Ametrine Generator 10 – Infused by Sri Avinash


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Ametrine Generator, Infused by Sri Avinash.

Infused Crystals:

When choosing the right crystal for you or your loved one, you can select from 3 infusion options:

  1. Divine Love and Light Infusion – $154

This crystal is powerfully infused by Sri Avinash with Divine Love and Light, which reconnects your inner being with its true nature, facilitating your return to health, peace and inner strength.

  1. Personal Request Infusion – $204

With a Personal Request Infusion, you can select three qualities that you would like Sri Avinash to infuse into the stone specifically for you—in addition to the Divine Love and Light Infusion. You can choose from a list of suggested qualities below, or tailor your own.

  1. Personalised by the Master Infusion – $254

With a Personalised by the Master Infusion, we require you to email us a photograph of yourself or the person this crystal is intended for. Sri Avinash will then infuse it with the qualities that he feels are most suitable and beneficial for the individual. He will infuse these qualities into the stone along with the core Divine Love and Light Infusion. When you receive your gemstone you will receive a card explaining the special qualities that were infused by Sri Avinash.

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Ametrine healing properties:

This powerfully cleansing stone combines the calming energy of amethyst with the boundless and abundant energy of citrine. This results in a high energy stone of peaceful optimism and contentment. It releases energy blockages to heal and harmonise and promotes a wonderful sense of well-being.

Measurements: 3cm length x 3.9cm width x 4.3cm height

Details: Ametrine Generator, Infused by Sri Avinash

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Additional information

Weight .076 kg
Dimensions 3.0 × 3.9 × 4.3 cm
Use the dropdown to choose your infusion type

Divine Love and Light Infusion, Personal Request Infusion, Personalised by the Master Infusion


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