Inspiration and Amazement at the Becoming a Great Healer Seminar

News and Highlights

Monday 29th of April 2019, Sydney, NSW Australia.

People watched on in wonderous amazement as Sri Avinash demonstrated transmitting divine healing energies to one lucky audience member at the Becoming a Great Healer Seminar. Her face glowed up before their very eyes and she emanated serenity and good health.

When it came time for attendees to practice on each other you could see their astonishment at just how effective they could be as healers after just one day. As they gave each other feedback on the energies they were receiving you could see their confidence strengthen as they began to realise their potential – they too were actually glowing up from healing each other. With the guidance of a Master Healer, they were able to transmit beautiful energies like divine love, divine light and the universal life force energy known as chi. What an inspirational day it was for everyone present.


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