Shining Bright on the Sunshine Coast

News and Highlights

Monday 4th of March 2019, Coolum Beach, QLD Australia.

Hundreds of people from the Sunshine Coast shared in the richness of the Free Public Programs and left with a feeling of being lifted to greater heights as a result. We witnessed beaming smiles and tears of gratitude for the wisdom, healing and divine love that Sri Avinash imparted to all those who came.

For the first time, Sri Avinash guided the participants to send the group’s loving energy to Mother Earth, the oceans, the forests and the creatures of this planet. He could truly sense that the group’s combined effort of channeling love into Mother Earth had such a amazing impact of raising the vibration of the planet. He will be bringing more of these wonderful healings for the planet to all the cities of the Inner Peace for World Peace Tour so that you too may share your gift to bring about a change to our world.


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