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Satsangs, Q&As, Messages from Sri Avinash

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“You’ve mentioned several times in your Satsangs that people are in misery, but are people really that unhappy?”

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“Is it necessary to renounce the world to live a spiritual life? What does it mean to renounce the world?”

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“What is awareness and why is it so important to be aware of our thoughts?”

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Who gives enthusiasm and spark to your eyes? It is your soul.”

– Sri Avinash Do

There’s no more ego. In other words, there’s no more, “I am something.” There’s no more, “I am something special,” and there’s no more, “I am something not special.” There’s no more, “I am intelligent… I’m worthy of respect… I am a royal… I am athletic.”

I believe the purpose of our life is to search for our True Self and to realize that Self. Inherent in this search lies the meaning of life. This search has nothing to do with the outside aspects of us, such as careers, or to get married or not, to have children or not, to be financially successful or not, to be celibate or not. Those aspects are just the context or the playing field where the search and realization of the True Self takes place.[…]

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When we take a closer look at all our problems and suffering, at a personal level or at the worldwide level, we will see that the fundamental cause is our living in a state of separation. It is the us versus them mentality, me versus the world mentality which kills the feeling of oneness in our heart.[…]

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