Article: Self healing - 3 key factors for success
Article: Self healing - 3 key factors for success

Self healing – 3 key factors for success

When you’re self healing there are a few critical things that you will want to focus on. Do these three things and you’ll be able to heal anything in yourself, no problem at all.

1. Fortify your conviction in self healing

The moment you start self healing, you’ve got to rev yourself up. For example, when tennis player Rafael Nadale is about to start a match he runs onto the court. Most people walk on, but he runs on as if he’s running onto a soccer field! He’s revving himself up to bring himself into a state of fearlessness, so that he can play his best tennis.

When you practice self healing you’ve got to rev up your faith.

So, spend just one minute fortifying your conviction, knowing that, “Whatever energy I send to whatever location in my body or my mind, it is working. I have no doubt about that. And I will not allow my mind to entertain any doubt, any thought that it’s not working.”

Rev yourself up as much as you can for one minute, “It’s working, and I can see it working.”

When I heal someone, that’s what I doI put myself in a state that what I see will happen.

See it and believe it

And when you see it happening, believe it to be happening. Why? Because if you take that aspect out of healing, the healing is absolutely useless.

We are one with the Creator, so what we see, we create.

If we have doubt, what we’re saying is, “That won’t work.” Therefore we’re manifesting that ‘not working’.

In other words, you’re trying to heal your pain or your anxiety or whatever it may be, but you’re saying, “It’s not working.” So therefore it won’t work! You are creating your truth that ‘it’s not working’you’re creating the not-working.

So, spend one minute moving to a state that, “It is working.” Do it in your own way, and then move on to the self healing.

2. Know the self healing techniques

If you don’t know the self healing techniques then you don’t know where to start. It becomes vague, and that vagueness creates doubt.

What you want is clarity, because that clarity gives you more confidence and then you have more conviction in self healing.

When you have more conviction, you have more faith that whatever you do is working, and therefore it will work.

Ideally, learn the healing techniques from a Master healer. Really, everyone in the world should spend some time with a great Master healer, to be exposed to healing techniques and really learn the methods of self healing.

We can also learn these things through video and other resourcesyou can learn a lot that way too. If anyone wants to be a healer or to heal themselves, they should be just soaking it all up, watching and learning everything they can.

We have lots of resources for you on how to heal, so you can dive in and learn as much as you can for free.

Self healing - 3 key factors for success

Gain a deeper understanding of the techniques

If you really want to heal yourself and others and you want to be a really, really good healer, you might want to attend the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass. When you watch me heal in a live demonstration, showing you the detail step by step, just being in that environment gives you the conviction and confidence that this really works.

If you’re not sure if it’s for you, or if you haven’t got much money, there is a condensed one-day Masterclass where you can get a great insight into the healing techniques.

It’s like if you’re a chef and you spend one day with a world champion master chef, when you walk away you’ll be three times better, just from being in their presence. And this applies in any field really—spending time with a master just does that to you.

I played tennis when I was a kid, and once I went to watch a professional tennis player. After that I couldn’t wait to go onto the tennis court to play! And when I did, I played 30% better straight away, just from witnessing what happens at the highest level of tennis. When you see someone at that level, it just does something to you.

3. Practice daily

The next thing is practice. You’ve got to practice self healing daily.

I used to watch a guitar player called Sungha Jung, and when he was a little kid, like 13 or 14 years old, he was playing amazing guitar. Amazing fingerstyle guitar. I was watching him because he had such talent and it was beautiful to see.

He put his videos on YouTube and then great guitar players like Tommy Emanuel invited him to play with them.

When he was younger, they asked him, “Do you practice everyday? You must practice for many hours each day?” And he said, “No, I only practice an hour a day because I’ve got to go to school.” He practiced for one hour a day and in three years time he was playing absolutely amazing guitar!

Daily practice leads to outcomes

When you practice self healing daily, in one year you will get really good at it. Your technique gets more fine-tuned, it just feels very natural to heal yourself, to clear negative energy, to infuse Divine qualities in you like peace, love, universal life force (Chi), divine light and joy.

After one year of practice, you will feel that self healing is very natural and normal.

It’s like an Italian eating pastathat’s very normal. Or a Vietnamese eating rice with chopsticksthat’s very normal, it feels very natural.

Self healing is assured

Keep on doing these three things and you’ll heal yourself, no problems at all. You’ll heal anything in yourself. And if it doesn’t work, that means one of these three things is not right – then go back to the drawing board and do it right.

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