What Others Say About Healing Transmission Sessions

LORETTA VISINTIN, Environmental Scientist

“The Healing Transmission session was exquisite. I could feel when he was around me, and it was just the most beautiful feelings. And you could see a real difference in everyone’s faces, before and after. So before, everyone was walking in and they just looked normal. And then after the healing, there was just this ethereal smile on everyone’s faces. They just looked so light and people were so willing to connect. There was just this openness. And you could feel like everyone had healed, in a way. Whatever was holding them back, whatever was ‘around’—wasn’t there anymore.”

FRANK LONGANO, Meditation and Qigong Teacher

“The Healing Transmission was beautiful. I had the Healing Transmission for the first time a few weeks ago at Robina and there was a blockage in my heart. I remember while he was doing the transmission I started coughing, this energy came up. I didn’t even know I had it there. And yesterday’s Healing Transmission totally removed the whole lot. I feel that freedom and that space. I didn’t know what it was, you know, if it was something from childhood or past life, but it was there and I feel now it’s gone.”

AMRITA PRASKE, Project Manager, Primary Healthcare 

“I first met Sri Avinash when I went to the meditation day [Inner Peace for World Peace free public program] and it was the most amazing experience so I came back for the Satori workshop the next day. And after that I just knew that any opportunity I got to experience Sri Avinash I was going to take up.

The Healing Transmission is really powerful. It’s an incredible experience that almost gives insight into ourselves while also changing how we feel in the world. I feel more myself, stronger, more intuitive and more able to feel loving feelings for everyone. Yeah. Really powerful. Hard to describe.

I’m definitely going to organise some more Healing Transmissions for my family. They’ve been incredible. I’ve organised them for my children, my mother and one of my friends, and I’ve seen the difference—a slow and gradual calming and peacefulness and happiness in them.

I feel magically blessed to have this experience and to have access to Sri Avinash in any form. So the one thing I would say is I am eternally grateful, and I would encourage anybody to take up any opportunity that they can.”

JOSHUA HU, Classical Musician

“The Healing Transmission was a really wonderful feeling. I had my eyes closed at the time, but you could hear him coming up and when you feel his presence it just makes you feel calm, just knowing that there’s someone who’s so much more practiced or educated in this area. And his overall being just makes you so much calmer and in the moment. It was great.”

HELEN BICHEL, Client Services, Aged Care

“The healing session was incredible… I actually came to the retreat with a cough, and the cough had been getting worse and worse, and through the healing session my coughing actually subsided… And I think that’s just the way of me being aware of how much is being shifted at a physical level and an emotional level, that I’m actually not aware of, but that coughing made me very aware of what was being released.”

CONRAD ZAGER JR, Skydiving Instructor

“The Healing Transmission is very powerful. You just surrender and enjoy that—the mind cannot cope. You just feel that energy flowing, and you surrender to it. And I think it takes a little moment for the body to adjust to that, but when it does it feels amazing. Whatever has to heal, it got healed!”

MAIA PADMA MARTIN, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“The Healing Transmission was very powerful for me, but it was also very relaxing and calming and so afterwards I just felt really chilled and peaceful from it.”

BRIANNA DAWES, Business Development Manager

“The Healing Transmission was really, really good. It’s been a bit of a crazy couple of weeks so it’s been good to come into an environment that’s really relaxed and really still and nice and just so peaceful and a good energy. It was really nice. I think that really prepared me for the Satori Transmission.

Sri Avinash is just so humble and kind. When people are religious you’re not really aware of what they do or what they believe—especially if you’re at the start of a journey—so it can be a bit intimidating. But he’s just so humble, and he laughs, and he just makes me smile. I don’t even know why! Because he’s just so beautiful and just so… he’s not like an everyday human, but he is. You can relate, and communicate and he makes you feel really comfortable.”

SILVIA ENTCHEVA, Educational Ambassador and Trainer

“I love Sri Avinash’s sense of humour because he makes people feel immediately at ease with him. Sometimes you think of a guru and you certainly have this enormous respect, but sometimes you can feel they are so above us and you feel it almost becomes a little bit impersonal or detached—but he makes you feel so at ease that you can be yourself with him. I love his energy and I love his devotion to humanity—his love for humanity is extraordinary, just extraordinary.

The Healing Transmission session was really beautiful. When I arrived I suffered a bit more severely from my health problems, and even going into the healing session I was worried because I was in pain and discomfort—I was not sure how I was going to last through the session. But of course I was so hoping for, praying for, the healing, so I just went with it. And by the end of the session I felt beautiful, absolutely beautiful—peaceful, and my pain gone… My shoulder has improved dramatically! This is incredible.”

NIKI DON, Hairdresser

“The Healing Transmission session was great. I could really feel Sri Avinash in my auric body, and because I’m quite a visual person I could see lots of stuff. I could see him clearing things as he was doing it. Just being in his space was gorgeous.

Sri Avinash is awesome! He’s like your best friend. I love the fact that he doesn’t judge you, that he comes from that sacred space of unconditional love.”

PETER EVERBRIGHT, Occupational Health and Safety Manager

“Sri Avinash has a very powerful presence and a very divine gift to help us with our spiritual growth.”