Testimonials About Sri Avinash

Life-changing encounters with the Master

These beautiful and inspiring testimonials about Master Sri Avinash have been shared from people who have attended his events or healer Masterclass, or received his powerful healing. Whether it be from connecting with Master Sri Avinash in person at an event, or online through a webinar, or even watching a video on his YouTube channel, see these first-hand accounts of how transformational his gifts are.

In these reviews you will see people whose long-standing pain and trauma have been cleared, people who are astonished by their own ability to heal others, and people who have found peace and harmony in their lives through Master Sri Avinash.

It is absolutely delightful to see how his contributions are benefitting so many people on the planet, regardless of race, religion or background.

Live Healing Demonstrations with Master Healer Sri Avinash

“He performs miracles… It’s not almost a miracle, it is a miracle.”

– Diane

Testimonials About Sri Avinash, Master Healer

“This amazing man radiates warm energy, genuine care for others and tremendous love for humanity.”

– Tina

Testimonials About Sri Avinash, Master Healer - Sri Avinash's Becoming A Great Healer Masterclass

“I absolutely feel I can heal others now. I say that with utter conviction, and I would never have said that before this weekend.”

– Kat

Testimonials About Sri Avinash, Master Healer - Sri Avinash's Healing

“Words can’t describe the changes that have happened. I’m still surprised when I happen to look in the mirror and I jump back, thinking, “Oh, who is that?” I haven’t seen me like this forever!”

– Geoffrey

Testimonials About Sri Avinash, Master Healer - Sri Avinash's Retreats for Inner Transformation

“I’ve been on the spiritual path for so long, but this is the ultimate experience I’ve had in my life. I will take so much out of it.”

– Frank

Testimonials About Sri Avinash, Master Healer - Sri Avinash's Free Healing Webinars

“I am really benefiting from the webinars. What I find incredible is the overall uplift that I am experiencing, I am happier and positive and I am opening more to the ‘everyday miracles’ of life.”

– Elena

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