Live Healing Demonstrations

Witness Master Sri Avinash perform incredible healing in his live healing demonstrations at the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass. People who have the worst case conditions are picked to be healed and, while the healing is taking place, Master Sri Avinash talks through his healing process.

It is not often that you get a chance to witness miraculous healing right in front of your eyes, and Master Sri Avinash says this is really the best way to learn how to heal. That’s why these live healing demonstrations are an integral part of the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass.

We hope you enjoy watching these healing demonstrations and hearing what people have to say after they’re healed.

Live Healing Demonstration - Diane

Witness the healing power of energy as Master Sri Avinash heals Diane’s debilitating pain after a motorcycle accident.

Watch Sri Avinash in action healing Gus’ back pain, and listen to Gus describe his experience the following day.

Sri Avinash removes Angelina’s long-standing back pain in this live healing demonstration. It is a fascinating insight.


“I absolutely feel I can heal others now. I say that with utter conviction, and I would never have said that before this weekend.


“You’re witnessing miracles. Again and again, I witnessed people being healed right there on the spot.”


“After the Masterclass, I feel I have the tools that I need. One word that comes to mind is profound.


“Sri Avinash has an amazing gift (one of many) to awaken your potential.


“I was giving it everything I had, even though it was my first time, and it was truly working. It was amazing.”


“It was fantastic to observe the live demonstrations. It gave me hope and confidence that there is really no limit to healing.” 


“It’s actually also so much fun. I cannot express how much his sense of humour really makes the whole experience!


“The Masterclass took it to another level. This stuff really, really works.


“You’ve got to be there to experience it and I highly recommend it. It’s a must.”


“Don’t wait to think you’re already a healer before you come to the Masterclass. I would say come and discover that you can. It’s a discovery.”


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Sri Avinash's Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass

In this Masterclass Sri Avinash shares his unique and life-changing healing method, and transmit infusions of Divine energies to awaken the innate ancient healer in you.

If you have ever thought of becoming a healer or if you are already a healer, this Masterclass is essential training to learn how to heal the world, your loved ones or yourself.

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