What Others Say About The Satori Transmission Workshop

PLINIO NONATO, Construction and Building Manager

“I don’t even know how to explain it! When you get there, you can feel it. It’s magical, and you just want to be there. I was like, “I don’t want to leave it—I just don’t want to go anywhere.” You can feel it, and it’s unbelievable. Sri Avinash says it’s natural, it’s in you…

You just have to believe and you can get there. It was an amazing experience—I’m still feeling it, and I’ve still got the goose bumps when I talk about it. So, yeah, it’s amazing. Really, really nice.”

PETER EVERBRIGHT, Workplace Health and Safety Manager

“I’ve studied at a lot of spiritual schools, I’ve had lots of different spiritual experiences over about 25 years of seeking and meditating, and Sri Avinash’s ability to share his satori state, and clear through all the many people’s blockages who sit with him is very unique. I don’t know of anyone else that can do that.”

MAIA PADMA MARTIN, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

“My first Satori with Sri Avinash was amazing. The energy was so strong and I just felt very peaceful. I sank into myself. Sri Avinash said I was on my ‘divine couch’—which was beautiful! And I felt there was nothing else in the world that mattered. There was just total peace.

It was much more powerful than anything I’d experienced before.

For me, after the first Satori experience I could actually stay stable whenever I had to do something that was out of my comfort zone, and it just brought me more peace and an ability to know that I could do it peacefully, without being anxious or stressed. And so, when my husband went away for work it was very peaceful, knowing that I could be in my own power and in my own strength.

My second Satori experience with Sri Avinash, on retreat, was mind-blowing. It was different from my first experience. In the first one I felt really solid and stable and nothing could blow me out of balance, but this one was all about opening my heart, and all I could feel was love, peace and joy for the whole of humanity, the universe… everything. Which is what I’ve been praying for.”

LORETTA VISINTIN, Environmental Scientist

“The Satori Transmission was just life-changing I think—everything’s life-changing with him! It was just so special. I don’t even know if I could put that into words. But I can feel myself misting up when I think about it. It was profound and… so special.”

CHRIS WHITE, Relationship Manager, Banking

“I had an experience where it was a feeling of the eternal, a feeling that nothing could harm me, that whatever life throws at me will be like water off a duck’s back. And after experiencing that state of temporary enlightenment, whilst at in this early stage in my journey, I think it’s not something that’s sustainable just yet, but certainly there’s been a huge shift in my consciousness—that will last. I really feel so much peace now.

I come into most things in life with an open mind, and my philosophy has generally been I’ll try anything twice. And so I’m happy to give it a go, but I didn’t really have expectations of having some kind of enlightening experience. But I will never forget it for the rest of my life this feeling of power and strength and stillness, calm—like a solid tree surrounded by crazy wind, and it just doesn’t move.

That power, that feeling, that’s just out of this world—a life-changing experience for not only me, but Sri Avinash, with his sheer resonating power, can just take one after another, an entire room full of people, and with varying times, give everybody that experience. Or at least close to it. There’s no doubt in my mind—I wasn’t even sure what I was chasing till that moment, and now I know what I’m chasing.”


“I feel like I’m flying! I feel very elevated and it was extremely powerful and very magical. I wasn’t expecting it, and at the same time it felt innate, it felt very like it belonged to me and I just loved the shift that happened to me. So, it was very marvellous.”

HELEN BICHEL, Client Services, Aged Care

“The Satori Transmission is very difficult to describe and I’m sure it’s personal to every individual being. For me, it was like that bliss, and really connecting with God. And I think I said, “Oh my God.” It was just the purest, most gentle but divine feeling I’ve ever had in my life.

Afterwards, that feeling didn’t go away and I feel it with me, the strength of that. It doesn’t feel the same exactly, as in that point in time, but I know where I’m heading—to feel like that more regularly.”

CONRAD ZAGER JR, Skydiving Instructor

“The Satori Transmission was an amazing moment—it’s an amazing experience. It’s so powerful and there is so much joy experienced through that. It is a moment where you cannot even think. It’s even hard to put into words now, because it’s a moment of blank, where there’s just joy coming through and it’s amazing, it’s powerful. It feels like you just want to be like this now 24/7! It’s beautiful. It’s such a strong, powerful experience.”

CASSIE HOLMES, Company Manager

“I attended the session last weekend [the free Inner Peace for World Peace public program] and I wanted to attend the Satori Transmission session to get an understanding of what it was like to feel it.

It was amazing. It was just lovely, peaceful and calm… I didn’t want to leave it!

It was not what I expected. It was far more than what I expected. I wasn’t sure what it would actually be, but it was amazing just to feel that you were there and you were the only one there feeling that Transmission and that lightness. It was an incredible feeling.

For me, I just felt like everything blurred out and I just felt myself there, feeling lighter but also solid at the same time, and just like a cocoon of love.

When he said, “Can you feel my calmness?” I just felt his tranquillity. You can feel that come through to you and it just helps to calm you and just not think of anything else except the energy, that love energy within yourself.

When he did the group Satori Transmission, that was amazing. I just felt this wave of energy and everything just disappeared. I just felt like, “Wow, this is going to be the whole session…” So I was really looking forward to feeling what the one-on-one would be like.

The one-on-one was a different feeling altogether, but it was still just that beautiful calming, relaxing, love feeling.

I think it’s been beneficial to feel that inner love. That was definitely something that I needed, so I think I will take that away and continue to feel the love and the peace within me, and feel the cocoon of my Self, within myself.”

FRANK LONGANO, Meditation and Qigong Teacher

“The Satori was beautiful. I could feel the calmness… Usually I’m calm but that really went deeper and deeper, and it was a sense of joy and also excitement. Because you’re not in a calm and stagnated state, it’s an excitement inside of you. And I could relate to what he was saying, that he’s always in that state. So I’m going to try my very best to be in that state.

It was a new experience for me. I haven’t experienced it before. And through all the spiritual Masters that I’ve met, I’ve never experienced the connection as I do with this spiritual Master. I mean everyone has goodness, but he has something really special.”

ANNIE TUKU, Customer Service Officer and Charity Volunteer

“I’ve been open to the spiritual way for a long time and I’ve learned a lot about energy, Buddhist teachings and principles and it just makes a whole lot of sense to me. About a month ago we came to the free Inner Peace blessing and that was amazing, and that was the start of my experiences with Sri Avinash.

I came into today’s Satori Transmission workshop with all sorts of things going on in my mind and emotions and what not, and now it’s just disappeared. What was sadness yesterday and grief yesterday is now joy. And Sri Avinash did mention that. He said that he saw my soul as his—we are one. And I felt it. Goose bumps even! And that’s just a beautiful feeling, almost a nothingness. Nothingness… you don’t have to think about, “Oh, I’m happy” or “I’m sad” it’s just there. And that’s what Sri Avinash is saying—that’s your soul, that’s who you are. And to see that and feel that and share that is just a beautiful feeling. In that short amount of time.

Walking into the room I was like, “Okay, what have I got myself into here?” But I had read up on the Satori Transmission and I knew, “Oh wow, that’s just what I need at this point in time in my life.” So I sat down, no expectations, and just thought, “This is where I need to be.” When Sri Avinash [moves his hand to give the group Satori Transmission] you feel the energy instantly—the calmness and the peace.

And in the one-on-one transmission it was instant too. I’m not one to make eye contact with too many people or to have casual conversations with people I don’t know, but that was just amazing. And he said, “Feel that joy. Can you feel that joy?” And I told him, “That’s my second name.” And he said, “Oh, that’s appropriate, because that’s what your soul is.” So that was beautiful.

I just want to share it with everyone and I’d just like to continue on with the other workshops for my spiritual awakening.

I love Sri Avinash’s smile. I love that big smile on his face and the fact that he laughs. And some people will sit and they’re really serious, because this is ‘serious stuff’, and he laughs. And I went to see the Dalai Lama 2 years ago and he laughs. I love that he laughs. Because people are just too serious about life.”

GARY FISHBURN, Baseball Coach

“I didn’t come with expectations—I didn’t even read up on what satori was. I just came with an open mind. Although, in hindsight, I probably did have some sense of expectation of a sense of euphoria, which really wasn’t what happened. What really seemed to happen for me was a centring, and a sense of… ‘power’ is the right word—a sense of being in my own power. And the ability not to be shifted by other things. You know, a sense of being centred and having a strength in that.

I’ve had small senses of it previously, but I think today I had a much stronger sense of it.

Sri Avinash is just light, generous and giving. And insightful. In the Transmission today, he seemed to have insights—just from his utterances to me—that were personal and insightful to who I am. That kind of took me from left field. He seemed to have an understanding of me that I didn’t expect. You know, what makes me move, what makes me tick, what my hurdles are.”

MARIA DEBIE, Retired Medical Doctor and Naturopath

“When I came to the free program [Inner Peace for World Peace] I just knew I had to come to the Satori Transmission workshop. It was just one of those feelings.

I came in with no expectations and went with the flow, but already during the group Satori Transmission I already felt the energy really very well, very soothing and connecting. It was beautiful, so I almost took that energy into the one-on-one session.

Straight away, when he looked into my eyes I just wanted to burst into tears. I had to regain myself, but after that it was just like my heart was bursting with fullness and love.  A beautiful, beautiful experience.

I’ve been on the spiritual path for 20 years and I’ve had similar experiences, so it wasn’t unusual but it was beautiful just to feel the strength that comes from Sri Avinash and how he can direct it. He’s the guiding force. You can see that he controls that Divine energy and he can direct it, and that’s what’s so special about him I think. And as he says, he separates the clouds so people can see their true Self. He’s amazing.

From the workshop I’ve regained that feeling in myself and it’s been reinforced. So I hope to carry it around more, all the time. That’s difficult because you tend to get distracted, but I’m practicing!”

BRIANNA DAWES, Business Development Manager

“The Satori was good just for me to still my mind. That’s a really big thing that I struggle with. I’m always planning—I wake up in the morning and before I even open my eyes I’m planning what I’m doing for the day—I’m a big over-thinker. So something that I want to overcome is just to be still and in the moment. That’s something that I’m trying to learn through meditation.

Whereas after the Satori Transmission—this might seem silly—but I sat in the same spot and I hardly moved for hours. I was just so calm and content, and I’ve never really felt like that before. So that was an amazing experience for me, so I’m so grateful that I got to do that. It was amazing and I feel I can take that away and practice that. It’s like there’s been a change, a shift. I feel stillness, which is something that I’ve really struggled with before.”


“I came to the Satori Transmission workshop because I’ve been on a bit of a journey for a few years now, and I suppose just to get a bit of a taste of spiritual enlightenment is pretty special I think, so I couldn’t turn the opportunity up.

The Satori Transmission was amazing. Just nice to sit in stillness—it’s very hard to do that in the real world. We try through meditation and other means, but to be able to sit in the presence of somebody who is in the state that he’s in, it’s amazing. It was a really good, powerful experience.

I came with no expectations at all, so I was a bit surprised by how powerful it was.

I highly recommend it. It’s definitely an eye-opener, and it’s been a journey that’s changed my life for the better.”


“The Satori Transmission was actually more than I expected. I know it cannot be explained in words, but I feel very calm and peaceful and still so, as Sri Avinash said, it was like going back to yourself, going back home, to the divine, where we belong. I am feeling very expanded right now… Thank you.”

SILVIA ENTCHEVA, Educational Ambassador and Trainer

“The first time I had the Satori Transmission I really had no idea what to expect, and I guess I felt a little bit nervous. But I thought, “Well, I just really want to feel it.” So I did my best and he really puts you at ease—he has this gift. And then I just felt absolute peace—an absolutely beautiful, beautiful…state. And I was so afraid that if I moved or said something I was going to lose it! It’s like you want it to last and last, because it’s just so beautiful.

And then this time, with the Satori Transmission on retreat, I think I found it a little bit easier to get there. And I felt I stayed there much longer. It was so beautiful. And I’m a very visual person, so I have these beautiful visions. It’s like ocean, and beautiful sky with the sun—but it’s no sound at all. It’s like a silent movie with a beautiful picture. So you just want to stay and stay and stay. And this time I felt like I lost it a little bit but then I was able to get back into it, which for me was so important because when I practice at home, if I lose it then now I know where to get back to.

So it’s enormously beneficial, I think, that he shows you how it feels—what it’s supposed to be. Because you sit and meditate, and you have no idea what to expect! But now I do. It’s fantastic.”

MARK HOOLIHAN, Community Nurse

“The healing and the Satori Transmission were just incredible. Very grounding, very centring. It was just… really great.

I felt very chaotic, very off-centre, very ungrounded before I came. Now I’m probably more grounded than I’ve ever felt! Yeah—very centred.

I had no idea what to expect, to be honest. I thought maybe we’d be in some sort of really deep trance state, and then have some sort of really intense experience… I mean, it was intense, but it was more like soft and gentle. But still very, very powerful. Yeah, it was great.

I work on my chakras and all that, so I’ve felt something similar when I’m very aligned. But to have someone help you get there was just—it was really helpful, very, very helpful. Yeah, I have never felt that centred and grounded before.”

NIKI DON, Hairdresser

“I found the Satori Transmission session a little bit scary at first. Obviously I was expecting something. But the group Satori Transmission was awesome and it got you into that space. I felt very centred after he had done that, and felt, “OK, I kind of know where this is going to go.” And when it was actually my turn for a one-on-one, he made me feel very at ease and calm, which was great. He spoke through it and nurtured you through that.

But the bubble of fear did come up, and I did want to get up and run away—which I thought was quite strange. But he told me that I deserve to be there. Then I really had to get out of my own head and come back into my heart. Just that in itself was great. Then all I could feel was love. Pure, unconditional love. And that’s when I started crying, because I just felt my heart expand. And to me, that’s what God feels like. It’s just so beautiful.”

DAVID FORD, School Teacher

“The Satori Transmission was really good. He cleared a lot of stuff—he said 95%! I didn’t get there all the way, but high distinction, he said! So that was cool, and I enjoyed that. It cleared a lot of stuff for me.”

AMRITA PRASKE, Project Manager, Primary Healthcare

“Wow! Well there’s a reason that it’s very difficult to reach enlightenment and spiritual Masters all over the world seek that. It is a phenomenal state. Just even a taste of it is absolutely amazing. And it brought home to me that our spiritual pursuit is absolutely the most crucial thing in this world.

It was an incredible feeling, an incredible state to feel the stillness, the calm, the peace, the connection with… everything. You just merge into being with everything in the world in a beautiful way. Yeah, it’s incredible.

That’s the second time I’ve had the Satori with Sri Avinash. After my first experience, I found that it gets easier to stay stable in difficult moments. It doesn’t magically fix everything—there is no silver bullet. There’s also the need for persistence, to work with our thoughts and fears.

But it has changed the outcome of my life. So when I look at the trajectory of my life I see that the healing and the Satori Transmissions have meant that I’ve been more peaceful in difficult moments, that I’ve been more compassionate in difficult moments. It’s easy to be compassionate and peaceful in good moments, but the difficult ones have been easier to navigate. I’ve had a trust in Sri Avinash and the world and that the universe will work its way through, the way it’s meant to be. So I can relax and trust that all will be well in the end, but also that all is for the best, and just navigate it.”


“I did a Satori Transmission workshop before, but this time the Satori was really, really different because now I can see that I can hold the space while having a laugh and talking, which I didn’t do when I did my first Satori Workshop in Sydney. I was too concerned about remaining in the satori state, not to fall out of it. But seeing that I can actually do multiple things while in this state was really awesome. It’s fantastic!”

PASCALE RAJEK, Artist and Healer

“The Satori Transmission was simple. I think we complicate things too much. Just the connection with Sri Avinash and having his flow—it’s the calmness, but it’s also I think his patience and his love that just drive the energy to come within you and then you’re able to relax and actually receive it.

It felt amazing! It’s very difficult actually to describe, but you have no thoughts. There’s zero thoughts. It’s like you’re within yourself, but it’s just very different. And it’s something that you want to remember and try to reproduce on a daily basis.”

JOSHUA HU, Classical Musician

“The Satori session was interesting. Right at the start I didn’t know which eye to look in—I was a little bit nervous, wondering, “Do I focus on his brow bridge? Do I let my gaze relax?” … About a minute into it I just completely relaxed. Your mind’s just really clear, no thoughts, it’s just a moment of bliss. It was great.”

MICHAEL-JOHN DEVINE, Psychiatric Nurse

“I’ve never experienced anything like that—or anyone like that—in my life, where they actually directly do a transmission with you, one on one, to connect you to your own divine source. It’s just beautiful. Beyond words really. It’s a gift that I hope every human being has the opportunity to experience. For me it made such a difference. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.”


“Today I feel the energy coming to me is very beautiful. I feel it was a very beautiful experience, I feel very light. This is beautiful for me.”