Practice and Check

Q & A with Sri Avinash.


Are there some words you can share with someone who’s been doing spiritual practices for many, many years?

Two things. Keep on practicing and keep on checking your progress. You don’t want to be somebody who’s practicing for 20 years and the ‘before and after’ shot is the same. You don’t want to do that.

You should always check.

In our life, we do this kind of checking all the time. I used to drive from Sydney to Melbourne, and as i drove it often seemed like I’d never get there, but I was always checking the kilometres. Every 20, 30, 50 kilometres there’s a sign by the road that says how many kilometres to Melbourne. So I think, “Oh, I’m getting closer.” But I always check.

So make sure you’re moving forward.

You should practise and check. Make sure that you feel more calm and peaceful. Make sure that when someone is rude to you, you’re more relaxed and calm about it—you’re improving. Make sure that when life doesn’t go your way, like relationship or health problems, you don’t feel down all the time.

Make sure you’re improving. Practise and check. Before you know it, you’ll collide with freedom.

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