Sneak Peek into Intensive Healing Retreats with Sri Avinash

News and Highlights

Wednesday 6th of March 2019, Doon Doon NSW Australia.

While we can’t tell you the full details just yet, what we can share with you is that Sri Avinash has put plans in motion to offer a 7-day Intensive Healing Retreat especially designed to significantly change the lives of people living with depression, anxiety and other serious mental and physical illnesses in a big way.

He has been so moved by the transformation in the health and happiness of people’s lives as witnessed from the Private Healing Transmission Sessions that he naturally wishes to expand his healing programs. Whilst dates, times and locations are still being decided, rest assured that an intensive healing program aimed to tackle and overcome the largest causes of suffering in daily life is underway. Stay tuned as this unfolds more and more!


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