What Others Say About Retreats

LORETTA VISINTIN, Environmental Scientist

“I’ve been to one of Sri Avinash’s retreats before, and I’ve been to a few free events, and that just solidified my decision that whenever he held a retreat, I was on it!

This retreat was beautiful. I actually got even more out of it this time. I could see how much I’ve grown from last time, as well. Because I think last time I was so new to meditation—it was a really beautiful experience and it just opened up my mind, and also just gave me a lot of techniques to use in my life. Which I have been using and it’s fabulous this time around because I can see the progress I’ve made. So I can go deeper into everything that Sri Avinash is offering. I find that I get a lot more out of the Darshan, and I get a lot more out of the healing transmissions. The benefits are just massive!

The Healing Transmission session was exquisite. I could feel when he was around me, and it was just the most beautiful feelings. And you could see a real difference in everyone’s faces, before and after. So before, everyone was walking in and they just looked normal. And then after the healing, there was just this ethereal smile on everyone’s faces. They just looked so light and people were so willing to connect. There was just this openness. And you could feel like everyone had healed, in a way. Whatever was holding them back, whatever was ‘around’—wasn’t there anymore.

The Satori Transmission was just life-changing I think—everything’s life-changing with him! It was just so special. I don’t even know if I could put that into words. But I can feel myself misting up when I think about it. It was profound and… so special.

And the Darshan was so lovely. He put his hand on my head and I could feel just… beautiful energy coming through my body. So peaceful, and really in my heart space as well—just beautiful love. I was just very peaceful after that.”

The retreat was what I expected but more so than what I expected. I will take so much away from it. I’m just feeling really centred in peacefulness and calmness within myself, and realising that no matter what happens around me, good or bad, it’s just about me and my peace.

I loved the Q&A, because Sri Avinash is so funny! I think he got funnier! And I love how he can connect with everyone, and give us real world examples—it’s not airy fairy. I think it answered a lot of people’s questions. People come here open-minded, and they just want to know, “What’s the go? What’s going on?” And he can, with clarity and wisdom and love, just say it. So I loved that.

I loved learning all the meditation techniques—I like walking meditation the best. The Healing Transmission, the Darshan, the nature walk, the Satori—I loved everything!

FRANK LONGANO, Meditation and Qigong Teacher

“Spirituality is my life, and when I met the Master I could connect with him because he has this great sense of humour and this compassion and unconditional love. So I could not keep away, I had to come to the retreat and be with him.

The retreat has been beautiful. The group of people connected straight away because the energy is so positive here and the enjoyment and the fulfilment.

The explanation that we’ve been given about meditation really makes sense to me. So everything the Master said I didn’t have to believe, I could relate to it.

The Satori was beautiful. I could feel the calmness… Usually I’m calm but that really went deeper and deeper, and it was a sense of joy and also excitement. Because you’re not in a calm and stagnated state, it’s an excitement inside of you. And I could relate to what he was saying, that he’s always in that state. So I’m going to try my very best to be in that state.

It was a new experience for me. I haven’t experienced it before. And through all the spiritual Masters that I’ve met, I’ve never experienced the connection as I do with this spiritual Master. I mean everyone has goodness, but he has something really special.

Sri Avinash is easy to connect with. He’s not on an ego trip. Even though he’s at such a high level of consciousness, he’s down at our level. So it’s easy to connect with him. He’s got a great sense of humour and you feel the oneness. You feel his unconditional love and his compassion, and at the same time his joyfulness. It’s so good. At most spiritual retreat everything is serious, but here I can’t stop laughing. And that’s the best medicine. And thanks to the Master he doesn’t stop laughing.

The Healing Transmission was beautiful. I had the Healing Transmission for the first time a few weeks ago at Robina and there was a blockage in my heart. I remember while he was doing the transmission I started coughing, this energy came up. I didn’t even know I had it there. And yesterday’s Healing Transmission totally removed the whole lot. I feel that freedom and that space. I didn’t know what it was, you know, if it was something from childhood or past life, but it was there and I feel now it’s gone.

The Darshan blessing was great, very good. I remember kneeling down, he had his hand on my head and I felt the energy from the base of the spine moving—which I do through meditation, but I felt it come into my head and I felt this blissful experience come into my head. That was wonderful.

I have gained so much out of the retreat. I’ve been on the spiritual level for so long, but this is the ultimate experience I had in my life. I will take so much out of it.

If a person really wants to experience the true essence of life, come to this retreat. Or any retreat that Sri Avinash runs. Come and meet this great man. There have been so many great men in life—Jesus, Buddha, Moses—and I think he fits in with them very well.

I’m not a person who usually whinges about things, but I have nothing to complain about. Everything went… I don’t know… It was such a blissful experience for me. And you actually have to come—it’s no good to listen to what I say. Come and experience for yourself and, believe me, you’ll never forget about it.”

AMRITA PRASKE, Project Manager, Primary Healthcare 

“I first met Sri Avinash when I went to the meditation day [Inner Peace for World Peace free public program] and it was the most amazing experience so I came back for the Satori workshop the next day. And after that I just knew that any opportunity I got to experience Sri Avinash I was going to take up.

The retreat has been absolutely beautiful. It has been some days filled with really beautiful experiences. There’s a really wide range of people that come for all different reasons and it’s lovely to be in a group with people who are all looking for peace and happiness, and to watch people change over the weekend—it’s beautiful—in response to what Sri Avinash does.

The Healing Transmission is really powerful. It’s an incredible experience that almost gives insight into ourselves while also changing how we feel in the world. I feel more myself, stronger, more intuitive and more able to feel loving feelings for everyone. Yeah. Really powerful. Hard to describe.

I’m definitely going to organise some more Healing Transmissions for my family. They’ve been incredible. I’ve organised them for my children, my mother and one of my friends, and I’ve seen the difference—a slow and gradual calming and peacefulness and happiness in them.

The Satori Transmission—wow! Well there’s a reason that it’s very difficult to reach enlightenment and spiritual Masters all over the world seek that. It is a phenomenal state. Just even a taste of it is absolutely amazing. And it brought home to me that our spiritual pursuit is absolutely the most crucial thing in this world. It was an incredible feeling, an incredible state to feel the stillness, the calm, the peace, the connection with… everything. You just merge into being with everything in the world in a beautiful way. Yeah, it’s incredible.

After my first Satori Transmission experience with Sri Avinash, it got easier to stay stable in difficult moments. It doesn’t magically fix everything—there is no silver bullet. There’s also the need for persistence, to work with our thoughts and fears. But it has changed the outcome of my life. So when I look at the trajectory of my life I see that the healing and the Satori transmissions have meant that I’ve been more peaceful in difficult moments, that I’ve been more compassionate in difficult moments. It’s easy to be compassionate and peaceful in good moments, but the difficult ones have been easier to navigate. I’ve had a trust in Sri Avinash and the world and that the universe will work its way through, the way it’s meant to be. So I can relax and trust that all will be well in the end, but also that all is for the best, and just navigate it.

I love Sri Avinash’s teachings. He teaches complex subjects in a really easy to understand, straightforward manner, that have examples in our everyday life. So you’re not sitting through complex lectures around Sanskrit and philosophical concepts that are hard to grasp. You’re sitting through a lecture with the same outcome and the same message, in one that you can really very quickly take and use for your own life. It’s cool.

Sri Avinash is an amazing being. To meet someone who is at once a fellow human being but in another sense not, is a blessing of a lifetime. He is beautiful, kind, gentle, firm, loving and yet enlightened, so he’s different. He’s all those things in this ordinary and amazing—I’ve never experienced it before—way.

I would absolutely recommend this retreat to others. It’s like they say—‘If you’re going to do one thing in your life, do this.’

I feel magically blessed to have this experience and to have access to Sri Avinash in any form. So the one thing I would say is I am eternally grateful, and I would encourage anybody to take up any opportunity that they can.”

JOSHUA HU, Classical Musician

“The retreat was great. I came with no expectations, because that way I find you tend to get the best out of an experience. And it was really eye-opening. Every time you look at Sri Avinash you just feel happy.

The Healing Transmission was a really wonderful feeling. I had my eyes closed at the time, but you could hear him coming up and when you feel his presence it just makes you feel calm, just knowing that there’s someone who’s so much more practiced or educated in this area. And his overall being just makes you so much calmer and in the moment. It was great.

The Satori Transmission session was interesting. Right at the start I didn’t know which eye to look in—I was a little bit nervous, wondering, “Do I focus on his brow bridge? Do I let my gaze relax?” … About a minute into it I just completely relaxed. Your mind’s just really clear, no thoughts, it’s just a moment of bliss. It was great.

The Darshan Blessing was different as well, in the sense that I didn’t feel as much as the Satori Transmission, but it was more the after-effects of it that I felt, as opposed to actually being there. I woke up feeling refreshed, and that night I slept so well. And it’s small things that happen that are so meaningful…

The retreat was more than I expected. Well, I came with no expectations, so it really blew me out of the water. El, my partner, is completely taken aback by it as well. I’m definitely going to come back and I think that people in Australia really should—everyone should come here. Everyone should experience something like this.

The food was great! It would be great if there was a little recipe list that they gave us at the end.

I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone—anyone that stumbles across it or hears about it.”

HELEN BICHEL, Client Services, Aged Care

“I’ve been a seeker for a very long time, and have attended lots of courses and assisted on lots of programs. I think everybody in their life wants some peace and freedom from the struggle of everyday life, and I think it comes from holding on to things that have long passed. And so it’s been my journey for a little while to actually leave those things of the past behind, and I can honestly say I’ve done a lot of that this weekend. It’s been wonderful.

From the moment we arrived, you could tell that it wasn’t just any retreat. There was calm everywhere, everybody was extremely friendly. Meeting Sri Avinash that night for the first talk, and the calmness that was in the room, and people from all walks of life, all ages… it spoke to everybody at that heart level, that makes you feel warm and welcome. And he’s just extremely generous with his time.

The whole retreat, from the food to all of the people behind the scenes, to…everything was just wonderful.

Sri Avinash is so funny! He’s very down-to-earth, and he’s very practical—so he certainly brings a practical approach to spirituality, and makes it so that everybody understands it at a basic level. But at a—what would you say—at an advanced but basic level. So it doesn’t matter who you are or from whatever walk of life, you’ll be able to get his programs.

His talks are always interesting, his questions and answers, and he’s got all these metaphors from his own life when he was growing up which helps us relate that to our own lives and the experiences that we’ve had.

I enjoyed learning the different sorts of meditations. We think there’s only one way to do it but there are so many different ways to meditate. And really, to meditate is a process, but it’s what you’re left with—that meditative state—that’s the really important thing. And Sri Avinash goes into that very deeply, so that you understand why you’re actually going through the process. So it’s very, very beneficial.

The healing session was incredible. I think I’ve been bringing up stuff for a whole week since I registered for the retreat. I actually came to the retreat with a cough, and the cough had been getting worse and worse, and through the healing session my coughing actually subsided. And as I went through each of the programs it’s gotten better and better. And I think that’s just the way of me being aware of how much is being shifted at a physical level and an emotional level, that I’m actually not aware of, but that coughing made me very aware of what was being released.

The Darshan Blessing is a very, very special event. Being so close to him, and feeling that pure energy, and that pure love, and the way that transcends my being at that particular point in time… I just felt like a very different person when I stood up, and I just felt that strength and that love, in me.

The Satori Transmission is very difficult to describe, and I’m sure it’s personal to every individual being. For me, it was like that bliss, and really connecting with God. And I think I said, “Oh my God.” It was just the purest, most gentle but divine feeling I’ve ever had in my life.

Afterwards, that feeling didn’t go away and I feel it with me, the strength of that. I mean it doesn’t feel the same exactly—the same as in that point in time—but I know where I’m heading. To feel like that more regularly.

At the end of the retreat I really know the strength inside myself. Everything feels easy, my mind is so much quieter than when I came—there aren’t so many questions and there doesn’t seem to be any problems. Everything is. And that feeling of being filled up with love, and full of compassion, and love of humanity and everything and everyone—it’s just really special now, which I’m going to hold in my heart forevermore.

So it’s been such a gift and a blessing and I feel very, very privileged to be here. And I recommend it to everybody. If you want peace in your life, come here.

Sri Avinash is the funniest Master you’re ever going to meet! The most genuine and happy and joyful, very inclusive…He’s the common man’s Master, he really is. He’s very, very gorgeous, and beautiful, and he very easily brings everybody together, and helps us all release all of those things that no longer serve any of us, and certainly not the planet. So, he’s a very special man in a very special body, doing God’s work.

He gave us a guarantee at the beginning of the weekend, saying we would all leave here differently and we’d all leave very different from what we expected to leave. And I can very truthfully say that’s the case with me, and with everybody else that I’ve spoken to. They can’t believe the amount of transformation they’ve had in such a short space of time. So if you want to fast-track it, come here! He’s amazing, really beautiful.”

CONRAD ZAGER JR, Skydiving Instructor

“This is our second time my wife and I came here. The first time we came we felt like, “Wow, that’s powerful, that’s beautiful.” We could feel the love, we could feel the sharing, the people, and it made us come back. And now for the second time, that feeling just expanded.

The feeling of these days here, listening to Sri Avinash, sharing the experiences, making friendships, enjoying the nature… the feeling is bringing us back home, and it’s beautiful. It’s just the feeling of being back home.

The Satori Transmission was an amazing moment—it’s an amazing experience. It’s so powerful and there is so much joy experienced through that. It is a moment where you cannot even think. It’s even hard to put into words now, because it’s a moment of blank, where there’s just joy coming through and it’s amazing, it’s powerful. It feels like you just want to be like this now 24/7! It’s beautiful. It’s such a strong, powerful experience.

The Healing Transmission is also very powerful. You just surrender and enjoy that—the mind cannot cope. You just feel that energy flowing, and you surrender to it. And I think it takes a little moment for the body to adjust to that, but when it does it feels amazing. Whatever has to heal, it got healed!

I wish I could take everything about the retreat with me—the people, the food, the experience, the place! But anyway, what I take with me is the experience itself of being here. In one word, what I could say is just, “Home.” You know, as we experience it throughout the retreat, this feeling of being home inside myself is what I take with me. So when I am back to work, back to life, all I have to do is just think about it—“Ah, I need to be back home.”

The retreat actually wasn’t what I expected. It was way beyond! Way better than I could expect. And even talking to all the other people that are attending here as well, the feedback is just amazing.

I would definitely recommend the retreat to others for their benefit. This is time amazingly well spent—it’s just magic.”

PLINIO NONATO, Construction and Building Manager

“I’d never done anything like this before, and I’m loving it. It’s pretty new, but a lot of stuff I can understand. And I’m just going through a lot of things and trying to see things and feel it. But the experience is great, awesome.

The Satori Transmission… I don’t even know how to explain it! When you get there, you can feel it. It’s magical, and you just want to be there. I was like, “I don’t want to leave it—I just don’t want to go anywhere.” You can feel it, and it’s unbelievable. Sri Avinash says it’s natural, it’s in you…

You just have to believe and you can get there. It was an amazing experience—I’m still feeling it, and I’ve still got the goose bumps when I talk about it. So, yeah, it’s amazing. Really, really nice.

Sri Avinash has got a powerful energy and he tries to explain things in a way that everyone can understand. That’s something that makes it easy for everyone, and I think everyone is enjoying the same. And he jokes a lot. He makes things look pretty simple—I guess for him it’s pretty simple! He’s awesome—a big thank you!

I wish my family could be here. Unfortunately they don’t speak English—it’s a big barrier for them. But I would definitely like everyone that I know that’s going through something and who needs help, I would highly recommend this retreat. It’s a really, really great experience.”

MAIA PADMA MARTIN, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“I came to this retreat because I’d been to the free Darshan day [Inner Peace for World Peace public program] and then the Satori and the Healing and I just wanted to immerse myself in the energy from Sri Avinash.

The retreat was more than I could have ever imagined. It was just beautiful, and every day got better and better and better.

The Satori was mind-blowing. It was different from my first experience of the Satori with Sri Avinash. In the first one I felt really solid and stable and nothing could blow me out of balance, but this one was all about opening my heart, and all I could feel was love, peace and joy for the whole of humanity, the universe… everything. Which is what I’ve been praying for.

After the first Satori experience I found I could actually stay stable whenever I had to do something that was out of my comfort zone, and it just brought me more peace and an ability to know that I could do it peacefully, without being anxious or stressed. And so, when my husband went away for work it was very peaceful, knowing that I could be in my own power and in my own strength.

The Healing Transmission was very powerful for me, but it was also very relaxing and calming and so afterwards I just felt really chilled and peaceful from it.

The Darshan was beautiful. Just to be blessed again and feel Sri Avinash’s energy even more powerfully than previous times… For me, it feels like it’s just built and built and built and built, and every little bit has just made that little bit more difference to me.

I’ve loved the teachings because they’re so down to earth, simple, straightforward. There’s no hard to understand teachings, it’s all very easy to understand. And he puts everything into perspective about how easy it is. But it’s practice and diligence, so it’s not easy, but he’s explained it easily.

Sri Avinash is gorgeous. I think his personality is so warming, gentle, caring. He acknowledges everybody for everything and his personality is so warm and loving and caring that you can’t help but be attracted and I just want to sit at his feet for the rest of my life!

The retreat was more than I expected in the fact that I got so much more love, peace and joy. A sense of my Self has grown hugely, so I know myself more, my Divine Self.

I would definitely recommend the retreat to others.  For me, I would love everybody in the whole world to be able to do this retreat and spend time with Sri Avinash, and experience what I’ve experienced.

The people who came were all very lovely too. Very open, caring, gentle people.”

BRIANNA DAWES, Business Development Manager

“I’ve always wanted to go on a retreat, and I’ve started a spiritual journey so I wanted to learn more about it. I found information about this retreat and resonated with it and I thought, “Just come and give it a go.”

It’s been amazing to meet so many different people from different avenues. Just to connect with so many different people—that are 22 years old, or in their 50’s—I think it’s really nice to connect with different people you’ve never met before, and gauge their experiences and their journeys, so I’ve got a lot out of it. It’s ticked all the boxes.

The Healing Transmission was really, really good. It’s been a bit of a crazy couple of weeks so it’s been good to come into an environment that’s really relaxed and really still and nice and just so peaceful and a good energy. It was really nice. I think that really prepared me for the Satori Transmission.

The Satori was the highlight. It was good just for me to still my mind. That’s a really big thing that I struggle with. I’m always planning—I wake up in the morning and before I even open my eyes I’m planning what I’m doing for the day—I’m a big over-thinker. So something that I want to overcome is just to be still and in the moment. That’s something that I’m trying to learn through meditation. Whereas after the Satori Transmission—this might seem silly—but I sat in the same spot and I hardly moved for hours. I was just so calm and content, and I’ve never really felt like that before. So that was an amazing experience for me, so I’m so grateful that I got to do that. It was amazing and I feel I can take that away and practice that. It’s like there’s been a change, a shift. I feel stillness, which is something that I’ve really struggled with before.

Sri Avinash is just so humble and kind. When people are religious you’re not really aware of what they do or what they believe—especially if you’re at the start of a journey—so it can be a bit intimidating. But he’s just so humble, and he laughs, and he just makes me smile. I don’t even know why! Because he’s just so beautiful and just so… he’s not like an everyday human, but he is. You can relate, and communicate and he makes you feel really comfortable. Which I think is important for people. A lot of people come here on their own, so to feel comfortable and happy and be able to connect and trust what you learn, and to take that away—for me that was really amazing.

I’m going to go away and practice what I learnt here. And you have to have the connection and trust with someone to get that without thinking, “Oh, yeah, that was cool, but I’ll just go and live my life now.” But that’s not the case for me, because I’ve got that from Sri Avinash. So it was amazing and I’m so super-grateful to have come and to have met him.

I’m going to keep trying to practice the mantra meditation, and also to just be calm and still, like in the Satori Transmission. I definitely want to learn more about that, and try and incorporate that into my life.

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone, and I hope to come again, for sure. It’s been really good.

If anyone is thinking about doing it—just book it, just do it, and give it a go. It’s been really nice, and there are heaps of different people here, for different reasons. So if you have the opportunity to come then you should definitely come…and I’ll probably see you there!”

DAVID FORD, School Teacher

“When I arrived at the retreat I thought I was in a good space, but looking back I can see I was quite agitated. And I know that because now I’m feeling a lot calmer—a lot more centred, grounded, peaceful and happy.

I thought the retreat was really well structured. I could see how things built, one from another—from the teachings and the meditations, to the healing and the blessings, to the Satori Transmission.

It’s really hit me today just how much we’ve done over the weekend. And at the end of the process you go, “Wow—I can see what’s happened.” I don’t think I noticed it so much when I was in it, but now at the end of it I can really feel that.

I have enjoyed Sri Avinash’s presence. He is just an amazingly beautiful presence—strong, gentle, powerful, caring. You just feel his heart, and it’s beautiful. That’s it. That’s all I can say. It’s just a real presence of him in that heart centre.

He’s also got great wisdom, and sometimes our mind needs that wisdom. You know, our heart can be getting what it needs on one level, but our mind still needs some of that. And so there was that there too.

The Satori Transmission was really good. He cleared a lot of stuff—he said 95%! I didn’t get there all the way, but high distinction, he said! So that was cool, and I enjoyed that. It cleared a lot of stuff for me.

At the end of the retreat, I feel I have a sense of support—knowing that I’ve got Sri Avinash to fall back on.”

GITA ENTCHEVA, Educational Ambassador and Trainer

“I had an amazing time on retreat, personally. To be in Sri Avinash’s presence for such a long time was an absolute blessing, I feel. I loved the whole thing—the setting where it is, the beautiful people I met. All the programs we had were, to me, absolutely amazing—the healing, the Darshan, the Satori, the mantra class. To me this was my dream come true, actually, because I’ve been reading spiritual books for a long time and always wondered where in Sydney I can meet a guru. So he was kind of sent. So that was beautiful.

I feel such love and gratitude. My wish always has been to work for God to help humanity. So I feel that I finally got shown the right way, by the right person. It was an absolute blessing.

I love Sri Avinash’s sense of humour because he makes people feel immediately at ease with him. Sometimes you think of a guru and you certainly have this enormous respect, but sometimes you can feel they are so above us and you feel it almost becomes a little bit impersonal or detached—but he makes you feel so at ease that you can be yourself with him. I love his energy and I love his devotion to humanity—his love for humanity is extraordinary, just extraordinary.

The Healing Transmission session was really beautiful. When I arrived I suffered a bit more severely from my health problems, and even going into the healing session I was worried because I was in pain and discomfort—I was not sure how I was going to last through the session. But of course I was so hoping for, praying for, the healing, so I just went with it. And by the end of the session I felt beautiful, absolutely beautiful—peaceful, and my pain gone… My shoulder has improved dramatically from the stay in the retreat—dramatically! I was able to do yoga! This is incredible. Two weeks ago, I wasn’t able to pick up a cup of coffee or my spoon to eat. So to be able to do yoga is, “Wow!” It’s a huge thing.

The first time I had the Satori Transmission [on a different occasion] I really had no idea what to expect, and I guess I felt a little bit nervous. But I thought, “Well, I just really want to feel it.” So I did my best and, like I said, he really puts you at ease—he has this gift. And then I just felt absolute peace—an absolutely beautiful, beautiful…state. And I was so afraid that if I moved or said something I was going to lose it! It’s like you want it to last and to last, because it’s just so beautiful.

And then this time, with the Satori Transmission on retreat, I think I found it a little bit easier to get there. And I felt I stayed there much longer. It was so beautiful. And I’m a very visual person, so I have these beautiful visions. It’s like ocean, and beautiful sky with the sun—but it’s no sound at all. It’s like a silent movie with a beautiful picture. So you just want to stay and stay and stay. And this time I felt like I lost it a little bit but then I was able to get back into it, which for me was so important because when I practice at home, if I lose it then now I know where to get back to.

So it’s enormously beneficial, I think, that he shows you how it feels—what it’s supposed to be. Because you sit and meditate, and you have no idea what to expect! But now I do. It’s fantastic.

I feel that I’m going home with a treasure chest after the retreat!

I learned properly how to meditate, what to do and what not do to during meditation. I learned several ways of meditation, which is fantastic, because it’s very practical and if one way may not be so suitable for a person, you have such a choice—something you will find that‘s good for you, that feels right.”

And the healing, and everything we did here, the beautiful yoga, and the people I met—I made some friends… just enormous, enormous benefit. He blessed my children as well, which was fantastic.

And I loved volunteering at the retreat—to me it’s a complete pleasure. I get so much out of this so I want to really give back in whatever way I can. The volunteering has been fun, it’s great.

I would absolutely recommend the retreat—and highly recommend it. Whoever has some feeling in them that is drawing them to this, they will find the biggest blessing in coming to this retreat—the biggest blessing. That’s all I can say, really. It was phenomenal. And any seeker on the spiritual path—any seeker of happiness, any person who needs peace and happiness in their life—should come. Because the benefit is immense. I would recommend highly, the retreat.

NIKI DON, Hairdresser

“I’ve cried tears on this retreat, but they’re tears of joy! It’s been life-changing, absolutely life-changing. I can’t even describe—I’m so grateful, and just blown away.

The Healing Transmission session was great. I could really feel Sri Avinash in my auric body, and because I’m quite a visual person I could see lots of stuff. I could see him clearing things as he was doing it. Just being in his space was gorgeous.

The Darshan Blessing was also beautiful. I always try to go in with no expectations so then that allows whatever to be to be. And so it was fantastic. It’s just divine love, that whole true unconditional love. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I found the Satori Transmission session a little bit scary at first. Obviously I was expecting something. But the group Satori Transmission was awesome and it got you into that space. I felt very centred after he had done that, and felt, “OK, I kind of know where this is going to go.” And when it was actually my turn for a one-on-one, he made me feel very at ease and calm, which was great. He spoke through it and nurtured you through that. But the bubble of fear did come up, and I did want to get up and run away—which I thought was quite strange. But he told me that I deserve to be there. Then I really had to get out of my own head and come back into my heart. Just that in itself was great. Then all I could feel was love. Pure, unconditional love. And that’s when I started crying, because I just felt my heart expand. And to me, that’s what God feels like. It’s just so beautiful.

Sri Avinash is awesome! He’s like your best friend. I love the fact that he doesn’t judge you, that he comes from that sacred space of unconditional love. And he puts everything into very easy layman’s terms—there’s no fanciness around it—it’s stuff that is totally relatable and practical. And I think that’s so much easier to take away, and put into your own daily life.

The retreat was not what I expected. In a good way! I didn’t expect it to be so relatable. I thought maybe I’d have to take lots of notes and then go away and chew it all up and digest it… But I don’t have to. So, it’s great.

It’s taught me so much about myself. I’m very grateful—very, very grateful. For the experience, and for spirit showing me this way. Because I had prayed and prayed and prayed a lot for answers. And this came up, and so I’m just incredibly grateful.”

PASCALE RAJEK, Artist and Healer

“A friend of mine took me to the free event with Sri Avinash in Sydney, and it was just lovely. I wanted to do something special for Easter, instead of just eating chocolate! I just wanted to connect, so this was a gift for myself for the long weekend.

The retreat was beautiful. I love the space, the scenery, being in the Blue Mountains away from busy Sydney. Just everything was perfect!

The Satori Transmission was simple. I think we complicate things too much. Just the connection with Sri Avinash and having his flow—it’s the calmness, but it’s also I think his patience and his love that just drive the energy to come within you and then you’re able to relax and actually receive it.

It felt amazing! It’s very difficult actually to describe, but you have no thoughts. There’s zero thoughts. It’s like you’re within yourself, but it’s just very different. And it’s something that you want to remember and try to reproduce on a daily basis.

I recommend to everyone to come and have this experience—no matter what background and whatever you’re doing, it’s just a very good experience. A peaceful experience, and we need that, that peace of mind.

I just love the fact that Sri Avinash is able to joke about so many different things, and also that he actually had a previous experience the same as what we live on a daily basis, with stress and all those different things. And then he can actually teach us a different way of living life. Sometimes when someone is born in a monastery you can think, “Yeah but you’ve only lived that way, you don’t really know what’s going on and what we have to deal with in the world.” But with Sri Avinash, he knows all of that. And the funny part is the laughter around it and the lightness around it, like you can imagine yourself doing that or you lived that, so it’s more human. You have this connection.”

The Darshan Blessing—you just don’t find actual words to describe it. Words can’t describe it. You have to come and feel it. That’s the best way of saying it.

For me it was actually amazing to see different people blooming during this retreat, from being negative and still stressed from actually coming from the city, and then day after day just evolving and just blooming.

Oh, and another thing—it’s a great experience to be a volunteer! It’s just this connection with people in the kitchen, helping, and then you enjoy the food even more and you see people really enjoying it too… It just makes you feel part of the group, and it’s like a big family reunion, but without the disturbances of the family at Easter [laughing]. It’s more like a gathering of people that want to share the same thing—it’s finding peace and getting deeper within themselves, and finding more love within themselves.


“The retreat was fantastic. It was everything that I was looking forward to getting out of it.

I did a Satori Transmission workshop before, but this time the Satori was really, really different because now I can see that I can hold the space while having a laugh and talking, which I didn’t do when I did my first Satori Workshop in Sydney. I was too concerned about remaining in the satori state, not to fall out of it. But seeing that I can actually do multiple things while in this state was really awesome. It’s fantastic!

Sri Avinash reminds me of me, I guess. I think that’s why I am just very drawn to him. I have to say I’ve never seen anyone else like him. Very, very down to earth. I just love the way that he laughs. And his laugh and his smile are very contagious. That’s pretty much what draws me to him. I think he’s incredible, in that way.

Everything on the retreat was beneficial, but what I would really like to take away is to remain in that satori state as much as possible and to remember the one-pointed meditation. And I just want to be able to utilise this to be a better father, a better husband, and to be a light, a bit of beacon to the world as well, and for the people I come into contact with.

I would absolutely recommend the retreat to others for their benefit! And I’ll be back again, for sure.”

MICHAEL-JOHN DEVINE, Psychiatric Nurse

“My experience at the retreat was it was beyond anything that I could possibly have expected. It was fun, he was warm, he was down-to-earth, he was relatable—you felt at ease with him.

I felt that my life has taken a different path, just for having spent time with Sri Avinash just for these last four days. I feel really touched and grateful for the experience.

And the group that we had, the people that we had—it’s like family. Just so warm, and such a sense of connection.

And he definitely walks the talk. You know, he’s a really beautiful human being. And he’s fun to hang around too—he’s got a wicked sense of humour. And he’s so easy-going and relatable and relaxed, and you just feel the love. It’s just like the universal energy, you know. Love is like the universal language. He just pours out love—the darshans, the blessings, the satori transmissions, the healings—you felt as though you were renewed from the source.

I’ve never experienced anything like that—or anyone like that—in my life, where they actually directly do a transmission with you, one-on-one, to connect you to your own divine source. It’s just beautiful. Beyond words really. It’s a gift that I hope every human being has the opportunity to experience. For me it made such a difference. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.”


“I’ve been on a few different retreats, and I found Sri Avinash to have an amazing energy.  It’s been amazing to be in his presence and to experience the healing. For me it’s a feeling of coming home, internally—to experience a real sense of inner peace. I think everything’s been quite amazing—it’s just a real invitation to find within yourself that feeling of peace and calmness. It feels like a real gift.”

CHRIS WHITE, Relationship Manager, Banking

“The retreat this weekend was life-changing. It’s taught me a lot about myself, it’s given me a lot of peace, a lot of calm. I’ve got more patience now, more serenity. I feel—I had an experience where it was a feeling of the eternal, a feeling that nothing could harm me, that whatever life throws at me will be like water off a duck’s back. And after experiencing that state of temporary enlightenment, whilst in this early stage in my journey, I think it’s not something that’s sustainable just yet, but certainly there’s been a huge shift in my consciousness—that will last. I really feel so much peace now.

My favourite part of the retreat was definitely the Satori—the Satori Transmission. I come into most things in life with an open mind, and my philosophy has generally been I’ll try anything twice. And so I guess, I’m happy to give it a go, but didn’t really have expectations of having some kind of enlightening experience. But I will never forget it for the rest of my life this feeling of power and strength and stillness, calm—like a solid tree surrounded by crazy wind, and it just doesn’t move.

That power, that feeling, that’s just out of this world—a life-changing experience—for not only me, but Sri Avinash can, with his sheer resonating power, can just take one after another, an entire room full of people, and with varying times, give everybody that experience. Or at least close to it. There’s no doubt in my mind—I wasn’t even sure what I was chasing till that moment, and now I know what I’m chasing.”

FARIBA MOGHADDAM, Translator and Author

“I can say it was excellent. It is a great opportunity for everyone, and I recommend it to everyone to take this opportunity to be so close to an enlightened Master, who is full of love and compassion. He has got a good sense of humour and he’s very down to earth, and has profound wisdom.

The retreat is so peaceful, so loving—and I’m sure there has been a shift in me, but I cannot talk about it right now. In time it will unfold. But I just feel the immensity. It’s just great.

I can’t say really which part was the best for me—every part. You feel that you are in good hands, you are being looked after, so you have time by yourself and you are supported for that time to go within, and also there is a lot of divine energy coming to you.

Thank you so much, to Sri Avinash and also the team—they’re great, really—full of love. They were serving all of us. Thank you.”

PETER EVERBRIGHT, Occupational Health and Safety Manager

“Sri Avinash has a very powerful presence and a very divine gift to help us with our spiritual growth. If you have the opportunity to come on retreat, as I’ve just done, it’s a very special, beautiful, precious time. Take the chance to do it.

I’ve studied at a lot of spiritual schools, I’ve had lots of different spiritual experiences over about 25 years of seeking and meditating, and Sri Avinash’s ability to share his satori state, and clear through all the many people’s blockages who sit with him is very unique. I don’t know of anyone else that can do that.”


“From this retreat I’ve taken away many skills that will assist me—to guide me further in my life, in a more peaceful manner. And I’m very grateful for that.

I felt my heart open, and it’s a feeling that you want to keep chasing, that you want to keep feeling, because it just brings so much peace.

The retreat was such a loving, fun environment, and I feel anybody that has issues with a very ‘chattery’ mind will very much benefit from Sri Avinash’s teachings. Because I did.”

NIGEL PARKER, Business Manager

“We did a lot of structured sort of classes—like meditation, satsang, and satori transmission. And I found everything just went deeper and deeper to where I needed to go.

One of the great things I like about Sri Avinash is that his teachings are not arty-farty philosophy. I think they’re great tools for living life effectively in the modern age.”