Jade Necklace Mala


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About this Mala:

The word ‘mala’ is a sanskrit word, which means prayer beads, or rosary.

This beautiful jade mala has 108 beads, designed for japa meditation (mantra meditation).

It can be worn and used in the traditional way – as a tool for meditation, or it can also be worn as a necklace.

Details: Green jade beads and green tassle

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About Jade:

Jade is a prominent ornamental rock or gemstone, found traditionally in Asian art, jewelry and japa malas. It was considered the most precious of all stones in ancient Egypt, and still today in many Asian countries.

There are two varieties of Jade: Jadeite, a sodium aluminum silicate; and Nephrite, a calcium magnesium iron silicate. Jade is most commonly green in colour, but Jadeite comes in a variety of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, lilac, pink, black, white, and brown; and Nephrite ranges in color from mid to dark green or grey-green, white, yellowish or reddish.

Healing Properties:

Jade known for its healing properties. It has a calming effect which can increase the feelings of stability, harmony and inner peace. In this way, it is sometimes worn as a companion to help relieve anxiety, remove fear and to protect the individual wearing it from negativities. It is also known as a gemstone of wisdom, clarity, courage, and modesty.

Measurements: 76cm long x 6mm beads (108 beads)

Details: Green jade beads and green tassle

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