Share Your Story competition
Share Your Story competition

Share your story

Inspire the world

We always get so inspired when we hear a story about how a person’s life has been changed through Master Sri Avinash’s healing gift and beautiful wisdom. Let your story inspire every person, let your story inspire the whole world.

Share your story by video or in writing, in one of these areas:

  • Physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Your energy healing gift
  • Spiritual transformation

We want to hear about how your life has benefited from the events, programs, products and teachings that Master Sri Avinash has shared.

What was your experience like? What was the improvement for you? How has your life changed? What would be your recommendations to others?

We’d love to hear the stories that you are most excited to share and inspire others.

Share your heartwarming and inspiring stories; stories of courage and stories of hope; uplifting stories; stories that help others to feel, “I too can experience that.” We would love to hear them all!

Submit your story by 11 December 2020 for your chance to win one of 6 gift vouchers to Sri Avinash events, programs or products, valued at up to USD$1,000 (see below for more details).

As Master Sri Avinash would say, “Good on you!”

Share Your Story Rules

There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to be eligible to share your story.

There are two categories for sharing your story:

  1. Video stories
  2. Written stories

You may make an entry for one category or for both categories.

Only one entry will be accepted per person, per category. Multiple entries from the same person in the same category will not be considered eligible.

Your story should relate to one of these areas:

  • Physical and emotional wellbeing;
  • Your energy healing gift; or
  • Spiritual transformation.

Written stories must not be more than 500 words and must be accompanied by a photograph of you.

Video stories must not be more than 10 minutes long and the video must be:

  • free of significant background noise (including music);
  • in full HD or 4K; and
  • adequately lit.

All entries must describe:

  1. Which of Sri Avinash’s events, programs, products and/or teachings you have used; and
  2. How this has changed your life.

All entries must be true stories, and must not mislead or make misrepresentations.

Entries that don’t comply with these Share Your Story Rules will not be considered.

Read full Terms and Conditions here >

More information

The winning entries will receive a gift voucher to use on Master Sri Avinash’s events, services and products (including but not limited to all tour events, the Distance Healing Program, infused jewelry, infused crystals and books):

First prize: USD$1,000 gift voucher
Second prize: USD$600 gift voucher
Third prize: USD$300 gift voucher

First prize: USD$500 gift voucher
Second prize: USD$200 gift voucher
Third prize: USD$100 gift voucher

You must have had experience with Master Sri Avinash’s events, programs, products and/or teachings (free programs, free webinars, YouTube resources, website resources, Intensive Healing Retreats, Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass, Awakening Love and Joy Retreats, Satori Transmission events, Meditation Retreats, the Distance Healing Program, infused jewelry and crystals, published books).

The competition is open to people who are 18 years old or over.

Share Your Story entries can be submitted from 30 October 2020.

Entries close at midnight on 11 December 2020 (US pacific standard time). After this date no entries to the competition will be permitted.

You can enter your story by completing the form below.

For written stories, you can upload your photo to the form.

For video stories, after completing the form you will receive an email with instructions about where to upload your video. Only videos uploaded before the closing date will be eligible.

Eligible entries will be assessed based on the following elements:

  • How inspirational the story is; and
  • How sincerely the story is presented.

By submitting an entry to Share Your Story you are agreeing to the full Terms and Conditions.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions here >

Share Your Story

Entries for this competition are now closed – thank you for participating!