Spiritual transformation articles
Spiritual transformation articles
Spiritual transformation articles

Spiritual Transformation Articles

Articles to awaken your magnificent self

These spiritual transformation articles are full of practical and profound wisdom. They are especially designed to help you understand and practice the techniques, attitudes and perspectives that lead to true spiritual growth. So applying the wisdom and teachings from Master Sri Avinash will help bring you to the goal of freedom from suffering, or enlightenment.

Rescuing the Master’s Dog

Sri Avinash's senior disciple reflects on the incredible blessing of Living With the Master, sharing that Master Sri Avinash has come to the rescue countless times, not only for her but for every being in his care.

Meeting the Empress of the Universe

“There is an enlightened being inside of all of us,” Master said. “Where?” I asked playfully, looking inside my jacket as if to find an enlightened being hiding in there somewhere.

A Drive with the Master

A disciple's account of living with the Master. "It was just an ordinary day. I was at the wheel driving through the stretches of forests and farms with Sri Avinash and Prema..."

One Step Towards God

Master Sri Avinash was asked, "Is it true that if we take one step towards God, God takes 100 steps towards us?" His answer is a resounding yes!

Burden no more, you are so loved

It is easy to forget sometimes that such a beautiful Master like Sri Avinash was once on the spiritual path going through his own struggles on the journey to happiness, like we all are.

How to Control Anger

Anger is a strong human emotion, but in our hearts none of us can enjoy anger. In this article, learn the essential teachings on how to control anger from a Master of mind control himself.


With insight and profound clarity, Master Sri Avinash demystifies the role and nature of Gurus, and how to identify a true Guru or 'Sadhguru'.

The good, the great and the saint

Living with the Master. "Instead of the good, the bad and the ugly, we should be focussed on the good, the great and the saint," Sri Avinash shared at dinner...

Goodness: The Power of Being Good

Goodness—being kind, being good—will give us rock-solid equanimity, calmness and poise in any situation. Simply being a good person is the foundation for unshakeable strength.

The infinite being, you are

Living with the Master | Being close to Sri Avinash, you hear some extraordinary things. I am not just talking about the heart-expanding wisdom he shares...

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