The Purpose of Life

Letter from Sri Avinash on the 1st of May 2014, Doon Doon, Australia.

In this letter I would like to share a few words about the purpose of human life. I believe the purpose of our life is to search for our True Self and to realize that Self. Inherent in this search lies the meaning of life. This search has nothing to do with the outside aspects of us, such as careers, or to get married or not, to have children or not, to be financially successful or not, to be celibate or not. Those aspects are just the context or the playing field where the search and realization of the True Self takes place.

In truth, every person on this planet embarked on this search the minute we were born, the only question is: are we going through it consciously or unconsciously?

So, as long as we are alive nobody can escape this search towards Self-realization. When we are not aware of this search and thus live this unconsciously, we will feel like victims in life’s events and circumstances. So we try our best to dodge so called unfavourable events to no avail, because these life events will hit both the conscious seeker and the unconscious seeker.


Purpose of Life- Anandamayi at the ocean, Eagle Rock Australia


On the other hand when we live this consciously our perspective towards life will feel very different, like a gift, an opportunity to express our True Self within the context or the playing field of life. This heartfelt feeling to live truly and sincerely is our first Self-realization, and to live from our True Self every second and every moment of one’s life is the last and final Self-realization.

When we live life unconsciously we may be able to sense that we are not true to our self and our feelings, as if no matter what the achievements are there will always be this lingering feeling of non-fulfillment and shallowness in one’s heart. This is because our life is not true, and it is not true because we are living a life based on the varied images we picked up or installed in our mind from the outside world. These images of how we should be, what we should do, what is success, what is love, what is happiness etc., are all picked up, installed, processed and lived. In other words it is an outside-in life not an inside-out life. We live the life of what others projected from the outside of who we are, and thus not who we truly are from within. We are “other-self”, not “our-self”. In this way we live a false life, an image based life, a paper life, not a real life.

The big question is how do we live truly, consciously, fearlessly, a true Self sponsored life?

Ask our heart what it yearns to be and feel, and begin to live that. When this is asked our heart will guide us unfailingly home to our true authentic self. Then live that fearlessly, irrespective of our past. Listen to the whisper of the sweet inner voice. The voice of the heart will show us who we are, what life is, what love is. I believe nobody in the history of this planet that truly listened to this voice of their heart did not realize their true Self.

When one truly listens to this voice, it may guide them to the embodiment of their true Self in human form, namely a Self-realized spiritual Master. The spiritual Master will remind, inspire and lead the sincere seeker home to their true Self. With permission of the seeker, the Master will show and help the seeker see who they are not and who they truly are. When the seeker has faith, he or she will simply live that and thus shine their true magnificent Self.

May all those whose heart yearns for Self-realization be fulfilled.

Love, Sri Avinash

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