would make me cry in comfort.

He has such a loving heart, he’s a lover of nature and a lover of all. That’s what I feel about Jesus.

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