Sydney Feels the Transformation

News and Highlights

Wednesday 6th of November 2019, NSW Australia.


Sydney was the second-last stop on Sri Avinash’s touring Heal Yourself, Heal the World Conventions. The Grand Ballroom was packed to the brim for the Intensive Healing evening and what a night of transformation that was. A sea of hands went up when Sri Avinash asked who had felt a change – physically or mentally – after the group healing. What a sight to behold. 

We were struck by all the heartfelt comments by attendees to the weekend of free events, but a Facebook post by Bec F. truly captured the moment best in her own words:

“I attended Sri Avinash’s Healing Retreat in Sydney. I went there a broken person. Depressed, full of anxiety and crippled with emotional pain I’d been carrying since childhood. I can’t even write this without tears of gratitude pouring from my eyes. I don’t know how what Sri Avinash does is even possible. 

He has completely removed from my consciousness a lifetime of pain and trauma. I feel nothing but peace. I wake up in the morning and nothing from the past exists. Just a beautiful, peaceful feeling and a joy that I have never experienced before. 

Not only did he free me from the past but he gave me a beautiful present. Life is just flowing in each moment, amazing things have been happening, people have been interacting with me differently, but most importantly I am interacting with myself differently. He is truly a Great Master and I can’t fathom how I was so fortunate to be in his presence and him take all of my pain away. 

I also had bone degeneration however all signs of this are now gone and I no longer feel any crippling, although for me the physical pain was irrelevant compared to the emotional turmoil I was constantly in from experiencing a traumatic childhood. If you have an opportunity to be with him there is nothing more important you could do for yourself. He has given me my life back. 

God Bless You Sri Avinash, I am eternally grateful.”

Isn’t it wonderful to hear of people’s lives transforming in such profound ways at Sri Avinash’s Heal Yourself, Heal the World Conventions?

The last chances to experience Sri Avinash’s live healing before he heads to Europe in 2020 are this November in Brisbane for the Healing Convention (free) and Masterclass. Or come along to the Awakening Love and Joy Retreat for four life-changing days with Sri Avinash over the new-year weekend. Held in the stunning northern rivers region of New South Wales, it will be an incredible way to welcome in the New Year. 

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