Live Healing Demonstration with Master Sri Avinash

Viewing Time – 15 Minutes

Diane was in a motorcycle accident and her whole body was in pain, causing her to struggle every day in her work as a teacher. Watch the healing power of energy in this live healing demonstration. You might not believe your eyes when you see such a beautiful transformation and witness Master Healer Sri Avinash’s rare healing gift in action.

Master Sri Avinash uses divine peace energy to calm Diane’s energy and chi (life force) energy to heal her overall nervous system, because the pain was not in one isolated area. Within a short period, Diane’s body was calmed and the real source of the pain at the base of her spine was isolated.

See how saturating the painful area with chi energy, energetically stretching the spine, and focussing his intention, Master Sri Avinash was able to realign the spine and clear that pain. Diane’s pain progressed from a 6 or 7 out of 10, to a zero. Totally pain free.

Then listen to Diane describe her experience a few weeks later. “He performs miracles… It’s not almost a miracle, it is a miracle.”

She was pain free, walking straight and without a limp. She explains how the experience went beyond the healing of her injury and she feels the healing benefits in all areas of her life.

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