Taking the Healing Sessions to the World

News and Highlights

Sunday 3rd of February 2019, The Sri Avinash Healing and Satori Centre, Brisbane, Australia.

As you may be aware, Sri Avinash is incredibly passionate about healing others. A month ago, he made Private Healing Sessions available which is great for the people of Brisbane or those who can travel, but still, his heart yearned to reach those who could not reach him.

Thank goodness for modern technology! And for our modern-day Master as he has overcome this dilemma by taking to Skype. Thanks to all who have participated in the Online Private Healing, we are happy to learn you feel a much greater sense of tranquility and well-being.  

Meanwhile at the Healing and Satori Centre in Brisbane, all day we watch people leave with a glow of health and peace—it’s as if they have been lifted out of a slump. The gratitude and relief in their eyes and smiles is wonderful to witness.


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