“This amazing man radiates warm energy, genuine care for others and tremendous love for humanity.”

– Tina

“This amazing man radiates warm energy, genuine care for others and tremendous love for humanity.”

– Tina

Sabina’s Testimonial

Sabina, Accountant

When Sri Avinash sent healing to us—oh my gosh, that’s direct love, so much love, like you can’t even explain. It’s absolute joy. The heart just expands. And whatever he does he gets directly to the heart, and you just feel so much love. And then just light, lots of love and light—you feel elevated. It’s like a feather kind of experience, I just feel lighter than I was before.

You can’t put words, or any context, around his healing gift because he does it so unconditionally and he just comes purely from his heart. Just in his presence, I feel that beautiful love and joy and harmony. I guess the vibration is very strong, and he has obviously mastered the gift of what humanity can be, and he’s leading as an example, being that.

Sri Avinash is absolutely hilarious. He has his moments of being a joker, then he comes back to being a wise teacher. He shares himself—what you see is what you get, and he speaks your language. He’s very practically driven—not a theory based teacher with books and books of content. His vision and his way of teaching is, “I give you practical stuff and if you practice, you’ll get results. Because I did that and I’m giving you the same recipe.” So he’s very practical.

We are all ultimately looking for peace and love and harmony for ourselves. And people out there can definitely find that love, peace and harmony if they come to one of Sri Avinash’s programs. Come and experience that, and see if it’s for you, because he speaks such a beautiful, simple language and anybody can relate to that. And when the time is right you will find that answer, and he can guide you at whatever level you’re at. But what I like about him is that he is not talking philosophy—he brings it back to the practical sense, back to now. He shows the road map for people, and that’s what I found to be quite profound.

Tina’s Testimonial


This man is a gift from the Divine. He has a beautiful childlike quality and I instantly felt I was in the presence of a Master. I feel blessed to have attended his group meditations and several events, and I felt blissed out with an incredible feeling of love and compassion.

I was travelling from England in Australia and it was quite by chance that I came across Sri Avinash through a friend. This amazing man radiates warm energy, genuine care for others and tremendous love for humanity. His message is simple and clear, that life can be beautiful and easy if we decide to let go of all the things that stress us out.

Life offers many opportunities so please do not miss the chance to see Sri Avinash if you get the chance.

I just want to thank Sri Avinash for being you. I am so unbelievably grateful to have been guided to your sessions in the last couple of months. I’ve lived all my life in the UK and never imagined I would meet someone with true love radiating from their soul. I love your beautiful gentleness and quiet calm. Your boyish charm and the way you describe things so simply and clearly.

Thank you for your teachings. You have taught me a great deal.

Philip’s Testimonial

Philip, Author

Sri Avinash’s wisdom, his simplicity, his intuition, the way he teaches—it’s so practical, down to earth, easy to understand… He makes it simple. He teaches very consciously, very awarely, very beautifully, very lovingly… People are going to go away with a lot from this event. That’s the sign of a true teacher, and Sri Avinash is just that.

I think Sri Avinash connects people. He’s got that energy, and I felt at home here. When you get a Master like Sri Avinash, who draws people like this, it’s a beautiful experience.

Tess’s Testimonial

Tess, Business Owner

Just being in Sri Avinash’s presence brings love and life to your soul and being. Life’s challenges are no longer insurmountable. A truly inspirational master!

Sri Avinash offers us a way to find peace when the world comes at you. Finding love in those moments is key and he helped me with life tools, tips and strategies to use when I forget to love and get stuck in my thinking head. You are a wonderful, wise master Sri Avinash and I am blessed to have found you at this stage in my life and to now be part of a Sanga.

Jose’s Testimonial

Jose, Engineer

I’ve been into spirituality for a couple of years. I wasn’t even looking for a Master, but I think the Master found me. I came to the retreat and it was then that I realised, “Maybe he could be my Master, in a spiritual way.”

His talks and Q&A are great, and even for people that are not really looking for a spiritual way, the content and the knowledge that he offers is just priceless. It’s not just about the spiritual way. He shows you much more than you think, just in a spiritual way. You can use what he teaches every single day.

Sri Avinash is unbelievable