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Messages From Sri Avinash

Since 2012 Sri Avinash has written a rare series of letters and messages to his students and disciples. Below is a record of these messages.

The Best Way to Cultivate Love and Compassion for Others

The Best Way to Cultivate Love and Compassion for Others Satsang with Sri Avinash Doon Doon, NSW, Australia. In this message, I would like to share the best way to cultivate a deep sense of love and compassion for others. It begins with understanding the nature of life—our lives and the lives of others. Understanding that life is not easy, that there are challenges and suffering in our own lives and in the lives of others. When we understand that deeply, we can’t help but want to relieve the suffering of other people. But we have [...]

How To Become Happy All The Time

How To Become Happy All The Time New Year Message from Sri Avinash Doon Doon NSW, Australia. The best way to understand how we become happy is to look at how we became unhappy! And by doing the opposite of that, we strive towards being happy. So how do we become unhappy? The planet is plagued with unhappiness. It is in almost every single family on the planet. That is a serious thing. If unhappiness was a terminal illness which caused death within a year, then everyone would try to fix that issue straight away. [...]

The Life and Way of Jesus

The Life and Way of Jesus Christmas Message from Sri Avinash Saturday 15th of December 2018, The Sri Avinash Healing and Satori Centre, Brisbane, Australia. For our Christmas Satsang gathering today I’m going to talk a little about Jesus. The first thing I want to say is that my knowledge of Jesus is not learnt knowledge through books or studies or what has been taught about Jesus. My knowledge of Jesus is direct knowledge. So, what do I know about Jesus? There have been many great Masters on this planet, not only Jesus, but Jesus [...]

God is a Wish-Fulfiller

God is a Wish-Fulfiller Message from Sri Avinash Doon Doon, NSW Australia. On the spiritual path, to attain enlightenment, you don’t need talent, you don’t need skills, you don’t need any prerequisite, except one – sincerity.  A sincere person will attain enlightenment very easily, because when they see these great teachings of love, compassion and service, they think, “Wow that’s really great.”  And what would that mean to a sincere person? It will mean those things are the greatest – greater than anything else.  Greater than if someone gives them $1 billion in replacement of that.  Greater [...]

How To Feel Your Heart

How To Feel Your Heart Message from Sri Avinash Tuesday 6th of November 2018, Mapleton QLD Australia. Sri Avinash was advising a student who asked him what the heart is and how to feel her heart? Sri Avinash responded; "You can feel your heart when you are calm and peaceful, when you're not in your mind thinking and worrying about the future and the past. When your energy is calm and still you can feel that peace and love inside you - you can feel your heart, which is love. We've been taught in society [...]

Love is the Greatest Goal of All

Love is the Greatest Goal of All Message from Sri Avinash Tuesday 28th of August 2018, Doon Doon, Australia. My heartfelt greetings to all of you. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written to you all so I thought to share a few words with the hope to warm your heart and give a little spark to your soul. I have so few words in this space of a letter, so first thing I think to myself is what are the essential secrets that I can share with you that will make a real [...]

Love Like the Shining Sun

Love Like the Shining Sun Message from Sri Avinash Monday 15th of January 2018, Doon Doon, Australia. The purpose of life is to express love. And when you do that, you will feel centred within yourself. And the expression of that love is in serving humanity. When your life is a service to humanity, you will discover your essence. It is inevitable that you will find your true Self. Every soul on this planet yearns to express itself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since the core of our soul is love, it just wants to express it's love to humanity like [...]

Christmas Letter from Sri Avinash

Christmas Letter from Sri Avinash Tears of joy, childlike laughter and stories of courage Christmas Day, Monday 25th of December 2017, Doon Doon, Australia. My greetings to all of you, To begin with, I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year in 2018. I also would like to share my heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported our Mission throughout the year, to make this world a more peaceful and beautiful place to live in. It is through their helping hands and hearts that this beautiful Mission is [...]

The Sacredness of Life

The Sacredness of Life Message from Sri Avinash 8th of December 2017, Doon Doon, Australia. Sri Avinash was sharing some beautiful guidance and words of wisdom to a student who was having some struggle in his life. Below is an extract of Sri Avinash's words. Where there is attachment, there will be pain. That's why the wise ones teach - don't be attached to anything, because it will cause suffering. Ultimately there's no wrong or right, but the reality is there are varying degrees of ability to control our mind and emotions. [...]

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life Letter from Sri Avinash on the 1st of May 2014, Doon Doon, Australia. In this letter I would like to share a few words about the purpose of human life. I believe the purpose of our life is to search for our True Self and to realize that Self. Inherent in this search lies the meaning of life. This search has nothing to do with the outside aspects of us, such as careers, or to get married or not, to have children or not, to be financially successful or not, to be celibate or not. Those aspects [...]

The Butterfly of Oneness

The Butterfly of Oneness Letter from Sri Avinash on the 28th of January 2014, Doon Doon, Australia. My greetings to all of you. In this letter I would like to share a few words on our true state of oneness, the benefits and how to achieve it. When we take a closer look at all our problems and suffering, at a personal level or at the worldwide level, we will see that the fundamental cause is our living in a state of separation. It is the us versus them mentality, me versus the world mentality which kills the feeling of [...]

Thoughts are the Missing Link

Thoughts are the Missing Link Letter from Sri Avinash on the 12th of November 2013, Doon Doon, Australia. My warmest greetings to all of you. In this letter I’d like to share about the nature of thoughts, and how having a sound understanding of thoughts and applying this understanding can minimise emotional pain and suffering. In order to live a happier life, or a life with less emotional suffering, it is critical that we understand the cause of suffering. We have been taught that emotional suffering is caused when we experience unfavourable or unfortunate circumstances and events in our lives. However there [...]

Overcoming Problems and Challenges

Overcoming Problems and Challenges Letter from Sri Avinash on the 13th of December 2012, Sydney, Australia. Hi everyone, I hope you all have been happy and well since the last letter. For the past year I have spent the bulk of my effort helping others to overcome their life problems and challenges, so that life can be a more joyful experience for them, with less suffering. In this letter, I would like to share a few words about the problems in life and how to overcome them. The first step to overcoming problems in life is to understand that [...]

Happiness is in the Little Things

Happiness is in the Little Things Letter from Sri Avinash on the 2nd of November 2012, Sydney, Australia. Hi everyone, I hope you have all been good and well. In this letter I'd like to share a little secret to experience a life of happiness. Throughout our life, starting from a young age, we were taught that happiness lies in the big things in life. So we innocently trust this and begin to internalise and live this understanding. We begin to imagine and dream of big achievements and great success. We strive towards becoming something special [...]

Carrying Just One Stone at a Time

Carrying Just One Stone at a Time Letter from Sri Avinash on the 15th of August 2012, Sydney Australia. Hi everyone, I hope that you have been enjoying your life adventure with all its ups and downs and challenges along the way. It doesn’t matter if we like it or not, the reality is that most of us are living very busy lives. As I am writing these words, I am realizing how busy my life has become lately with a long ‘To Do’ list that keeps getting longer. I’m glad I invested time to learn the [...]

The Fountain of Joy

The Fountain of Joy Letter from Sri Avinash on the 14th of May 2012, Sydney, Australia. Hi everyone, My heartfelt greetings to you all. It has been quite an exciting time for us recently as our organised events are getting closer and closer. A lot of love and effort have been put into these events from many people to make them happen. I am so grateful and touched by our volunteers who have worked so hard to promote our courses, classes, retreats, and public talks. It is amazing to realize how much background work it takes to [...]

Seeds of Greatness

Seeds of Greatness Letter from Sri Avinash on the 26th of March 2012, Sydney, Australia. "Never underestimate the power of a few little unexpected kind deeds you do for others along the way. These might be your seeds of greatness." - Sri Avinash Do Dear everyone, I hope you are all well and embracing life. We have been quite busy organising and promoting our upcoming events, which is quite an effort but great fun. I often share that nobody escapes challenges in life, but as long as there [...]