God is a Wish-Fulfiller

Message from Sri Avinash

Doon Doon, NSW Australia.

On the spiritual path, to attain enlightenment, you don’t need talent, you don’t need skills, you don’t need any prerequisite, except one – sincerity.  A sincere person will attain enlightenment very easily, because when they see these great teachings of love, compassion and service, they think, “Wow that’s really great.”  And what would that mean to a sincere person?

It will mean those things are the greatest – greater than anything else.  Greater than if someone gives them $1 billion in replacement of that.  Greater than the perfect partner, greater than perfect health, greater than great friendship, greater than a perfect family, greater than a perfect house in the perfect location with perfect views.  It’s not that those things aren’t good, but a sincere person will naturally feel that in comparison, love, compassion and service are much, much greater.

So how is it that a sincere person can attain enlightenment easily?  Because they will live compassionately, and if they don’t – if they’re tricked by their mind – they will find a way to still live compassionately.  In the same way that when we park our car and forget to turn off the headlight and we come back and the battery is flat, we make sure we have a control procedure in future – so next time we’ll remember to turn it off before we walk away from the car.  So a sincere person will know, “If I’m not living compassionately, I’ll make sure I will from now on – I’ll put control procedures in place to make sure I do.”  They’ll correct, they’ll change, and they’ll make sure that living lovingly, expressing love and cultivating love, will be everything to them.  Being kind will mean everything to them.
Just one kind deed is worth more than all the goals in the world – that’s how the sincere person will feel.  Most of their time throughout the day they wouldn’t be thinking of how to become a billionaire, how to get the perfect partner, how to get famous, how to have the perfect house with the perfect view and the perfect neighbour.  They won’t be thinking this in their mind.  They’ll be thinking, “How do I live more compassionately? How can I be more loving?  How can I serve the world better?”  They’ll be contemplating on this.  All their energy is towards this.
When a person has this attitude, something will happen, because God is a wish-fulfiller.  If that’s your wish, the blessing will come and you’ll experience that.  You’ll experience the greatest love inside you. You’ll experience a saint’s compassionate heart, and you’ll experience the love to serve every being in the whole universe. That wish will be fulfilled.

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