Lives Change on the Gold Coast at the Heal Yourself, Heal the World Convention

News and Highlights

23rd and 24th of August 2019, Gold Coast, QLD Australia.

We absolutely loved hearing about all the amazing experiences people had after Sri Avinash’s Heal Yourself, Heal the World Convention on the Gold Coast. For example, Tony Hunt, a Community Services Worker from the Gold Coast, said he could barely walk into the Intensive Healing Evening on Friday night as he had slipped a disc in his back. “By Saturday morning,” he told us, “I was walking straight, with minimal pain.”

After the Intensive Healing Evening, we heard countless stories of colds, flus and sinuses vanishing, back pain disappearing, of incredible sleeps and of such genuine heartfelt relief for people to experience lightness and peace in their being. It was beyond amazing to witness Sri Avinash effect such healing on such a large group of people – we were all left awestruck. And you should have seen how earnest all the people were, joining with Sri Avinash to heal the world, it was truly beautiful to witness.

Needless to say, you can imagine the joy that pervaded the Convention in the programs to follow, as people were relieved of their pain and ailments. You could feel the sense of connection that blossomed between people who were once strangers, and many times we witnessed tears of joy and gratitude.

At the Self-Healing Workshop people gained so many tools to change their lives, that are easy to implement on a daily basis. It was wonderful to see their confidence grow in their ability to effect true healing on themselves, so that they knew that with practice, they might not have to rely heavily on outside sources to be happy and healthy.

Thank you to all the volunteers who selflessly donated their time and goodwill to make the two days of the Heal Yourself, Heal the World Convention so memorable.

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