In this book, Sri Avinash gives guidance in a way that is simple yet will inspire, comfort and transform your life. Using everyday language, he makes use of stories from his own life and original parables to illustrate how to successfully handle challenges both in the world and on the spiritual path.

Sometimes Sri Avinash speaks like a roaring lion—yet at the same time you feel the love and gentleness in his heart. At other times he surprises the audience with his boyish humour and contagious laughter.

Whether you are listening to Sri Avinash speak, or reading his words, you can’t help but be moved by the passion and clarity of his message. You will feel like he is walking the path with you and talking with you like a friend rather than the Master that he is.

Sri Avinash’s mission is to help people all over the world achieve true inner peace—the peace that is lasting, the peace that is uplifting, the peace that you take with you everywhere you go.  This book will help you achieve that goal.

The Heart Guides You Perfectly

A selection of inspirational quotes from Sri Avinash Do

This is the first in a series of quote books produced to inspire spiritual contemplation and warm the hearts of all readers.

The quotes have been selected from Sri Avinash’s satsangs over several years and share simple, timeless teachings on happiness, love, selflessness and meditation. The accompanying images have been selected to inspire a deeper understanding of the teachings, which are shared with Sri Avinash’s masterful clarity and insight.

This book can be read and re-read many times, and contemplating the beautiful words and images on its pages will continue to bring peace and hope to the reader.

The Heart Guides you Perfectly - Inspirational Quotes from Spiritual Master Sri Avinash Do

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