How to Control Anger

Anger is a strong human emotion, but in our hearts none of us can enjoy anger. In this article, learn the essential teachings on how to control anger from a Master of mind control himself.


With insight and profound clarity, Master Sri Avinash demystifies the role and nature of Gurus, and how to identify a true Guru or 'Sadhguru'.

The good, the great and the saint

Living with the Master. "Instead of the good, the bad and the ugly, we should be focussed on the good, the great and the saint," Sri Avinash shared at dinner...

Goodness: The Power of Being Good

Goodness—being kind, being good—will give us rock-solid equanimity, calmness and poise in any situation. Simply being a good person is the foundation for unshakeable strength.

The infinite being, you are

Living with the Master | Being close to Sri Avinash, you hear some extraordinary things. I am not just talking about the heart-expanding wisdom he shares...

Everything is perfect

In this inspirational article, Sri Avinash explains in simple terms how to take the principle that 'everything is perfect' to the next level, beyond theory, and to deeply know it.

The door to the Infinite

Living with the Master - It was one of those magical evenings. The scent of eucalyptus trees was wafting in through the open windows...

Nature’s whisper

A disciple's journey, living with the Master: “The wind has a spirit,” Sri Avinash went on to tell me, “it can feel you. It knows when you are aware of it and will be communicating with you."

Self love meditation

A powerful guided self love meditation to heal yourself, with Divine Love energy healing to soothe and rejuvenate. A journey deep into to your heart space, with beautiful nature sounds.

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