To be there as he heals hundreds of people
is something that is unforgettable!

To be there as he heals hundreds of people is something that is unforgettable!


“Out of this world healing, I could truly feel your energy.

Zamira M

“My back and neck pain is gone. Thank you.”

Taina Henriksson, The Netherlands

“The value of the information and truths you are sharing, with simplicity and humility, is just beyond measure.”

Ubik, France

“My wife thought I was crazy, but after finding energy healing and seeing the positive results in my health, now we’re both listening to you.

Larry G

“I had pain along the back of my neck and shoulder the whole week. It has disappeared! It’s amazing.”

Laikeentee, Sydney Australia

“You emanate such peace and bliss. This is wisdom at its height.”

Jase , United Kingdom

I was in a totally emotional and personal breakdown many times, thinking this time it’s definitely over… Then this healing completed me and healed me.”

Sandra Kovacevsci

The pain in my chest disappeared – thank you!”

Lavinia Bosilica

“I feel like my life has been rebooted. Thank you so very much, a true life saver!!!!

Carina Robb

“Thank you for a wonderful feeling of complete healing and cleansing.

Camilla Löfblad

“Absolutely amazing and brilliant thank you, thank you, thank you.

Graham Clarke

“I feel totally renewed as a person. So much peace, love and divine blessings.

Sharen Singh

“I feel completely transformed. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

Nadi Mares

Headache gone and great energy! Thanks a million from New Caledonia.

Dominique, New Caledonia

“I ​have less pain in my body now and I’m feeling lighter. Thank you for letting me help heal our world.”

Laila Larson, Denmark

“That was phenomenal. Fantastic healing, thank you very much.”

Depa Patel, United Kingdom

“This is so enriching. I really feel a deepened sense of my own spirit and divinity. Many thanks and blessings.”

Nellie, Washington USA

“Your talks are so beautiful, deep and useful. I can listen to them many times and find always new things to learn.”

Elena, Berlin Germany

“You healed my sciatica when I watched the replay.”

Vanessa Carden, United Kingdom

“I’m feeling so much love, grace and contact with the Divine. Thank you!”

Tina Andresen, Denmark

“Awesome knowledge and wisdom. Every webinar I learn more about energy healing and life, and it is pure gold.”

Nicole Chester, Australia

“Top notch teaching, beautiful advice, great mindset. Thank you.”

Peter Gero, Thailand
Sri Avinash - The Healer

Master Sri Avinash – The Healer

Hear people share about their healing experiences with Master Healer Sri Avinash.

Live Healing Demonstration - Master Sri Avinash heals Diane

Live Healing Demonstration

Witness as Master Sri Avinash heals Diane’s debilitating pain.

The Sri Avinash Healing Show

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