Upcoming New Year’s Eve Spiritual Retreat with Sri Avinash

2019 – 2020

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Thursday 1st of August 2019, NSW Australia.

Set in the heart of the majestic Tweed Caldera region of northern New South Wales, welcome in the new year with Sri Avinash and rediscover the beauty, peace and vitality of your true nature with Sri Avinash’s wonderful programs. 

Designed to heal, rejuvenate and awaken love and joy within you, the four-day Retreat includes life-changing teachings, powerful healing, Satori Transmission, individual Darshan blessings, meditation and mindfulness masterclass, mantra workshop, time for inner silence and connecting with fellow travellers on the path, and much more.

These powerful programs are life-transforming, and such a beautiful way to start the new year, allowing your body, mind and spirit to flow with grace and ease into the year ahead. 

Held at the Tyalgum Ridge Retreat at the foot of the Border Ranges, surrounded by nature, wildlife and breathtaking views of  Wollumbin (Mt Warning), the rare and majestic setting of the Retreat makes it an ideal location for meditation, healing and spiritual retreat. If you are interested, be sure to book early to take advantage of the Early Bird discount.

“I’ve been on the spiritual level for so long, but this is the ultimate experience I had in my life.

Read Frank’s experience

FRANK LONGANO, Meditation and Qigong Teacher

“I’ve been to one of Sri Avinash’s retreats before, and I’ve been to a few free events, and that just solidified my decision that whenever he held a retreat, I was on it!

Read Loretta’s experience

LORETTA VISINTIN, Environmental Scientist

“I felt that my life has taken a different path, just for having spent time with Sri Avinash just for these last four days. I feel really touched and grateful for the experience.”

Read Michael-John’s experience

MICHAEL-JOHN DEVINE, Psychiatric Nurse

“He’s a very special man in a very special body, doing God’s work.

Read Helen’s experience

HELEN BICHEL, Client Services, Aged Care

“I feel that I finally got shown the right way, by the right person. It was an absolute blessing.”

Read Gita’s experience

GITA ENTCHEVA, Educational Ambassador and Trainer

“My favourite part of the retreat was definitely the Satori—the Satori Transmission… That power, that feeling, that’s just out of this world—a life-changing experience.”

Read Chris’s experience

CHRIS WHITE, Relationship Manager, Banking

“I feel magically blessed to have this experience and to have access to Sri Avinash in any form. So the one thing I would say is I am eternally grateful, and I would encourage anybody to take up any opportunity that they can.

Read Amrita’s experience

AMRITA PRASKE, Project Manager, Primary Healthcare

“The retreat was more than I expected. Well, I came with no expectations, so it really blew me out of the water.

Read Joshua’s experience

JOSHUA HU, Classical Musician

“The Satori Transmission… It’s magical, and you just want to be there. I was like, “I don’t want to leave it—I just don’t want to go anywhere.” You can feel it, and it’s unbelievable.”

Read Plinio’s experience

PLINIO NONATO, Construction and Building Manager

“I got so much more love, peace and joy. A sense of my Self has grown hugely, so I know myself more, my Divine Self.”

Read Maia Padma’s experience

MAIA PADMA MARTIN, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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