The Life and Way of Jesus

Christmas Message from Sri Avinash

Saturday 15th of December 2018, The Sri Avinash Healing and Satori Centre, Brisbane, Australia.

For our Christmas Satsang gathering today I’m going to talk a little about Jesus. The first thing I want to say is that my knowledge of Jesus is not learnt knowledge through books or studies or what has been taught about Jesus. My knowledge of Jesus is direct knowledge.

So, what do I know about Jesus? There have been many great Masters on this planet, not only Jesus, but Jesus was probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest. I’ll explain why.

You see, enlightenment is very, very difficult to achieve but in another sense it’s not that hard. Enlightenment just means that you attain this state of freedom, the state of no more disturbances, no more sleepless nights, no more bawling your eyes out crying. But, to have the passion to want to help others to go into that freedom state – to have that type of passion is something different. You might attain enlightenment but that doesn’t mean you have that type of passion like Jesus had.

It’s one thing to attain freedom yourself, but to bring another person to freedom is a different ball game altogether. You can learn the way to master your mind, but to help someone else master their mind… You see, suddenly you’re dealing with their mind, and you can’t control their mind directly without their permission – that is the highest law in the whole universe, the law of freedom.

So Jesus had that passion and that power to transform you, but without your permission he couldn’t, you see? He wished he had that permission and his heart was such that he would cry for you – here you are, drowning in misery, and he has this power to transform you instantly. He would beg and cry out to you, “Just relax, let go, why are you struggling like that? Just relax, I’ll take care of you, I’ll get rid of your misery instantly. Have faith. Have faith in me.” If you didn’t have faith in him, he would beg you to just hang around him and your faith in him would grow. Happiness, joy and faith would be yours forever. He was like that, he had that faith.

He was also an absolutely amazing healer. He would heal you by his will. Whatever he wished for you, that would happen. And he just knew it. He had the type of faith that whatever he wished for would happen. He also knew that he couldn’t heal some people. You see, at the soul level it is not their destiny or karma, and he couldn’t heal without their permission. So he didn’t go to the local markets and start healing everybody, but to those that had faith in him he was an amazing healer.

When you are down and out, nothing can help you but love. He had the type of love that when you’re down and out, you sit in front of him and he looks at you like you’re the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. He would look at you like the most magnificent creation that God created. He wasn’t making it up – he saw that, because he knew what was true.

When you see someone like Jesus you naturally have this immense love for them. So that person who is down and out would immediately feel beautiful, happy and childlike again. Because when you’re down and out, in your mind there are many complications, but in essence the problem is that you don’t know who you are. You don’t feel that you are beautiful, you doubt that you are. But you sit in front of him and you just feel beautiful. You don’t even know why.

People would ask him, “How do you do it? What do you do?” He would say it’s not what he does, it’s what he knows. He knows you. And that knowing would just heal you.

In the images we see of Jesus he looks very serious. There were moments when he was very serious but there were many moments when he was not. He was really very lighthearted and easy-going. He was basically like your best friend. When you hang around with your best friend you’re not serious together. He was like that.

But when it came to the business of clearing your doubts – doubts about who you are and who he is – he would leave no margin for negotiation. He was ruthless in that respect. He would not let you doubt yourself. He had that business-like approach. When I say business-like I mean he gets the job done, to make you feel beautiful about yourself, to make you know who you are, how you were created – a masterpiece of God’s creation.

He knew all the different ways for you to master your mind and emotions, the ways to bring you home to peace. He knew all the paths, he knew everything. But he only taught the best way. He knew other ways also worked but he didn’t muck around with peripherals – he just liked the autobahn style, he didn’t like back lane stuff! He didn’t like to see unnecessary misery in others. He’d just want them to cruise through life straight away.

So he taught the best way, and that is the way of surrender and selflessness. He knew that was the fastest way, instead of wrestling with your mind trying to conquer it. He’d say to you, “Just let me take care of it, you just throw down your cards and let me take care of it.” Wholeheartedly and totally surrendering, like there is not one millimeter of you not surrendering. That’s the fastest way. You just totally let go without sorting anything out, and let him take care of it. Like that, real quick.

Of course that path existed before Jesus Christ, but because of his passion he had this thing that would just make you surrender. It’s like a gardener who has a green thumb so whatever they plant will grow. He had that thing where, when you’re with him you just feel like surrendering all your problems. You don’t worry about a thing. You become like a child again. When you surrender, you’re not heavy, feeling, “Things are not working out, my future is looking bleak, financials aren’t looking too good, relationships aren’t great, family’s not looking great either, nothing is looking great.” You just surrender. Suddenly you’re light.

He didn’t try to make you surrender – it just happened out of his love. He’d have that much love for you that you just trust him and feel he really cares for you. And when that is combined with knowing his power to help you, you would just feel, “My life is all yours, I don’t care about a thing, my life is all yours.”

If you think about your life, it’s really like your trouble. Because there’s always this heaviness of sorting stuff out. It’s like trying to rearrange furniture – fixing this, fixing that, fixing finances, fixing health, fixing relationships, fixing family – it’s just trouble. The spirit of life is not trouble, but the heavy burden of it, the tiredness of it, is trouble. So with him you just felt that trust and faith, and with that faith you just surrendered. He had that effect on people.

He also had a soft heart for the poor people. This didn’t mean he was against the wealthy – he loved everybody, but he just had a soft heart for the poor. I guess it’s like a parent that has two children and things are going well for one child but the other child is struggling. Of course the parent will love both, but they just naturally have a soft heart for that child who struggles more. So Jesus was like that.

He loved turning sinners into saints. He just loved that. Not just loved it but he knew he could. He knew all they had to do was two things. First, they had to trust him – and he was good at making you trust him. Second, a person just had to hang around him long enough and he would turn them into a saint. He just knew that.

He had a heart of passion to serve humanity and to serve God. He had the type of passion that even amongst enlightened people he stood out. His heart was like that.

In the early years of my spiritual journey when I was heavily burdened I used to read a lot. I found a second-hand book for 50 cents called God Calling. I picked it up because – who knows, it might change my life, I’ve got nothing to lose. It was about Jesus’ teachings which were channeled by two elderly ladies. When I read that book I could feel Jesus’ heart coming out to help me. I could feel that lion’s roar. His love of humanity was like that.

I remember that book helped me heaps. I was heavily burdened and I would feel Jesus’ love and passion reminding me, “Why? Why are you carrying this burden? Why are you worrying? Let go. Let go.” So at that time Jesus was my Master, guiding me. Although I didn’t go to church and such, the circumstances of my life made me cross paths with Jesus and I could feel Jesus’ love.

There have been many beautiful and great Masters and every Master teaches in a slightly different style. But I can say that out of so many Masters that I’ve heard of, Jesus’ style is without a doubt my favourite. And as a matter of fact, I teach in a very similar style.

Basically, my style is a combination of the Buddha’s style and Jesus’ style. The Jesus style is what I have explained here, but the Buddha’s style is very different because he was an intellectual. In the Buddha’s way, everything is calculated perfectly – the way to enlightenment is mapped out and documented. It is like the science of enlightenment.

Jesus didn’t document anything like that. Jesus was like, “Don’t worry about all that type of stuff. You just take a seat, put on your seat belt and let me drive you there.” That was Jesus’ way. “Don’t do any back seat driving, just keep quiet, trust me, and I’ll take you there.”

So they are two different styles. Both did the job and both have their benefits. In Jesus’ way if you have faith in him you’re going to go all the way there. Whereas in the Buddha’s way, it doesn’t really matter whether you have faith or not, you’ve just got to do the practice.

So, in this Christmas Satsang I wanted to share the life and the way of Jesus. It’s beautiful. And that way is without a doubt the best, in the sense that it’s quick and easy. But you need courage to just let go of the controls and let him take care of everything. Jesus’ way is a path for the courageous.

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