The Fountain of Joy

Letter from Sri Avinash on the 14th of May 2012, Sydney, Australia.

Hi everyone,

My heartfelt greetings to you all. It has been quite an exciting time for us recently as our organised events are getting closer and closer. A lot of love and effort have been put into these events from many people to make them happen. I am so grateful and touched by our volunteers who have worked so hard to promote our courses, classes, retreats, and public talks. It is amazing to realize how much background work it takes to create events to inspire and uplift people.

Seeing people walk away from one of these events with a smile, a little more hope, and a spark in their eyes is the food for my inspiration.

Truly the secret to bringing joy into our lives is to bring joy to the lives of others. Life is gifting us with these opportunities all the time if we are alert to seize the moment and embrace them – so joy can fill our hearts.

Such opportunities can easily pass by without our notice if we only use our physical eyes to recognise them, because they have the habit of presenting themselves in just the little things in life. The problem with using our physical eyes is that we have been trained all our lives to look for big things, so we look for the trees but miss the flowers.

The eyes that we need to use to seize these opportunities when they present themselves are the inner eyes of our heart. Our hearts were designed to pick up and detect these treasured moments such as to help an elderly person cross the road, to vacate a seat for a pregnant woman, to listen to a painful story shared by a stranger, to throw a coin to the window washer at the traffic light.

The inner eyes of our heart are like a vessel that is used to collect water at the fountain of joy, so I say use more of this heart muscle and go to that fountain of joy often to fill your soul.

I wish you all much love and joy and look forward to seeing you soon.
Love and blessings,
Sri Avinash

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