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You see, the spiritual path can be very complicated, and it can be very simple. It can be so easy, and it can be so difficult. It depends on which eyes you look at it from

There’s no more ego. In other words, there’s no more, “I am something.” There’s no more, “I am something special,” and there’s no more, “I am something not special.” There’s no more, “I am intelligent… I’m worthy of respect… I am a royal… I am athletic.”

Heartfelt understanding is that understanding that’s unshakeable. A billion people can show you convincing evidence but it cannot persuade you otherwise. That’s the nature of heartfelt understanding

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I would say if a person wants to be happy, to be peaceful, to live based on truth, they would need to understand one thing—the mind. Because it’s the mind that is stopping peace, is stopping happiness

The Guru will protect the disciple always, unconditionally. So the Guru can’t pull back the protection, it doesn’t matter what the disciple does