Satori Transmission Retreat

Interview with Master Sri Avinash

There is no other program like the Satori Transmission Retreat on Earth – it is simply life-changing and soul-transforming.

Also known as nirvana, samadhi, moksha and enlightenment, in this interview with Master Healer Sri Avinash, he illuminates what the Satori state is in a way that we can all understand. It is a taste of the Enlightened state, of bliss and no suffering, of total and supreme peace.

It is absolutely mind-expanding to hear him describe it and how he is able to transmit the Satori state to attendees at his Satori Transmission Retreat to their tremendous benefit.

But the Satori Transmission Retreat is also full of other extraordinary components such as the Universal Healing Transmission and the Power Infusions – not to mention the Awakening Mantra that attendees can practice for the rest of their lives to propel their spiritual progress to new levels.

In this interview, Master Sri Avinash talks about the benefits of all of these components, what they involve and how they all serve to completely transform attendees in unimaginable ways. For anyone thinking about attending, curious about Satori and spiritual progress or wanting to take their lives to a whole new level of beauty, peace and fulfilment, this interview is for you!

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Satori Transmission Retreat with Sri Avinash
Satori Transmission Retreat with Sri Avinash

The Satori Transmission Retreat is designed to awaken your Divine nature and highest essence, so the aim of this retreat is to raise your vibration, clear conditioning and accelerate your spiritual progress. It is ideal for those who wish to fast-track their spiritual growth, and also for those who have a deep wish and desire to experience the ultimate state of enlightenment.

Satori with Sri Avinash – What People Say

In this video, people from all walks of life share about Satori Transmission™ with Master Sri Avinash, describing their experiences of bliss, peace, strength and freedom.


“I wasn’t sure what it would actually be, but it was amazing just to feel that Transmission and that lightness. It was an incredible feeling.”


“If you paid a million dollars, or more—you can’t put a price on that! It’s just priceless, it’s priceless.”


“I was so still that everything else seemed to be moving except me—I just felt that calm.”


“You feel the energy instantly—the calmness and the peace. That’s just a beautiful feeling.”


“It’s a gift that I hope every human being has the opportunity to experience.”


“It was just like my heart was bursting with fullness and love.”


“I highly recommend it. It’s definitely an eye-opener, and it’s been a journey that’s changed my life for the better.”


“I have never felt that centred and grounded before.”


“It is a phenomenal state. Just even a taste of it is absolutely amazing.”


“What really seemed to happen for me was a centering and a sense of being in my own power.”


“It’s almost like we can connect to the source of the universe through him.”


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